Mystery P.O.V

"Help me please! He stole my purse!" I heard a lady yell from the street. I quickly jumped down from the roof I was on. I ran after the man who stole the purse. I trapped him in a alley. Perfect! I got him right were I want him! I reached down and grabbed two of my Dragon Sai and through them at the thief. (A/N it's the knife that kinda looks like a fork. If you still don't know what it looks like look it up on Goggle Images!)

The thief started to struggle, but my Dragon Sais held him in place. I ran up to him with vampire speed. I grabbed the purse in his hand and gave it back to the women. She thanked me and then I used some magic to disappeared.

The Next Day School Ethan's P.O.V

"Hey Ethan, come check this out!" Benny yelled at me from across the hall. I walked up to him quickly not using my vampire speed, because none of my friends-Erica included- know about me being a vampire and a spell master. When I got to where Benny was I saw that Sarah, Erica, Rory and him were all looking at his laptop.

"Have you seen this video, about this Ninja guy?" Rory asked me.

"No I haven't." I told them. I wasn't lying, I haven't seen any videos about VXN.(A/N NXN stands for Vampire x Ninja No one knows that it means that except Ethan!) The reason why I know his name is because I'm him. No one knew I was VXN.

"Well he is AWESOME!" Benny said excitedly.

"I normally don't agree with you dorks but he's right." Erica said with a smirk. Great, I know that look! It's the same look she gives to every hot guy in school! Erica has a crush on me! I mean VXN! This is one of the reason why I won't tell anyone it's me. I thought to myself. Benny quickly clicked play on the screen. I saw myself, I mean VXN, stopping a bank robber, that just happened to be committed by vampires. I grabbed some of my Ninja Stars and started to throw them at the vampires. Hitting their 'hearts' every time. For the few I didn't kill with Ninja Stars I did some karate moves on them. I got them on the ground and staked them. Since I am a seer who is a vampire I can see if someone is a vampire or not.

"I don't see the big deal about this guy." I told them once the video was over. Everyone looked at my with opened mouths.

"What do you mean Ethan? He is awesome!" Benny told me. I shrugged, that was one way I kept my secret is I don't acted interested.

"Well any way I was thinking that maybe we should try and find him! Like wait for him to show up at a crime!" Benny said excitedly, while everyone else agreed with him.

"You guys can do what ever you want, but I'm not going." I told them.

"Why not?" Rory asked me.

"Well for one thing we don't know if he's evil or not?" I told them.

"Dude, he just stopped a crime!" Benny told me.

"Well he could still be evil!" I told them. They all looked at me with surprise.

"For one thing he's a vampire!" I told them.

"How did you know he was a vampire?" Benny asked me.

"Vampire speed, it was in the video!" I told them.

"But he shows up on video!" Benny told me.

"Benny do you not remember the spell we put on Erica, Sarah, and Roy? The one that makes them seen on camera!" I yelled at him.

"What ever E! Just come with us! Please!" Benny begged me.

"No! And that is my finale answer, Benny!" I yelled at him as I walked away from them.

Benny's P.O.V

"What's his problem?" Erica asked with a snicker.

"I guess Ethan doesn't like VXN." Rory said. I don't know what was up with Ethan but I was going to find out! I thought to myself.

Later That Night Ethan's P.O.V

I don't know how much longer I can kept VXN a secret. I thought to myself as I stood on a roof. My VXN outfit was a ninja outfit. So, when I put the cloth over my mouth, my voice sounded dark and a little robotic, so if I ever run into someone who knows me my voice will sound different. The only piece of my body that was showing were my eyes. But I put contacts in to make them my vampire purple all the time. The sleeves on my outfit had little VXN on it. I was half waiting for a crime to happen and half waiting for my friends to show up. So when I felt a rush a wind behind me I turned around expecting to find my friends there but instead I found Jesse.

"Jesse!" I said in my dark VXN voice.

"Now the only way you could have known my name is if you were..." Jesse started but he was cut off because Benny, Rory, Sarah, and Erica landed on the roof.

"Cool VXN!" Rory and Benny said in unison. I let out a groan. Out of all the times they could have shown up they had to choice this time!

"Oh look it's Sarah and her little friends!" Jesse said. I sent him a glare. Then I said, "Why don't you kids leave, while the adults talk!" I yelled at them in my dark voice.

"Before they left I wanted to ask them a few questions. If you're such a hero then why are you a vampire? And why do you wear a mask?" Jesse asked me.

"I was forced into becoming a vampire, and I wear a mask so no one knows who I am!" I hissed at Jesse. "Now why don't you kids leave! Now!" I yelled at them. I saw that Benny and Rory looked a little scared. So Rory grabbed Benny's wrist and they flew off. I gave the girls the best glare I could give with my mask on. Sarah flew off after that. Erica walked over to me, and she kissed me. I pushed her off, then she flew away.

"Who would have known that she likes a hero!" Jesse asked me.

"Cut the crab Jesse, what do you want?" I yelled at him.

"Ok, I want to know why you are now a hero? You a vampire Ethan!" Jesse yelled at me.

"Don't call me that when I'm VXN! And you forced me into becoming a vampire! You all but shoved human blood down my throat!" I yelled at him.

"Fine you got me there VXN! So your friends have no idea that you are a vampire or VXN?" Jesse asked me. I ran foreword and grabbed him by the collar. Then said, "And I was intend to keep it that way!"

"Oh I won't tell them that's your job!" He hissed at me.

"What do you want Jesse?" I asked him.

