"Don't you walk away from me! I'm not finished with you yet!" Bolin sighed as the Avatar and his brother continued one of their loud arguments. They were always bickering; they're both so opinionated. He got up and walked away, not thrilled to witness the yelling again.

Mako stopped in his tracks and turned around sharply. "You're not finished with me?" he advanced on her, halting a distance away. Dueling distance. "I can't believe you! You're so conceited and hotheaded-"

"Oh, I'm hotheaded?" Korra took a fighting stance. "I think you're the hotheaded one, Mr. Firebender! You couldn't let me enjoy my victory. I totally had that rebel beat!" She jabbed a thumb to her chest. Mako just rolled his eyes.

"Look at how he left you! You're all bruised with cuts and blood everywhere. If I hadn't stepped in, you'd be dead!" They both had been marching toward each other, hands igniting with fire at the pressure. They were just a foot or two apart.

"Maybe if you hadn't distracted me, he wouldn't have got a hit." She swung at him, not so much as to hit him, but to make her point clear. Mako evaded her easily.

"Oh, please," he whined. "There goes that ego again. I was just trying to help you. It's not my fault if you couldn't keep your eyes off me." He had a very smug smile plastered across his face. Korra growled and stepped so close to the firebender that their noses were touching. The Avatar's eyes narrowed as she glared at him.

"I hate you," she said through her teeth.

"I hate you, too." And suddenly, the microscopic distance between them vanished as their lips smashed together.

By that time, Bolin had re-entered the area, hoping not too much damage was done. He took one look at the lip-locked teenagers and groaned, "Ugh, not again!"