His blood splattered the floor… And there I stood holding my zanpakuto, dripping with his blood. From his position on the ground, he looked up at me, wheezing with his last breaths.

"I didn't think… that you…were so strong…I thought I could have…killed you...easily, Senna…" Aizen whispered, voice becoming hoarse and head flopping onto the ground in an ever growing pool of blood. Rogue Captain Aizen Sosuke was dead. I had killed a captain, someone far more superior than me. Even though I was still a student at the Soul Reaper Academy. My sword dropped from my hands and clattered to the floor, next to his body. I sensed their spiritual pressure before I saw them. Turning around I saw Lt. Renji Abarai and the Captain of squad 10, Toshiro Hitsugaya.

"You there! State your name and squad." Captain Hitsugaya said pulling out his zanpakuto and pointing it at me, as Lt. Abarai did the same. I looked at them fear in my eyes, my body refusing to move, refusing to do anything but tremble.

"I…I'm Senna Shiba, Sir. A-and I'm just a student at the Soul Reaper Academy." I managed to say. Captain Hitsugaya looked at me and then to Captain Aizen's body behind me.

"Lt. Abarai. Take this student to Captain Yamamoto's barracks. He'll want to question what happened here…I'll clean up the mess." He said, sheathing his zanpakuto. Lt. Abarai nodded and sheathed his zanpakuto as well, walking over to me.

"Well, runt. Let's go." He said, grabbing my arm and hauling me away.