"Come back to me Ethan! The power will consume you! Ethan your body is becoming more and more evil! After a few weeks you won't be able to control it anymore and when that time comes you will come crawling back to me!" Jesse said. He then left, leaving me there with my thoughts. I knew Jesse was right. I just couldn't face the fact that I would need Jesse someday. I decided to call it a night. I was starting to feel the evil bubble up inside me.

Benny's P.O.V

"Ethan's VXN! He can't be! But I just saw him. And Jesse called VXN, Ethan! I need to go talk to him!" I whispered to myself. I had told Rory to drop me off on a balcony on the building Jesse and VXN were on. Ethan is evil, I know this is a lie! I thought to myself as I got down from the building. I made my way to Ethan's house. It took me a good 25 minutes. Ethan's parent and Jane were out of town for a week. I knocked on the door. After a few minutes Ethan answered it. He was in his normal clothes. No ninja outfit.

"Hey Ethan!" I said when he opened the door.

"Hey Benny. Did you see VXN?" Ethan asked me. Ok he still doesn't know that I know.

"I did." I said as I walk through the door. We went to sit on the couch.

"Was he as amazing as you thought?" He asked me.

"He was, but you'll never guess who showed up? Jesse was there when we showed up!" I told him.

"Did VXN and Jesse get in a fight?" Ethan asked.

"Not really. VXN told us to leave. So we did but I told Rory to leave me on a balcony." I told him. I saw Ethan stiffen when I said this. So I decided to just come out and tell him.

"Ethan I know your secret. You're VXN." I told him. Ethan froze when I told him I knew.

"Did you hear all of it?" Ethan asked still not making eye contact with me.

"I did. Ethan is it true that your evil?" I asked him.

"Yes, Jesse basically put a curse on me. Remember when I was gone for 2 week?" Ethan asked me.

"Ya but I thought you were kidnapped by some random person." I told him.

"I wasn't. Jesse, he was crazy and he set up that whole police thing. He bit me on the first day. The third day he put this curse on me. On the firth day it started to work. Each day I grow stronger and more evil." Ethan told me.

"I saw you do magic and you were seen on camera how did you do that?" I asked him.

"Jesse gave me magic. He had a 'friend' who was a spell master. Jesse killed him. Jesse all but forced me to take the magic from him. The spell master was very strong, with magic. So I didn't need any practice. So I cast a spell on myself, that makes me seen on camera." Ethan told me.

"So your a spell master and a vampire?" I asked.

"Ya. Any other questions?" Ethan asked still not making eye contact with me.

"Your VXN, that's why you don't like to talk about him and why you acted like you didn't like VXN?" I asked him. Ethan nodded, "It was one of the ways I kept the secret." Ethan told me.

"What does VXN mean?" I asked him.

"Vampire x Ninja, because I'm a vampire and I dress in a ninja outfit." Ethan told me.

Ethan looked me in the eye for the first time since I told him I knew his secret.

"Are you mad?" Ethan asked me. I could tell he was close to tears.

"Why would I be mad?" I asked him.

"Well I don't know maybe because I hide VXN from you! Or the fact that I'm slowly becoming as evil as Jesse! Or that I'm a vampire and that Jesse was the one who bit me!" Ethan yelled at me.

"Ethan none of that matters! We will find some way to keep you from becoming fully evil." I told him.

"We can't Benny! Do you want to know what Jesse said to me when he put this curse on me?" Ethan yelled at me. I nodded.

Ethan's Story Ethan's P.O.V

I was on the ground clutching my stomach. I had just told Jesse that he didn't deserved Sarah and that Sarah could never love him. That pissed him off. So he had punched me in the stomach.

"Don't you ever say that again Ethan! Or you'll be hurt more then this!" Jesse hissed at me. Jesse gave me a glare. I shot him an annoyed smirk.

"You know I was going to wait on this, but sense you're being such a disobedient little brat I'm going to give it to you now!" Jesse hissed as he bent down next to me.

"What...what are you talking about Jesse? What are you going to do to me?" I stammered. Jesse started saying some Latin and some light came out of his hand and hit me were my heart should be. I let out a shriek of pain.

"What was that?" I said breathlessly.

"I just put a curse on you! Each day you grow stronger and more evil! Within 3 months you will be as evil as me!" Jesse said with a smirk.

"Please tell me you're joking!" I begged him.

"Oh I'm not Ethan! And when the time comes you will need me! In 2 days it will start to work. Just so you don't get any funny ideas the curse is permanent. Only I can reverse it." Jesse said, he was only inches away from my face. After a few seconds Jesse left me there with my thoughts.

Back To Reality Ethan's P.O.V

"So only Jesse can reverse it?" Benny asked.

"Ya, and theres no way in my afterlife he is going to do that!" I said angrily.

"We could always ask my Grandma." Benny suggested.

"Trust me I've looked into it. Jesse wasn't lying when he said it was permanent." I said gloomy. I reached into my bag and pulls out a little black box.

"What that?" Benny asked me.

"It's a magic box, that tells what percentage of me is evil." I told him as I opened up the box. I pushed a few buttons. Then it started to scan me. When it was done it beeped and showed me the results. My face turned grim when I saw the results.

"Oh no! It's happening faster than I thought!" I mumbled.

"Ethan what's wrong?" Benny asked me.

"I'm...I'm at 90% evil." I stammered.

"That's bad right?" Benny asked.

"Benny I only have a week left, until I'm fully evil!" I said with a scared voice.

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