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There will be will be a marvel character cameo'ing in this chapter, as well as some "old friends" lol.

Tenchu's Requiem Finale:

To the Future! Go Dramon X!


"Hold on your our ancestor?" a dumbfounded Mikato asked the spirit standing before them, he nodded.

"Yes I am, I am proud to see that you two carry on our traditions, but there is something you should know about our clans sword..." Shizuka looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Well the turtles master Splinter did mention to us that, this blade was fused with Mei-oh's sword was it not?" Rikamaru nodded, abit suprised that the ninja's knew this.

"Yes, long ago I faught a battle with a mad man calling himself , his stranges inventions damaged my sword, in an attempt to repair it back to full spiritual power, I had no choice but to use the steel from Mei-oh's sword." Mikato became nervous at this.

"So wait, does that mean that this sword is evil?" she asked, Rikamaru shook his head.

"Not necessarly, good and evil are two sides of the same coin, I used the sword in my following battles so don't fret, but do not try to rely on the on the sword alone or your upcoming battle...will fail." with that he vanished.

"What on earth did he mean?" wondered Mikato.

"We'll have to dwell on it later, something's going on outside sis." Shizuka noted as tremors began to occur, running outside the two saw that the barrier around the city was dissapearing revealing the night sky. "I guess they got the barrier down."



Rapheal couldn't help but palm his head as he watched fry under his own barrier machine which exploded turning the crazed scientist to dust. "Your plan worked abit too well Mikey, getting him to run into his own machine guns blazing is nice and all but..." the machine exploded.

"Hey whatever works right, besides I think that guy spent way too much time in isolation if he thought playing with dolls was a good thing." Mikey retorted. "I wonder how the others are holding up?"


Seperate Rooftop/XLR-08

Ganda growled as he saw the explosion from 's machine, he had also felt the life forces of several of his comrades vanish as well. "This is rediculious!" he growled as he as Splinter continued to avaid his attacks, for ten minutes now the master rat had not gotten tired at all. "What do I have to do to stop you rodent!" he demanded before preparing to strike again, not knowing that somekind of white goo like liquid which took on the shape of a spider-web had latched itself onto the pole preventing him from swinging it again. "What the!? Where did that come from!?" Splinter took advantage of the distraction and kicked a soft spot in Ganda's chest knocking him back onto the buildings ground, Ganda sat up for a moment before growling and then to Splinter's suprise smiling. "Your really something you know that." he said slowly getting up.

"What do you mean?" Splinter asked as Ganda produced a large grenade.

"I don't know where that large spider web came from, but you would've bested me without it, and as a prideful warrior..." he activated the grenade and lept off the building. "I can not accept defeat!" Splinter watched in shock as Ganda cleared the roof and exploded about halfway down to the street, sand being the only thing to hit the pavement.

"Somehow, I think his pride wasn't the issue." another voice said causing Splinter to turn around only to see a man wearing a red and blue suit with black stripes "swinging" off into the distances from building to building using similar "spider" webs. Splinter sighed and collected his walked stick.

"This madness must stop." he muttered.



Onikage and Wildcat continued to fight each other having taken the fight off of a building roof and into the empty streets, but to Onikage's displeasure, he could feel his power weaking with each hit. "Stay still!" he muttered as Wildcat continued to pummel him hard before grappling him while putting both legs under his neck in a triangular fashion. "Dam..." Onikage couldn't finish as he could feel his air supply being depleated rapidly.

"How do you like the Hell's Gate!?" Wildcat asked before he felt something grab him by the neck forcing him to let go. "What the!?" it was Elder Toguro who still had a sleeping Koori in his other arm as he tossed Wildcat into a nearby building wall.

"Get it the hell together, where are we summoning your lord?" he demanded at Onikage who stood up coughing out black blood.

"Follow me!" he muttered as Wildcat stood up seemingly unfazed as the two hurried off.

"Oh come on that is..." he stopped when Ken pass by him on Rapheal's bike. "Altair on a motorcycle!?" he wondered before a new voice called to him.

