Takumi sat quietly on the bed, looking blindly over a book. Really, he was looking at Gii, who sat at the desk with a single desk lamp. Teachers' reports of the 3rd Floor students and Gii's responsibility to either defer or decide with their assessments made for a long night of work.

The clock struck eight, but Gii didn't seem fazed by it at all. Just turning page after page. Just as Takumi had seen him do for the past two hours.

Takumi didn't mean to sound neglectful, but he could justify that looking at black and white for so long did no one any good. The book closed and he walked over to Gii's side. "Gii…maybe you should take a break. Rest your eyes for a little bit."

"I will after this evaluation." Takumi looked down on the desk. The pile seemed small, but held so many that Takumi knew 'after' meant 'no.'

"Gii…you need to take a break." Takumi – like he would be deterred if he did it – placed a hand on his shoulder. "You've been staring at these reports for two hours."

Gii sighed. An arm wrapped leisurely around Takumi's waist and Gii looked up at him with gentle eyes behind clear glass. "I'm sorry if I'm ignoring you, Takumi. I know I called you up here – but I didn't think it would take this long. I'm sorry." The arm pulled away and Gii was back to scribbling notes down.

Takumi sighed next. His ways weren't doing any good.

So maybe a different approach may comb through that hair. "Gii." He said.

"Takumi, I…" His shy Takumi swooped down and stole a kiss right off his lips, leaving Gii to only stare like an idiot.

The kiss was quick and chaste, but left Gii just as Takumi wanted – speechless. He moved and maneuvered in the chair, sitting in his lover's lap. Gii, on instinct, wrapped his arm around that tiny waist. Gently hands rose and grasped the glasses by their thin frames. Once off, Takumi smiled brightly – his smile just for Gii. "Take a breather."

"Takumi…" This initiative, this forwardness – no doubt it made Takumi unbelievably uncomfortable. But…but it wasn't all for naught. Gii pulled his love clos and those lips were attacked passionately, romantically, fully – everything Gii needed. Takumi made a little sound of surprise – like he always did – and wrapped his arms around Gii's neck, letting the glasses dangle on his shoulder.

Takumi felt Gii's hands beneath his thighs and held on tight. In a short walk his back touched the gentle comforter and the attack on his neck had begun full force. "Gii…wait…your glasses."

"They're just for show. They can break." Gii said, breath heavy with wanton pants.

"No. No." Takumi pushed Gii back, looking in his eyes. And for once, Gii saw an impish smile on his face. "I sort of like this idea." He leaned up and kissed Gii's shocked face. "Being only I can see you like this."

Gii laughed. "Only you."