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"Okay, let's do it!" Santana tells her after hesitating a bit and with those words finally agrees to actually do "it". Brittany couldn't be happier. She's been waiting for this moment for quite some time now and she has the urge to jump up and down and punch the air with her fists, but she doesn't want Santana to think she is like a child. ('cause really, there is nothing sexy about children and we are talking about seriously sexy stuff right now.)

Also, she doesn't want Santana to scare away now that she's finally agreed, because the fantasies Brittany's been having has a chance to come to real life and Santana to backtrack would be the worst thing ever. She is really excited and all those images in her head now are making her feel dizzy.

Oh boy, it looks like all those planning and executing to get these words from Santana was really worth it and now she can finally start to plan "it", the real action. It's been a long way to come to this point. Brittany has these genius skills to persuade Santana to do things with her or to her (especially in bed), but this was a special case. This is different for a couple of reasons.

You see, Santana is not really a fan of videotapes about herself, since that awful commercial has aired on television. Brittany totally gets it and if they will really do "it", she would make sure to buy a safe and hold it there, whenever they are not watching it. Or maybe not that, but really, she would be careful. Of course, Brittany has always been open about sex stuff, who she's been with and what she's done, but sex with Santana is different for a lot of reasons. It's something she would never talk about with other people without Santana being okay with it. Brittany thinks it's funny, that when people talk about sex, it all sounds dirty and stuff, but really it is kind of pure and sacred. At least to her. Sex with Santana, that is. So she always keeps things private, and what they are about to do now will be no different. On the contrary, it is maybe the most private thing they would have ever done.

She thinks it's kind of ironic how it all started, catching Santana doing something that was meant to be a private thing.

Flashback - two months earlier

She can't believe it's already here again. It's one of these crappy Tuesday afternoons which means, that Brittany has to stay at school after their last period and take care of stuff as Senior Class President. Obviously, she is proud of her girlfriend for winning it and doing such an amazing job, but when they have to spend time apart because of it, it makes Santana sad like every other things that causes the same. Every week when they say goodbye to each other at their lockers, she secretly wishes that Brittany will just go home with her, like almost every other afternoon since they've got together. She knows it shouldn't be such a big deal, spending a couple of hours apart, but she feels that every second of it is kind of pointless. Brittany knows how she feels and always tries to make it up to her when she gets to Santana's house later in the afternoon. Brittany's "making up to her" usually contains a lot of making out with her and going down on her. Her girlfriend is a true expert in these activities, so it takes like two seconds for Santana to forget about those boring afternoons. (By the way, what is even worse than these Tuesday afternoons is waking up so early the next morning with sore body parts.)

But today is not one of those days when Santana can spend the afternoon thinking about what Brittany will do to her later. Or she can do it, but it will just leave her all hot and bothered, because she knows she will not be getting any today. The reason is that actually both of them got their period yesterday and although they are pretty adventurous in bed (or not just in bed so to say, because their sexual activities don't strictly happen in bed, sometimes they cover pretty much every part of their rooms), they've never tried doing it like that. Santana is usually very happy when they're in sync, but this period thing, it just sucks big time.

So she is lying on her bed busy with feeling sorry for herself, when she gets an idea. Her plan of not getting all hot and bothered goes out the window in this moment. Fuck it, she thinks, this will definitely worth it in the end. So about that idea…Well if she can't have sexy times with Brittany tonight, maybe it would be a good thing to get her research on for their next time and surprise her girlfriend with something exciting. It's usually Brittany who does that and brings new additions to their sex life, but it's not like she is all passive and stuff. (Or maybe she is like that sometimes, but Brittany is just so freaking hot when she is in charge). She is just so happy and satisfied with everything that is between them, including their sex life, that she doesn't feel the need to do that. She is grateful though, that Brittany doesn't think the same way as her, because all of her previous ideas were successful to say the least.

She doesn't waste any more time and gets up to bring her laptop to her bed. When she is settled back on the bed in a comfortable position with the laptop on her lap, she opens it up and goes instantly to her Tumblr. Brittany doesn't know that she has one, well to be honest, nobody knows. She doesn't really put stuff up there, she just uses the whole thing to stalk other people's pages and more importantly, track some interesting tags. She is actually surprised that she's never tried this before, but she hopes that checking the 'lesbian sex' tag will be much faster and effective to get ideas than googling this stuff or going through porn sites.

