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Ch. 6 – For All We Know

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The three friends were sitting at a table in the food court silently drinking their respective milkshakes. Benny was looking at Ethan while the other didn't take his eyes off Sarah. But when Ethan returned the gaze to the young wizard, Benny would look down, avoiding the questioning look inside the clairvoyant's eyes. They had been like this for a while and Ethan still didn't get his answer.

"Look, I'm gonna ask one last time. What are you two doing here at the mall on a Sunday afternoon carrying all these bags?" Ethan questioned both of them with seriousness in his voice. Benny kept on looking down while Sarah confronted Ethan in a way to protect Benny from any of his deceiving questions. Benny could fool himself while answering it and endanger the security of his secret. So, to keep it safely, Sarah would answer all of Ethan's questions for him.

"I don't know why you're so obsessed with the fact that I finally could get along with Benny and that we went to mall to celebrate the new chapter in our friendship." Sarah tried to turn Ethan's attention over her instead of Benny, but her attempts failed.

"Don't come with this conversation, ok? I know you're hiding something from me and don't think you're gonna fool me. I know your secret Benny." Ethan said ant it made Benny look up. For the first time in the last weeks, Benny took a good look inside his secret love's eyes. He felt weaker for being watched by those eyes. "Yeah, I know you…"

"Benny?" The three figures looked up and saw a guy standing beside their table.

"Jay? What are you doing here?" Benny asked getting up and mentally thanking him from saving his confrontation with Ethan.

"Just hangin' out. Hey, wanna come over to my place? My mom bought me a virtual reality helmet with lots of games included." Jay said but Benny wasn't sure if he wanted to go.

"I think you should… OUCH!" Ethan yelled after receiving a kick on his shin from Sarah before he could insult Benny's new friend.

"Anyway… What do you say Benny? We could prolong your stay and then do a sleepover party with lots of movies and food…" Jay offered and Benny was willing to accept since he wanted to avoid Ethan as much as he could.

"Ok. I'll go." Benny answered and Ethan could notice a strange kind of smile printed on Jay's face that Ethan considered dangerous.

"Great! My car is in the garage. Let's go then." Jay said walking away and Benny followed him. Sarah held Ethan in place. She didn't want him to go after them with the pretext that Jay could hurt Benny.

"Ethan, stop with that obsession that Benny is always in danger. I'm getting tired of it. Now you'll start saying the guy hitting on him at the store wants to harm him too!" Sarah said not aware of which words were coming out of his mouth. Ethan frowned at what she told him, curious about the people he didn't know that were trying to get closer to his best friend.

"What? Benny is seeing someone and didn't tell me anything about it? He never acted like this. Ever." Ethan commented and now Sarah could see she just made it worse than it was. She watched he grab his iPhone and quickly dialed the numbers. "I'm gotta do something about this. Nobody I don't know will get closer to Benny without my consent."


"Erica seems upset about something. Don't you agree Vampire Sasquatch?" Rory asked his stuffed animal while walking beside Erica.

"Rory, when I said I needed someone to help me look for blood, I didn't mean that you could bring it." She insulted Rory's toy holding herself from tearing the marionette into a million pieces. "If you talk to it like something alive, I'll…"

"Just a second honey doll, I have to get this." Rory interrupted her threat and answered his phone call. She just stood there with her arms crossed, Thinking of how idiot that nickname sounded. "Hey Ethan, whatzzup?"

"Rory, I need a favor. I need you to look over Benny. I'm gonna send you his location. If anything happens, just call me right away. This is really important."

"Awn… Do I have to? I'm having a great time with the Vampire Sasquatch and Erica…"

"If you do this, I'll get you a Miss Vampire Sasquatch or something…"

"Really? This way he can double date with me and Erica."

"Yeah, ok. Juts go and don't get Benny out of sight."

"Me and the Vampire Sasquatch won't disappoint you." Rory said and hung up. Erica was frowning at him because of his previous words about her on a double date. "Sorry babe but the duty calls me. Kiss me goodbye."

"If you get any closer I will make sure you'll never see your stupid puppet again." Erica warned and it was enough to make Rory fly away from her in fear.


"Now, I'm going to make a visit to the guy on the store. I'll make sure he won't get closer to him again." Ethan said getting up and walking back to the Converse store. Sarah followed him and tried to make him change his mind.

"Ethan, are you listening to yourself? How long do you think you can hold Benny? He has the right to live his own life." Sarah said but Ethan was deaf to her words. It didn't take long to get inside the store. The same guy came up to them after he recognized Sarah.

"Hey, you're back. I can see you brought another friend of yours. Where's Benny?" The guy said smiling and it made Ethan's face heat up in frustration.

"Listen you… You… Whatever! I heard you've been were hitting on Benny." Ethan said trying to sound intimidating. The smile on the guy's face fell when he heard Ethan being firm about what he said.

"Oh… So you're his boyfriend?" The guy asked innocently as his hopes of going out on a date with Benny faded and fell apart.

"What? No!" Ethan didn't know how the guy understood things that way.

"So, I don't think I got the problem about me getting involved with Benny." The guy was so confused. Before Ethan could make it worse than it already was, Sarah stepped in front of him and tried to make things better.

"I'm so sorry hm… Scott, my friend here didn't take his medicine today so he doesn't mean anything he says. And don't worry about Benny. He's single and can't wait to see you again. He'll call you and then you two can set up a date. See you later." Sarah said and Scott was smiling again. She dragged Ethan out of the store embarrassed by her friend's actions.


