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Chapter I: Littlefoot is born

It was very early in the morning when the miracle happened. In a remote part of what was commonly referred to as the Mysterious Beyond, something was happening that would essentially change the lives of many dinosaurs in the near future. A lone egg, sitting at the base of a riverbank, was beginning to shake and crack, just about ready to hatch. But it was not alone. Surrounding the soon to be born longneck were four others: His grandparents, his mother, and his father. All four of them stared down at the egg, occasionally exchanging glances at one another.

Then, the moment of truth happened. The egg cracked into such tiny pieces, until eventually the whole shell came apart, and fell to the ground. What emerged, was nothing short of beautiful. A newborn longneck was on his head, and he slowly fell backwards. Then, he leaned back up, and began to look at his surroundings. The parents looked down at him, both awestruck. Their son had just been born, something they had been waiting for for a long time. As they looked down on the child, the mother said her first words to him.

"Here I am," she said softly.

The newborn looked up at the four longnecks, and was at first terrified. He attempted to try and run from them, but he tripped and fell a few seconds later. He ducked and covered his head from the giant bulking beasts, but soon realized that they weren't hostile at all. The father leaned in forwards, and began to lick the child. The newborn longneck realized that this was a sign of affection, and began to warm up to them. He turned around, facing his mother and father with a warm heart, as both parents licked him, which made him feel comfortable. A few seconds later, the two parents and their new son all nuzzeled one another for a while. The child's new grandparents from behind them looked at the three of them and smiled deeply. At last, their grandchild was born.

All that was left of his heard was his mother, his father, and his grandparents. They named him... Littlefoot. he knew them by sight, by heart, and by their love. The mother then proceeded to pick Littlefoot up with her teeth, and gently lifted him onto her back. The two parents gazed at the newborn. Littlefoot. It sounded perfect to them. He rested himself and got comfortable on his mother's back, just at the base of her neck. The mother then spoke to him.

"Now... you be careful, my Littlefoot."

And then his father spoke up. "Littlefoot... we will always love you, my son. And no matter what happens, we will be with you. Remember that."

Littlefoot then yawned for a few seconds, which caused the four of them to chuckle softly. Littlefoot curled up on her back, and his eyelids slowly closed, and he drifted off to sleep. When this happened, the mother and father both looked at one another, and nuzzled on another for a while lovingly. While this went on, the grandparents did the same. Their family had been expanded, and no longer were they in fear of dying out. They were all one. One, perfect family. It was truly, a miracle of nature.