"Bout time we found you Wildcat, that barrier made Xavior nervous." up above, three silouetted figures appeared as Wildcat smiled.

"It's a long story, so what about the target!?" he asked up at them.

"The professor wants us to return to the mansion, our mission here is done." said another, Wildcat nodded.

"Alright then i'll meet you all at the randevous point." the three nodded and vanished, Wildcat then headed after them, as he did he stopped breifly when he thought he saw a man, with a large dark cat on his shoulders walk by him. "Huh, cool dude."

"Darkstar...was that person?" the "cat" asked, Darkstar waved it off.

"A total badass created by a badass no doubt my friend." he said smiling before heading off.


Central Park/XLR-08

"Will you hurry this up!?" Elder Toguro demanded as Onikage drew a ruin into the ground's soil with his own blood.

"This takes time!" the demon retorted, but he soon completed this and a portal formed. "There, all we need now..." some shuriken impacted into his shoulders.

"Is to give it up!" Mikato, Shizuka and GrapLeomon landed near them, Onikage growled but when he turned around he saw that the turtles, April, and Splinter had cut him off.

"So you freaks still want some!" Elder Toguro snapped as Leonardo noticed Koori in his arms.

"Be careful he's got a hostage!" he called out, Mikato growled as she gripped the sword.

"Great, looks like Ken blew it!" she muttered taking the blade from it's sheath, not realising that upon doing so she felt a sharp pain run through her wrists. "What the!?" she muttered as blood started to flow, Onikage laughed at this.

"Just like Rikamaru, you think just anyone can weld Izayoi with my master's sword's steel and power flowing through it! Now give me the child!" he demanded to Elder Toguro who complied while making sure no one would try anything, holding Koori's body up to the portal, her blue flames appeared again breifly, but before they could burn the demon ninja they were sucked into the portal to create a perfect opening out from which came a large tall man wearing archaic yellow robes and hakata style pants. "Welcome lord Mei-oh!"

"Ah Onikage...finally now I can..." he was cut off when all around the park, tv screens and other monitors all lit up, a haunting chorus of children whispering lifted through the air...

~Did you hear the one about the man who can't be destroyed?~

~He was buried alive.~

~He was set on fire.~

~They carried him away.~

~But he keeps...coming...back.~

~Don't be afraid.~

~Be terrified.~

"Someone wanna tell me what's going on!?" Mei-oh demanded, before all senses present went on alert, something was coming...

~Did you hear that?~

~Did you feel that?~

~Did you see that?~

~Prepare yourselves.~

"What is going on, where is the owner of this power!?" Elder Toguro demanded, sweating bullets. Not even that damned spirit detective had this much power. he thought as the chourus picked up.

~As I lay me down to sleep.~

~I pray my soul is mine to keep.~

~And never step outside this bed.~


~Into all evil...now back from the dead.~

The sound of something being smashed went off

~He's here~

~Are you scared~ called a different voice as the reving of an engine was heard.

"That sounds like my bike!?" Rapheal declared...

(Insert Song-Kid Rock-American Bad Ass)

Sure enough, from one of the park entrances, Ken was coming in full speed on Rapheal's motorcycle, with no intention of stopping he lept off the bike as it plowed into Mei-oh knocking him through a tree or two before crashing into a rock hard, as he came down towards Elder Toguro with his arm cocked back energy and digi-soul flowing from it.

"Shoryuken!" Elder Toguro got the world's biggest gut check punch from the momentum Ken had come in from, this caused him to stagger around abit in pure contortion before he was forced to "barf" up the contents of his stomuch, along with a puke covered Casey Jones, April was happy that her boyfriend was safe, but the suprises were far from over. "Digisoul Charge, Ascention!" Veemon appeared and fused with Ken, becoming Dramon X once again, however GrapLeomon noted something was different as the fused warrior hit the ground.

