Um... Wow.

Yeah, so welcome to my fourth fanfiction. As you may notice, I have several others, all in various states of completion. All are still active, but I am without a beta, so going is slow. Position's open if you want it, BTW.

I have ranged across many series in my time, and published over half a million words on various accounts. This is the first I have ever written a preface for.

This... Is porn. It isn't fluff, or softcore, or even just normal yaoi shit. And it certainly isn't a crackfic. This... Is kind of graphic.

However, I've also been told that it's very very good.

So, I'm going to post it. However, I am warning you, unlike most stuff, if you have issues with sex and it's graphic depiction, turn back now.

Also, they're gay. EVERYONE IS GAY.

So yeah. Welcome to the party.

Have some cake.