She is a bit embarrassed about doing this, but the feeling goes away the instant when pictures and videos and gifs pop up on the page. She is overwhelmed a bit and doesn't even know where to start really. But she starts to scroll down and it just gets better and better. She always feels a bit weird watching other people do this stuff, but then she thinks about Brittany and herself doing it and well, she doesn't feel weird anymore. She just gets so horny like a teenage boy with raging hormones. Ew, maybe not like a boy, but certainly like someone who has been not getting any for a long time. She just looks at the pictures and videos, a couple of them making her totally grossed out and other ones causing her to just stare in awe with wide eyes. Sometimes she goes deeper and checks out a few pages, but nothing she finds is interesting or new enough.

She almost starts to think about plan b, when something catches her eyes. It's a gif about two girls (well, duh), one of them doing the other one with something that looks like a strap-on. She is intrigued, so she opens the page the gif comes from and really grateful that is looks like a thematic site. It takes a couple of seconds to really take in the page. The header contains the following words "The Holy Strap-on – a site dedicated to the #1 Lesbian Accessory" written in big pink letters. It's actually a bit disturbing for her to see so many dicks in one place, whether they are real or not, but she gets over this feeling quickly and starts to check out the page for real. There are a lot of links that lead to external sites and she decides to check them out and maybe bookmark the ones she likes for later.

She opens them on separate pages and starts with the first one. One of the girls in the video has weird big nipples, and it's such a big turn-off that she closes it after like five seconds. The second one is better, the girls look pretty decent, but they are nowhere near her league. Not even mentioning Brittany's league, which is like the "NBA of hot bodies". But it's kind of okay, she thinks and starts to concentrate on what the girls are doing to each other. One of them is wearing a strap-on (surprisingly) and they are making out, which is not really new to Santana so she decides to go forward a little in the video. What she sees a couple of minutes later is much more interesting, the girl wearing the strap-on is behind the other one stroking her ass with her fake penis in one hand and feeling her up with the other. What Santana doesn't anticipate is when the girl with the fake dick pushes in the other one's asshole and start to bang her senseless in the ass. Oh dear God, what has she gotten herself into? She really didn't want to see this, so she closes this video too. The idea of anal sex is really a myth for her. Why would girls want do that, when they have a perfectly good other hole to be fucked? She doesn't know what she would do if Brittany asked her to do this, so she is pretty grateful that she hasn't mentioned this idea to her yet. But who she is kidding really, she would probably agree to at least try it, because well, it's Brittany and she would want to try everything with her.

She goes for the third video hoping to finally find there what she wants and this time, she will not be disappointed. The girls are actually pretty, the one wearing the strap-on has dark brown hair just like her and the other one has blonde hair just like Brittany. It makes easier to imagine what it would be like if they were in this situation. The girls are lying close kissing and stroking each other's body and it doesn't even look like a porn video yet. It feels much more intimate, which is rare according to Santana's increasing porn-watching experiences. It becomes a bit boring though after a minute, so she decides to fast forward a bit. The girls appear again in a different position. The blonde one is lying on her back with legs spread and the other one with the strap-on is lying between her thighs. They hold each other really close. The brown haired one is stroking the other girl's folds and sometimes entering just an inch with her fake member. Santana thinks this is one of the hottest things she's ever seen and definitely the hottest involving a penis. It would probably be a rude thing to say this to the boys she's slept with, but she doesn't want to think about boys when there are two hot girls on her screen having what looks like awesome sex. It only becomes more and more awesome though, when the top one finally enters the other with the whole length of her strap-on and they start to move with slowly and sensually. It looks insanely hot and when the girl with the strap-on leans down and puts her forehead on the other girl's and they fuck each other while making eye-contact, it just becomes too much. She closes down her laptop with the image remaining perfectly clear in her mind. It's still early for Brittany to come, so she decides that a cold shower would ease the strong ache she got while doing her research.

What she doesn't know is that Brittany was able to escape from the school earlier than usual, so she steps into Santana's room seconds after she jumps into the shower.

Brittany is surprised that her girlfriend is not in her room and having a shower at 4 in the afternoon, but now that she's alone, she decides to use her time wisely and check out Santana's iTunes. Yes, her girlfriend has awesome taste in music. Well she has awesome taste in everything really. She has awesome taste in the morning and at night. Sometimes she tastes a bit differently than other days. Oh, now that Brittany thinks about it, maybe that is another "taste". Well she can't think about that now, 'cause that would just lead to proposing the idea of period sex to Santana and she knows that it would totally freak out Santana. So, she just opens the screen of the laptop and she freezes. Well it looks all good after staring at it for like a minute, she just didn't really prepare herself for this. What she sees is a website with a lot of x's in the url and a video with two girls having sex with each other. Brittany mutes the video and starts to watch it. She really likes what she sees, but she is curious why Santana would watch girls having sex with a strap-on. They've never even talked about this before. Hell, they've never even talked about watching lady porn.