"Can you two feel that power output, he's even stronger now in that form than he was before!" he said, the twins looked at Dramon X as he landed, and sure enough their partner was right as in the blink of an eye, he took Koori from Onikage and then kicked the demon into the sky with a shot to the balls.

"The badass is back in town motherfuckers!" Dramon X declared as Onikage crashed down into the ground hard, Elder Toguro who had finally recovered himself from puking was still scared stiff at what he was witnessing, but Mei-oh was far from impressed.

"Feh, I am the king of hell itself, you dare to challenge me!?" Dramon X lobbed off one of his arms. "What the!?" he growled and motioned towards Mikato who was still holding the Izayoi. "Return to me Shichishito!" the Izayoi glowed darkly and from it a large golden blade with ten outcroppings on it appeared and floated to Mei-oh who quickly regenerated his lobbed off arm. "Die!" he yelled unleashing lightning at Dramon X who avoided it easily.

From a nearby alleway, this action by Mei-oh caused a person who was attempting to hide himself, growl. "Fool thinks he can handle lightning eh, ok let's show him..." he was cut off when from the darkness behind him, four arms grappled him and pulled him through a portal as Darkstar reappeared.

"Let's go have us a little talk, Pokemon Item named person." he said as he walked into the portal and it closed.

(Song shift-Beyblade ost-Hang on)

Ok this was amusing the first time, but this is rediculious...Dramon X thought as no matter how hard he pounded Mei-oh down, the demon refused to stay dead, nearby Leonardo and Micheangelo helped April get Casey off the field as Splinter checked on Mikato, Rapheal was checking on his bike which to his relief had not been damaged, though he wasn't happy with Ken for taking it without permission.

"Miss Mikato, you and your sister are the only ones who can put Mei-oh down." Splinter said as Shizuka helped her sister up.

"What do you mean Splinter san?" Shizuka asked.

"There is an ancient technique your clan knows, it is the only way to strike down a demon of Mei-oh's caliber." he said, Mikato realised what he was referring too.

"You mean the "Wrath of Heaven?" but I don't know if we can..." Dramon X looked over at them while dodging another lightning bolt and returning fire with a small new beam gun he had on his right arm where the blade was.

"Mikato don't puss out on me, do it!" he demanded, trying his best to NOT wake Koori up, Mikato stood firm as Shizuka helped her maintain her footing.

"We can do it if we channel our energies sis, come on!" Shizuka said, Onikage who was finally beginning to stir saw this.

"No, you will..." another quick stomp from Dramon X smashed him back into the ground.

"Alright then sis, let's do it!" they both began chanting the names of various kanji's as both formed a circle while each holding onto the sword, the two circles converged as they prepared themselves, Dramon X kicked Mei-oh towards GrapLeomon who smashed him hard as well, the girls then charged forward and as Mei-oh landed they thrusted thier sword into him hard, and after a moment retracted the blade allowing a pure bolt of lightning to come down from the sky and spike into Mei-oh's forehead, and destroying his whole body into dust leaving only his sword behind.\

(Song ends)

"Nice you got him!" Dramon X said, giving the twins a thumbs up as he degressed back to Ken and Veemon, and withdrew his partner, he also felt something else, the seal over thier demension was now gone, shattered meaning he could take Koori home.

"That we did, thanks to you." Shizuka said smiling, Ken took out his heaven's sword and pointed it at the sky.

"I'll meet you both back at the peir, i've gotta take this little one home." he said as keyhole formed in the sky, his blade shot out a beam towards it, as this happened Rapheal couldn't help but notice that what looked like Mikey's nunchucks were on his belt around his waist but he couldn't tell due to the light. But as Ken became enveloped in the light, Onikage grabbed Mei-oh's sword, and Elder Toguro charged him as well as the light vanished...with all of them.

"Uh oh..." Mikato muttered.

"Well i'm sure Ken will have help dealing with them, they don't have much strength left." said GrapLeomon who also de-digivolved back to his base components, a few minutes later the ninjas had regained thier strength and turned to Splinter.

