She didn't stop me; she didn't push me away like she pushed away Kato. She kissed me back. Her lip; so soft and warm. And inviting, a little voice in my head hissed, all of her body; inviting. Yes, they were inviting; inviting to me and me only. I struggled to push down the side of me that wanted her here and now, but it was hard. She was so beautiful and what my kind thrived on was sex, since I was an incubus. And she was just so…irresistible. I couldn't help myself; I slid my tongue into her mouth and smirked in satisfaction as hers tangled with mine instead of pushing it out. I wrapped my arms around her frail body gently; afraid I might break her, and kissed her deeply. She kissed back, tangling her hands in my hair and giving a tiny little moan. I pulled away and looked at her, my eyes consumed by lust, and hers too; she was a succubus. No human had ever reacted as strongly as she had before. "Incubus." "Succubus." We said at the same time and she smiled evilly. "Well this should be fun." She chuckled heatedly, her hand skimming down my chest to the waistband of my boxers, her eyes never leaving mine. I shivered in anticipation as her velvety soft hand slid underneath my boxers and wrapped around my arousal. I stiffened and my arousal grew in the warmth of her hand. Her eyes lit up and she ran her hand up and down my length, making it grow and grow; my member felt like hot lead waiting to explode. "No fair." I moaned slightly, pulling her hand out of my boxers and carting her over my shoulder to my room. She giggled throatily, "Bit of a caveman are we?" I gently laid her down on my plush bed and smirked. "A very hungry caveman."

I shuddered as Izaya slid his hand down my body until retching my thighs open. I muttered a string of protests but they got lost in his lips as he kissed me passionately. He smirked against my hungry lips and slid a finger over my panties, rubbing my sex. My hips twitched and I held in a moan. "Oh come now. Need I do more to get you to be a little vocal?" he asked, pulling away from my lips and smirking even more. I stared at him, passion burning in my eyes. He smiled and kissed from my neck down, until her reached my undies that he pulled off with his teeth. I shuddered and was about to say something when he slid his tongue inside me. I gasped and my hips spasmed as I clutched the bed sheets. When his tongue began prodding around I moaned; loudly. Izaya gave one more prod and pulled away, licking his lips. "That's a good girl." He muttered, his hands reaching behind me to unclasp my bra. I flipped our positions so that I was hovering over him and shrugged of my bra, throwing it to the floor. I teased his tip until I had positioned myself correctly and settled myself on him, taking all of him. Izaya groaned and clutched blindly for me; throwing his hands around my waist and throwing me under him while he was still inside me. "God you're so…tight." he whined, breathing heavily as he began thrusting; deeper and deeper with each thrust. I moaned and pulled his lips down to mine, toying with his tongue as he thrust into me, my hips meting his thrusts. He hit a sweet spot and I clenched around him, drawing his pleasure out of him and bursting into me as we both moaned. He didn't stop thrusting; in fact he thrust harder and harder. His lips moved from my mouth to my neck and began suckling and biting, not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to leave a love bite behind. Wrapping my arms around him I moaned again my hands gripping his back for support. "Izaya!" "Akura!" we both screamed each other's names as we came together. I sighed as he pulled out and his strong hands caressed my face before pulling me into a long tender kiss. "I never thought I would say this to anyone…but I… I love you, Akura." I looked at him, my eyes shiny with tears of joy. "I love you too, Izaya." I said and I kissed him sweetly before we settled into each other's arms and drifted off to sleep.