All this new information is too overwhelming and she is starting to feel dizzy. Thoughts about Santana and sex and girls and videos are twirling in her head. Thoughts about girls having sex. Thoughts about she and Santana having sex. Thoughts about sex videos. Girls having sex on videos. Girls making sex videos. She and Santana making sex videos.

Wait, what?

She and Santana making sex videos. Has she really just really thought about that? This may be the best idea she's ever had. But she knows that bringing the idea to life will be a really hard task and she starts to work out a plan, because this needs like really serious planning. In the next few minutes she works out a 3-step plan and she is really pleased with herself. She's grinning crazily with her eyes still focused on the screen, when Santana opens her bathroom's door and steps into the room.

She looks so cute wearing just a loose t-shirt and shorts and her black glasses. What makes is even cuter is that she is staring at Brittany and her laptop with wide eyes. Brittany would totally take a picture of her, but she has much more important stuff to do now.

"Hey" Santana finally manages to speak a word and she takes a couple of steps to get closer to Brittany.

"Hi" Brittany answers simply and keeps smiling like a madwoman. It makes Santana really nervous.

"What are you doing?" She asks and points toward the laptop on Brittany's lap.

"What do you think?" Brittany asks and wiggles her eyebrows a bit. This causes Santana to blush like crazy and put her hands on her face to hide herself. Oh yeah, she is caught big time.

"Oh dear God" she mumbles into her hands, but she puts them down after a couple of minutes and stares at her feet.

"Come here, baby!" says Brittany as she puts away the laptop from her lap and motions with her right hand for Santana to come closer. Santana does so, but she doesn't talk still and continues to avoid Brittany's eyes. Brittany takes a fistful of her shirt in her hand and this makes Santana glance up at her. Her expression is totally embarrassed, but there is something else, too. She looks a bit sad or disappointed and Brittany has no idea what causes her to be like that.

"What is it baby?" Brittany asks and when Santana doesn't answer she continues. "It's okay for you to do this. But you could have told me." This just makes Santana even sadder, because her totally awesome new idea is discovered now and she failed again.

"But I wanted it to be a surprise." She says quietly. Brittany doesn't really understand what she's talking about. "Wait, why would you watching porn alone would be surprise for me?" She asks and feels that something is not right with this conversation.

"I'm not talking about that Britt." Santana says like it's the most obvious thing in the world. "I'm talking about what the girls were doing in it." She widens her eyes and tilts her head to make Brittany understand without using the actual words.

"Doing it with a strap-on?" Of course Brittany is not the one to be all shy about this so she just asks this and it makes Santana to roll her eyes.

"Yes, Britt, that." She says and then something comes up in her mind, something Brittany has mentioned earlier. "But wait, if you weren't talking about this stuff, then what would you have wanted to do together?" She asks frowning. Brittany takes her hand away from Santana's shirt and motions for her to join her on the bed. Santana climbs over and lays down by Brittany's side propping herself up on her elbow to look at her girlfriend. She is really curious about what Brittany is about to say.

"I think watching porn together would be really hot." Brittany proposes her the new idea, which is of course not her "new idea" but just the first step in her plan. Santana likes what she's said and she muses that she was focusing on the strap-on thing so hard that this idea has never occurred to her.

"This sounds really good, Britt." She says smiling and lays her head on the pillow while pulling Brittany closer to her to do the same. Brittany settles down and they just stare at each other for a couple of seconds. It suddenly bothers Santana a bit that Brittany has not yet talked about her awesome new idea. She puts her left hand on Brittany's waist and starts to make small patterns with her fingertips there while bringing up the her issue. "I would love to do that with you, but I can we talk about my new idea, too? 'Cause I've spent a lot of time on research and stuff and I just want to know what you think about it."

"It was like really hot, but I've never thought you would be into it, so I've never mentioned it. I mean, it's basically a penis, so…" Brittany trails off at the end, because saying these words makes her feel guilty a bit. She is just honest though, she's never wanted to make Santana feel like that sex without a penis is less satisfying for her. She knows very well how sometimes Santana has these insecurity issues, so she thought it would have been a bit too risky. But now it's in the open and she is afraid how Santana will take it.

"You should have mentioned it though. I want you to be able to talk about this stuff freely, the things you like or want to do. Even if you think it will hurt me or whatever. And in the end, you know that I would do anything for you." Santana says seriously and Brittany's just fallen in love with her again a little bit more. "Even if it means wearing a rainbow colored fake penis and attempting to do those awkward thrusting moves." Okay, maybe not a little bit more, but a whole lot more.

She doesn't waste more time and attacks Santana's mouth to kiss her senseless. They probably will make out for like an hour and it will leave them all hot and bothered, but they won't even care, because really…they have awesome things to look forward to in the near future.

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