"Thanks so much for your help Splinter san, hopefully someday we can meet again." Mikato said with pride, having the Izayoi sword strapped to her back, Shizuka nodded.

"Your welcome, tell your master I send my regards." the twins nodded.

"We will." said Shizuka, with that they both headed off into the night towards the peir, Michealangelo came running up in a panic.

"They didn't just leave did they!?" he demanded, Raph palmed his head.

"Yeah, why and what are you doing running around all crazy when you should be helping Casey." Mikey paniced.

"My Nunchuks, they took them!" Splinter frowned at this.

"Are you sure your eyes aren't playing tricks with you my son?" he asked, Raph thought about it for a moment however and realised something.

"I think he's telling the truth sensei, I thought I saw that Ken kid with em before he vanished into that weird light." Mikey breathed in and...

"I think someone's been watching episode three too much again..." Wildcat muttered as he continued to his randevous point.


Rei's Temple/YYDM-01

Ken managed to land on his feet alright, but the same couldn't be said for the other two who crashed into the ground. "Rule number one when it comes to traveling, do not pick up hitchhikers!" he said drawing his heaven's sword once more, not even realising where he was other than the fact that it was nighttime until a voice called out.

"Koori!" Ken turned and saw it was Rei who was holding Ryuuhi, but he also saw Hiei with his general scowing face, however Hiei blitzed past him and faced Onikage who stood firm with Mei-oh's weapon.

"Come at me demon, I will not fall to you!" Hiei couldn't help but laugh evily as Ken handed the sleeping Koori to Rei who hugged her close with eyes full of tears, Sailor Sedna, Varuna, and Quaoar appeared and surrounded Elder Toguro.

"How you'd know we were coming sis, I didn't phone ahead?" Ken asked, Sedna smiled.

"We could sense that the barrier around your world had shattered so we knew you'd be coming." she replied as Hiei pulled out his sword.

"I don't know where all that power you had before went too, but it's payback time now." he said channeling dark energy onto his sword. "Sword of the Darkness Flame!" with a quick motion of slashes Onikage as well as Mei-oh's prized blade were sliced to bits before succumbing to the dark fires from spirit world, Elder Toguro growled as he stood up only to have Varuna blast a hole through him with her Flash Cannon.

"That's payback from before you perverted freak!" she growled, Quaoar sweatdropped at her friends behavior.

"Is it going to be enough since he can rejuvinate himself." she said as Elder Toguro did just that though he did have some trouble doing so, Sedna smirked.

"Sedna Arctic Breeze!" she called out unleashing her primary move, using more power than usual she amplified the attack to where it was enough to cover Elder Toguro in a nice deep block of solid ice. "I don't think he'll be getting out of there."

"I guess it's our turn then." came a new voice, Ken turned and saw both a woman in a pink kimono riding a broom stick, next to a grown man with the words jr. written on his head wearing robes and holding a pacifier in his mouth.

"Koenma and Botan?" Ken wondered, Koenma couldn't help but chuckle abit as a group of human like people wearing grey suits came and took the ice block away.

"Guess that saves the trouble with formalities then." he said before turning to the others."We'll be sure to lock Elder Toguro up in our most powerful freezer, that way he won't be coming back ever again and no one will find him." Sedna nodded.

"Glad to hear it, it's a shame that he wouldn't die, I bet Kuwabara wasn't too happy about it." she said, Botan smiled.

"Well personally I think he'd be glad, he never did like Elder Toguro much at all especially after what he did during the demon world tournament." she replied, as Koenma nodded.

"Well we've got some stuff to take care of, you all take care of yourselves." Koenma said as he and Botan left, when they did, Hiei suddenly had his blade at Ken's throat.

"I'm not going to bother asking if any harm befail my daughter..." a talisman suddenly latched onto the back of his head for a moment shocking him before it burned off. "Damn it woman!"

"Hiei that's enough...Ken did us a huge favor could you please let it go!" Rei demanded as Ken sighed before whipping out the nunchucks he had taken from Micheangelo and smashed Hiei's forehead with one of them powered by his light energy, this stunned Hiei and caused him to hold his head in pain.

