Broken Down And Built Back Up

Chapter One: Emergency


He is a horrible person who does horrible things.

'He' is my brother, Aaron, and I wish he wouldn't have to be referred to as 'horrible,' but that's what his actions have reflected back on him.

I barely had enough strength to get up and make sure the front door was locked. I went upstairs to my room and took my phone from the drawer.

I went through my contacts and chose the one that said 'Jack.'

I took a blanket from my bed and draped it over my body (that was lying on the

floor) as I waited for Jack to pick up his phone.

"Hello?" his voice told me he was annoyed. He was also out of breath.

"Hi, Jack. It's Kim. Sorry if I interrupted something, but I need you to come to my house. Remember the key I gave you? Use it. Please hurry, I don't know if we have much time."

My voice cracked a few times and you could hear the hoarseness in it.

I hope Jack comes soon.



When I got inside of Kim's house, I instantly noticed it was a mess.

Some of the living room's furniture was upside down, some of it lay broken in the living room floor, and some of it was just pushed up against the walls.

Pieces of glass laid around the smell of liquor was strong.

There was a trail of clothes I followed to the kitchen, where an open jam jar and a half-done piece of bread were sitting on the counter. A shirt was also on the counter.

When I examined it closely, I noticed it was Kim's. How do I know this? First of all, the shirt is the color pink, a color Kim often wears. Second of all, it smells like her. It's a smell rather hard to describe, but incredibly good.

I exhaled her scent in deeply before I remembered Kim's call and the mess the state of the house was in.

It was also eerily silent.

I hadn't really noticed before, but the last articles of clothing was a girl's pair of underwear and a bra.

I couldn't help but think of things a boy should definetely not have about his best friend.

Emergency. Remember the emergency, Jack, I scolded myself.

I wonder what happened in here...

"Kim!" I shouted. "Kim, where are you? I'm here. It's me. Jack."

At first I didn't hear anything, but as I went along, I heard a soft voice say, "Room, Jack. In my room."

I got to Kim's room as fast as I could and knocked.

"O...pen," the voice said and coughed.

I gently pushed the door to Kim's room open and was met with the sight of a girl that could have passed as half-dead.

I know that girl. That girl is Kim. MY Kim.

"Kim," I said in shock.

My heart was speeding up and I felt adrenaline go through me.

I closed the door behind me and knelt down next to Kim. Her body was beaten up and bruised. She looked more ill than I've ever seen her.

Kim's eyes were half closed and she was shivering. She had a blanket over her body, but it was only covering her lady parts and it was way too thin to do anything to stop the cold. Even though outside was warm, inside her house, and especially her room, you felt like you were in a giant freezer.

I stared at her shocked for a moment, then moved closer to her head and placed it gently on my lap.

Kim moved her head and looked at me in the eye.

"Help," she croaked out and reached up a trembling hand to my face.

Her cold fingers traced an unknown pattern in my cheek. She looked away and dropped something on top of her chest (a paper), then closed her eyes.

I waited for her to come around, but the rising of her chest told me she was asleep.

I slowly reached out and quickly took the paper from her chest, not wanting to touch her in any indecent way.

I unfolded the paper and started reading it.

It said:


If you're reading this it's because I need your help. Please take me away from all of this. I need you to, otherwise I'll be in grave danger.

There is a suitcase, a backpack and a guitar case in my closet that are ready to go. Take me anywhere you want. The dojo, your house, a take your pick. There are also two notebooks on my shelf. Take them and put them in my guitar case. Please don't read anything and call a cab over. I know they are expensive, but in my nightstand there's money for you to use. It's in an envelope. It's emergency money and there's enough to go to a hotel for several nights, rent a cab and anything else that you need in order to get me out of here.

I trust you with my life, Jack. I know you'll do what's I'm asking you to.

I'll explain why you are doing this later. Just trust me for now.


P. S. If you hear anyone coming in, hide.

P. P. S. Do NOT notify anyone about this, especially the police.

I picked up Kim and wrapped the blanket tighter around her as I placed her in her bed.

I quickly did all the things she asked me to. I took out her bags from the closet, I put the notebooks where they needed to be, I put the emergency money in my pocket as well as Kim's cell phone and her charger (she'd go crazy without it).

The most difficult task was dressing up Kim. I couldn't go outside with her wearing nothing more than a simple blanket.

I opened her closet and drawer. I searched around until I found a pair of pink sweats and a matching long sleeve pink shirt. I closed my eyes and randomly picked out her under garments.

This was extremely awkward for me, but I managed to do the task of dressing my best friend up. As I did it, I kept glancing with guilt at Kim. What if she had woken up? That would have been really embarrassing.

I put Kim's bags downstairs by the door and came back for Kim.

I picked her up bridal style and went down the stairs of Kim's house praying that I wouldn't fall or trip.

When I got downstairs, I heard a car's honk and got a phone call.

After I made sure it was our cab that was outside, I put Kim's bags in the back and laid Kim's unconscious body in the back seat with her head in my lap.

I gave the driver directions to my house and we left Kim's house behind.


Finally we were home. Kim was still unconscious, but that was fine with me.

I was pretty puzzled why Kim was the way she was and I was curious as to what had happened to her house, but it was better if she got some rest.

I'd placed her beneath a couple layers of blankets in my bed and I'd watched her for a few minutes as she settled into my pillows. It was as if I'd given her something special. Even though she was asleep, I sensed she was happy and at peace, so I'd left her and gone downstairs.

Here I am now, writing a note to my family that informed them of Kim's situation. They would understand what had happened.

I found tape and stuck it to my bedroom door. Then, after I'd brought Kim's bags to my room, I settled in next to Kim and fell asleep.


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