Rory flew above Jay's car trying to not take his attention off the moving vehicle. Right then it stopped in front of an old house. He watched Benny and Jay get out of the car and walk towards the house. Rory got closer to them to hear their conversation.

"Sorry about that. My mom only let me play on the basement. I hope you don't mind." Jay said opening the door on the floor of the left side of the house that leaded to the basement.

"Don't worry. I've been in much worse places." Benny said walking inside. Jay entered after him and closed the door. Rory landed his feet on the ground and tried to peer them through the basement window. Unfortunately it was covered by something from the inside. Thinking that it was strange enough even for him, Rory called Ethan and told him to get at Jay's house as fast as he could.


"Ok Rory. Thanks for calling." Ethan hung up and looked over Sarah. "I was right! Benny's in danger. Oh no! Benny's in danger! Sarah, you got to take me there."

"I'm sure I'll regret doing this." Sarah grabbed Ethan's hand and within seconds they were beside Rory.

"Guys you won't believe this. Benn…" Rory started but Ethan was much too worried to lose his time.

"Rory, we've gotta hurry. You two stay here. I'll try to enter the basement." Ethan said silently walking towards the door.


"Jay, I can't see anything." Benny said barely seeing the guy in front of him.

"Don't worry. I gotta show you something first." Jay said and pulled something from his neck. Benny took a little while to realize it was a mask. Soon as it was off, Benny could only gasp in surprise.

"Jesse? But how…" Benny tried to set things straight on his mind. They defeated him that day after the prom. There was no way he could come back.

"Surprise! Earlier than I thought, but c'est la vie." He said smiling at the fearful look in Benny's face. "I managed to get out of that damn forest using all my powers. But when I got here, I was much too weak to get my revenge. I couldn't be exposed to the sun, so I had to create this damn costume to recover my energies to get closer to you. Then I could put my plan in action."

Right then, Jesse started fighting with Benny. He was too strong for Benny as he was pinned to the ground by the vampire. Benny could only pray for someone to save him.

"Benny! Where are you?" Ethan went downstairs from inside the house and looked for his friend in the dark.

"Ethan! Help me!" Benny yelled back and it made Ethan get even more worried. He remembered his vision and he cursed himself for letting it happen. He tried to reach for the lights but there was none. Jesse got up and pushed a heavy furniture above Benny. The wizard tried to avoid it from falling upon him with his bare hands and ended up fracturing his wrist. "Ah!"

"Don't worry Benny, I'll save you!" Ethan yelled still looking for something to help him see the things.

"Over my dead body. Whoops, I'm already dead." Ethan heard a voice sound behind him and he immediately recognized it. Jesse then grabbed Ethan's hand and bit him the same place he'd bitten before. Ethan squirmed in pain. When it was over, Jesse let go of him and went back to his previous victim. "Now you."

Ethan had his sleeve pulled up, and after he was bitten, it fell over the teeth mark, covering it. He looked for something to defeat Jesse. He'd done it before and would try with all his might to do that again. He reached out and grabbed a fluffy piece of cloth. He pulled it towards himself and it was an improvised curtain to keep the sun from entering the room. Now that there wasn't any kind of blockage, the sun rays hit Jesse right away.

"No! I can't… You little worm, you will pay for this!" Jesse warned for the last time as his body turned into dust. It was over. Ethan still tried to understand what happened. But as soon as he saw Benny lying on the floor unconscious because of the pain, he quickly tried to move the wardrobe off him. Strangely, he was strong enough to make it. He pulled Benny in his arms and carried him outside.

"Ethan, what happened? We tried to enter the basement but it was locked by some mystic latch." Rory said and then saw Benny lying in Ethan's arms.

"I'll tell you later. We gotta take Benny to his Grandma." Ethan said and they rushed to Benny's house.

"I owe you an apology, Ethan. Something really happened here and I should have listened to you." Sarah admitted feeling a little guilty for what happened to Benny.

"'S Ok, Sarah. I'm glad nothing serious happened to him or else I wouldn't be able to forgive myself ever." Ethan said looking at the figure in his arms. At least now Benny was safe.


Benny slowly opened his eyes and saw he was in his room. He watched someone leave a tray above his desk. He then saw it was his grandma. She thought he was still sleeping and left the room. He looked over his wrist and it was covered by bandages. He now realized that what happened wasn't a dream. Ethan had saved his life. It only made the love he felt over his best friend grow even more. They were like strangers in many ways now. He believed time alone would tell him what to do. Oh damn, what he was going to do?


"So, how's Benny, Mrs. Weir?" Sarah asked the old lady after she walked into the living room.

"He's better now, but he need to rest. He'll probably sleep for the whole night because of the painkillers." She announced and the three of them sighed in relief. "My God, it's almost midnight. Now, everybody go home, you have school tomorrow."

"Ethan, what's this stain on your sleeve?" Rory asked pulling it up. Then the bite mark was revealed for them. Sarah dropped her purse knowing exactly what it meant.

"Ethan you've been bitten by Jesse and didn't tell anybody?" Sarah yelled mad at the boy's decision to keep it a secret.

"The sun's already gone, so it means…" Ethan saw their wide eyes and gulped dryly. Things were going to change from that moment on…

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