"Your Jagan eye is your strong point Hiei, but it's also your biggest weakpoint, I wonder if you can even summon your dragon without it." Ken said ticked off. "I've been through enough crap the past couple of days, so you can not blame me for the retaliation here!" he muttered before another portal opened. "Terrific what now." from the new portal came to the suprise of all, Omegamon, Athenamon riding atop a larger than normal Pegasusmon, and Kentarousmon as Cammy had woken up from the noise and came outside.

"What's going on...whoa what are the digimon doing here?" Cammy wondered.

"My apologies Rei for our "visit" but we detected a disturbance not too long ago and we wanted to check it out." Athenamon started, Rei was confused.

"Are you referring to Ken?" she asked, Omegamon shook his head.

"Well close but not quite, something or someone with Ken caught our attention since we sensed another Royal Knight and...

(Insert song-Ice Cube and Ice T-Natural Born Killerz)

DAMN RIGHT! a voice came from Ken's digivice, Starmon lept out of the device and glomped onto Omegamon's face. "How's it going SHITBAG!" he yelled out. "I'm going to GOUGE out your eyeballs and SKULLFUCK YOU!" Omegamon tried to get the small digimon off of him, but then a large army of Pickmonz, spawned from no where began to disorient him as well as the others despite no one taking any damage, other than Omegamon feeling the pain of Starmon poking his eyes.

"Get this thing off me!" he demanded, Titaniamon, Jetsliphymon, Huckmon and the two Sistermon came out of Ken's digivice without being told.

"Enough Gankoomon!" Titaniamon declared before a stray Pickmon slammed into Pegasusmon's forehead causing a capture ring to form around the beast, at that moment Ken suddenly felt something inside him break and he fell to his knees, unknowing that by doing so he activated the capture sequence and caught Pegasusmon as blood came out of his mouth causing Sedna to rush to his side.

"Ken, are you ok!?" she demanded as the others sans Varuna who was trying to hit the Pickmonz but failing, came to his side, Starmon looked back for a moment.

"About time, I could've SWORN, I broke some of his RIBS!" Athenamon approached Titaniamon.

"What is going on..." she looked at Huckmon who seemed abit shy of her. "I'm beginning to get some of the picture, but..." Kentarousmon spoke up.

"My lady, you may not know this, but there was another member of the royal knights along with Examon, however unlike Examon he choose to leave us of his own free will after Examon was sent away, however due to his behavior he would've likely be outcasted as well."

"I'm guessing that's this Gankoomon? I've only heard that he digivolves from Huckmon, and works alongside two digimon known as Sistermon." she said gazing over to the Sistermon who both bowed to her.

"A pleasure to meet you queen of the digi-zons." Sistermon Blanc said.

"Yeah, likewise." she said as Varuna fell over out of breath with dizzy eyes, Omegamon tried to hit Starmon, but each time he tried he only ended up hitting himself.

"Stop HITTING yourself, You MORON!" Starmon said not stopping his assault.

"These blasted tiny gurren laggan wannabe spike things are making me dizzy!" she yelled out.

"We know." JetSliphymon said before holding up her pinwheel. "Ultra Turbulence!" she yelled out, forming a tornado all of the pickmonz were sucked into it and sent flying out of sight.

(Song ends)

"Same as FREAKING LAST TIME! BAH!" Starmon continued to poke Omegamon in the eyes, Athenamon noticed Titaniamon was having trouble looking at her in the face.

"Titaniamon is something wrong?" Titaniamon didn't want to say it, but after a pat on the shoulder from JetSliphymon she nodded.

"Well my lady it's like this." she explained how Gankoomon attempted to "help" Ken following what had transpired due to his curse, how she had stepped in and had been beaten for it, to her suprise though Athenamon simply smiled and hugged her.

