Stink ch10

Two Months Later

My water had broken about four hours ago and I was in excruciating pain.

And, my husband was currently laughing at me as the nurse came in to give me my enema.

I was not happy with him to say the least.

He better laugh it all up right now because if he thinks he's ever having sex with me again, he's sorely mistaken.

My cooter hurts.

My back is breaking.

I have a constant need to pee and now, well right now there is a nurse flushing out my ass.

He's lucky I haven't squeezed that monster dick of his out of its skin already.

"Are you more comfortable now?" He whispered as I grimaced while the nurse turned me onto my back and pulled my gown back down.

I glared at him.

"What do you think?" I stuttered as another contraction hit hard and heavy.

He stared at me in anguish as he watched me work through the pain just before the doctor came in and announced it was time to finally start pushing.

Forty-five minutes later Amelia Grace Cullen was born.

And, not even ten minutes later, she pooped on her dad.

I smiled through my happy tears as he freaked out…and called her poopy head.

It was simply the most adorable thing I'd ever witnessed.

Maybe it was payback for all the times his fumes had me nauseous there in turn making her nauseous as well.

But, whatever it was, it was the beginning of a long, happy life with that little girl wrapped around her daddy's finger … and a nickname that she'll never outgrown.

Perfectly perfect for my imperfect husband and daughter.

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