The Unknown

Mai's Pov

I guess it all started off on a cold December night. I was walking home, alone on the streets. No, it was not because my friends abandoned me or left me to fend for myself, but because I didn't really have any friends here, in Verdevale, Washington. I had just moved from New York City, where all of my friends resided, my home. But my dad got a really good job here, so say good-bye to New York, hello random small town in Washington.

If you don't know already (which you probably don't) my name is Mai Li. I'm 16 years old, almost 17. I live with my parents, Lien and Rui, and lived in New York City for the first 16 years of my life. We moved here at the beginning of the school year. I still missed the city.

It was Saturday, December 13th and it was snowing all around me. The snow caught in my straight, shoulder length, black hair, making it flecked with white against black. I couldn't help but feel excited by the sight of it. I had always loved snow. The way it fell in such graceful ways. Even if it was cold, it was beautiful.

I shivered a bit from the cold, rubbing my shoulders. All I wore was jeans, a shirt, and a sweatshirt to protect me from the cold. This was probably not one of my smartest of ideas.

I continued to walk down the street, shivering, for another ten minutes before seeing a coffee shop down the road and deciding to stop for a couple of minutes. I was almost there when I was pulled into the nearby alley by strong arms. I gasped and tried to scream before an elbow hit my throat. I tried to talk, but my throat screamed in agony. I tried to struggle (failing quite considerably), but the strong arms held me tighter (not in the cheesy romantic way, but more of an 'I am going to kill you, so stop struggling' way). I felt a piece of sharp, cool metal touch softly against my throat.

A knife.

If it were possible, I almost struggled faster. I felt one arm come down for the stroke before something happened. I felt a warm feeling inside, as though I had been exercising for an extremely long time. The warmth started to flow through me. I felt hotter, almost like a flame. I could see lights almost flashing around me, the arms releasing me from the death grip.

'What the hell!' I heard a voice cry out. I looked down at my hands to notice that they were almost like talons. My skin clung close to my bones, stretched to an abnormal amount, stark white. I looked at myself in horror. Was I a demon? A monster? I wanted to cry out, but my throat still hurt a bit. But soon, it began to hurt less and less.

I felt my body cool down, changing me back to normal. I slowly edged my way home, trudging my feet through the snow. Tiredness started to overwhelm me. I felt sore in almost every single spot known to woman. After thirty minutes of walking alone in the cold at an ungodly hour, I opened up the door to the house my family now resided in.

'Mai, why are you home so late?' my mother asked.

'It took longer than I thought it would.' I answered, my throat now not hurting at all.

'Well, next time call ahead of time, you had me and your father worried sick!' I decided not to mention how someone had tried to kill me in a dark alleyway. Now that I thought about it, it was a bit cliché.

I went up to bed without doing any homework and collapsed. I don't know why. I felt so tired and hungry. But right now, all I wanted to do was sleep. The last thought on my mind was that what I did tonight wasn't normal.

Then I let the darkness consume me.


I hoped you liked it.