"All it means is you just have more to learn." she said backing away. "I know what your thinking, but losing to a male isn't as bad as your making it out to be, when I lost to Omegamon back at Pharohmon's tournament I was angry, but I came to understand things and it turned out for the best, as we both train to become stronger as a result of our union, I've heard of the trials you've been through up till now and I believe you've done the amazons proud, as well as Ken who still needs your help just as he does of all of his digimon." she said as she noticed Ken being healed by Cammy who had gone to get her mirror.

"She's right you know, we're gonna have to get tougher to confront those strange people who came before Ken, so we can't be all funked out because of one loss." JetSliphymon agreed to Athenamon's words, Titaniamon nodded and smiled, a small tear fell from her cheek.

"Thank you my lady, I will make you and Ken proud." she said as Omegamon fell down.

"Will you stop it already you annoying bug before I stomp on you!" he declared. "You never did like our code of ethics and how we worked, so is it really necessary to go this far for revenge!?"

"It's more than THAT, what about the FLAMBOYANT FAGGOT!" he declared, Kentarousmon rolled his eyes.

"Yes...he never was a big fan of Crusadermon or LoadKnightmon or whatever it is refered too now." he remarked.

(Insert Song, Gundam Wing ost-Legend of Zero)

"How about we just CALL it TRANSVESTITEMON and be DONE WITH IT!" he yelled out leaping around, MetalGreymon attempted to stop him but he couldn't get him either.

"He's like a jumping bean!" the digimon declared before he got knocked over as well and was withdrawn into the digivice B.A.X.

"Reminds me of that bug digimon we met back during the whole Paradixalmon incident, Zameilmon was it? Couldn't he change size?" Ken noted, Sedna remembered this and had an idea.

"That's right he enlarged himself when fighting myself and Renamon after we all got seperated, if we could enlarge him we could stop him." Varuna finally got up and stomped over to Ken, she picked him up by his shirt collar.

"Alright then make with a modify card!" she demanded, only for Ken to headbutt her again to let him down.

"My Digivice doesn't work that way Varuna Sampson, and even if I did have the capability to do that, I don't got any of the cards." Kentarousmon motioned for Cammy to come to him, he picked her up gently and whispered something into her ear, she nodded.

"Alright if you insist." she said holding the mirror towards Starmon who was back on Omegamon's face, when the light hit him, it forced him to digivolve to his ultimate form, SuperStarmon.

"WHAT THE!?" he demanded before turning and was blitzkreiged by Athenamon, Titaniamon and JetSliphymon all at once...

(Song ends)

One Hour Later~

"Great now he talks like Elvis..." Ken muttered as SuperStarmon hadn't shut up since getting beaten to the point where he developed a rather deep case of amnesia.

"Whatcha talking about baby!?" Ken withdrew the digimon before looking at Athenamon with an apologic face.

"So mrs. Athenamon do you want your Pegasusmon back?" he asked, Athenamon shook her head.

"It's alright, we have others and you can consider it a gift for helping Titaniamon get stronger." she said smiling as Kentarousmon had a sleeping Huckmon in his hands, and Omegamon was rubbing his eyes.

"Man...i'm gonna be needing Vizine for days..." Omegamon muttered as his eyes looked completely bloodshot from Starmon's rampage.

"I've talked with the Sistermon, they said Huckmon here has trained enough and that he could digi-volve if he wants, but he told me he wants to train more before he conked out due to being stressed so we'll grant him his wish and let him be on his own." Omegamon nodded to this as a portal was opened.

"Just make sure he stays away from Examon because we don't want a repeat of this...ever." he muttered as the digimon headed off, Athenamon giving one last bow to everyone before leaving.

"So Titaniamon are you alright now?" Ken asked her, she nodded.

"Yes, i'll be just fine." JetSliphymon smiled at this as Ken withdrew them as well as the two Sistermon who gave Varuna the creeps.

"Keep the Noir one on a leash, she was threating me the entire hour with those guns." Ken nodded before she quickly headbutted him in the skull. "That's for earlier." she said rubbing her eyes. "Guess i'll go use some Vizine myself then head off to bed. Quaoar followed her leaving only Ken, Karin, Hiei, Rei and the twins as Cammy had headed to bed quickly as the following day was a school day.

"So what will you do now Ken?" Karin asked.

"Track down the stupid idiots who triggered GranDracmon's curse and if i'm lucky, find a way to go to where his soul is and torture him some more." he said hugging her. "Thanks for remaining with me throughout this, it hasn't been easy." he said, Karin smiled.

"How could I not brother." she said, Ken nodded and looked back at Koori.

"Kind of envious of her, she sleept throughout most of this whole thing, but perhaps it's better that way, she didn't need to see what went down." he said, Rei nodded with a slight sweatdrop.

"I'm just hoping she doesn't get impressionable from what that crazy digimon was shouting earlier." she said, Ken nodded and stood up, turning to Koori one last time he gently patted her head.

"Thanks for eliminated the curse for good young one, perhaps we'll meet again someday." he said smiling as he formed his heaven's sword. However right when he pointed it into the sky, a tiny voice was heard, Koori's mouth spoke.

"Papa...Ken.." Ken sweatdropped as did Rei and Karin as Hiei grew enraged, however he wasn't quick enough to catch Ken as he vanished into the light.

"That's cute, she must've grown to like him." Karin giggled before musing at what Ken had just did. He used his Heaven's sword to instantly transfer himself from his demension to ours...can the Dragon Saber do that too.

"It is cute, too bad Hiei's probably never gonna forget about it." Hiei glared at Rei.

"Don't start woman, next time we see him i'll have his head." Rei and Karin sweatdropped.

"Something's never change." Rei muttered as she escorted Karin to the temple's stairs and then went to bed, happy her child had returned.



I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that...granted it's funny, but now he's gonna want me dead twenty four seven. Ken muttered as he saw the Ninja's on the boat heading back to Japan, with one last gaze back at the city, Ken nodded and lept onto the boat before it took off.

"So did you take her home?" Shizuka asked as they made thier way to the cargo hold, Ken nodded.

"Yeah, and i've had one long night..." he muttered finding a familiar place to sleep. "When we get back we're going to have to discuss a few things, cause the road ahead...is changing for us all." he muttered before drifting off to sleep.

"What does he mean?" Mikato asked.

"He'll tell us on his own terms I guess, we should probably rest as well, that technique was more draining than we thought." the Ninja's and thier partners also headed off to dreamland, unaware that the game was only beginning.


Well that's it for this story arc, now it's on to accel stream season 2, but a few notes first.

The "Silouetted" people who spoke to Wildcat are from Darkstarj13's X-men story, if you want to know who they are go read it. Also who wants to guess which Marvel Character cameo'ed lol.

The "sequence" of Ken "being reborn" is a nodd to when the Undertaker came back to the WWE or F as it was back then as the American Bad Ass, and it kinds fits.

As you can tell, I borrowed the concept of how Gohan got Android 18 out of Cell for getting Casey out of Elder Toguro, and now that Toguro's on Ice he won't be bothering anyone ever again.

Speaking of bothering, SuperStarmon will NOT be getting out his amnesia at all, the psyco is gone, which is probably good for poor Omegamon and the others he hurt.

"Darkstar" meeting Wildcat was Darkstarj13's idea, pretty neat i'd say.

Your probably wondering, what did the young guns do with Kreig? You'll find out when I start up Accel Stream season 2.

Also, add Mikey's nunchuck's to Ken's weapons list, he should've kept his mouth shut and not insulted Ken because Ken will make you pay lol.

The concept of Koori calling Ken "Papa" was thought up by me and Kanius as a funny joke, though it does end up sticking in future fics, and makes Ken more "aware" of his surroundings because Hiei really wants him dead now.

Well with that said, it's on to Accel Stream season 2, let me make a few things clear.

1. I will try to make the chapters longer, however length wise it will be half as long (possibly up to 30 chapters) as the first season.

2. After the first chapter, i'm jumping straight into the action so be warned lol.

Until then, peace out all.