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San!" Brittany yells cheerfully as she is approaching Santana in the crowded hallway of the school. She stops one step away from her girlfriend and she looks like she might jump out of her skin from her giddiness.

"Hi, Britt-Britt!" Santana replies and closes the distance between them to kiss her girlfriend on the lips softly.

"I have some awesome news." Brittany chatters after they part away. She claps her hands together a few times and grins at Santana.

"Oh my God, Rachel finally realized that she shouldn't save all the whales in the world and strangled Finn with her mustache?" Santana asks in a high voice with a glimmer in her eyes.

"No, silly" Brittany chuckles "It's so much better." She says while smirking at Santana and wiggling her eyebrows.

"What is it?" Santana demands raising her voice and widening her eyes. "You're killing me here, Britt!" She says almost whining and then she flutters her eyelashes and pouts her lips to make Brittany tell her the news finally.

"Everyone loved our sex tape." Brittany finally blurts out grinning at Santana like a madwoman waiting for a reaction.

"What?" Santana asks in such a high voice Brittany thinks even Kurt would be jealous of. Santana totally freezes hoping that Brittany is just confused and didn't really mean what she said.

"Yes, I know" Brittany says thinking Santana is just surprised and she shakes her head a bit still smiling "You wouldn't believe the view count. We're really popular. People already demand another one." Brittany barely manages to finish her words when Santana grabs her arms firmly.

"Why would you do that, Brittany?" Santana asks her as the anger is boiling through her body. She feels disappointed and betrayed. She can't believe the only person she trusts with her life would do that to her.

"I thought you wanted to be famous like Kim Kardashian…" Brittany says sadly tilting her head to the side and furrowing her brows in confusion. Santana just shakes her head at her.

"How can you be so stupid?" Santana asks her, calling Brittany stupid the first time in her life. She pushes her away a bit and she starts to run in the hallway. People are staring at her and pointing with their fingers at her while laughing loudly. She hardly manages to run, because her knees want to buckle up every moment. She almost arrives at the front door, when a few football jocks step into the way crossing their arms in front of their bodies and staring at her body like they want to rip off her clothes.

"Yo, Lopez." Azimio greets her and takes a step closer to her. "You should tell us next time, if you plan to make a video. We would be honored to help you out." He says smirking and lifts up one of his paws to Santana's face and softly strokes a line along her jaw.

"Fuck you" Santana spits out while pushing his hand away. She takes a step back and glares at him trying not to crumble on the spot.

"Yeah, baby. I like it when you're angry." Azimio says and wiggles his eyebrows. "But I would rather fuck you." He says his eyes boring into Santana's almost threateningly and he takes a step closer to her. Santana feels that she can't move her legs to step back and the air gets suffocating around her. The other jocks follow Azimio to come closer to her and she is just standing in her place totally frozen. They are inches away from her when she feels her lungs filling up with air again.

"Brittany!" She screams with all the effort that's left in her shattered body and collapses on the floor…

"San!" Brittany tries to wake her up hovering over her body and calling her name repeatedly. "Santana!" She says louder and nudges the shaking and panting Santana's shoulder a bit. "Wake up!" Brittany almost yells at her and reluctantly slaps her face a little to get her to wake up from her nightmare. Santana finally jerks up from the bed, almost knocking off Brittany. She looks frightened to death as she tries to breathe properly and take in her surroundings. She finally looks at Brittany, her face screwing up and letting out a strained sob deep within her body. Brittany immediately puts her arms around her back and pulls her close to her body, keeping her tight to ease the shaking movements of Santana. Santana buries her head into the crook of her neck and damps her skin with her tears. After a minute, Brittany notices that Santana relaxes a bit in her embracing arms.

"I was so…so scared Britt." She mumbles into Brittany's neck after she finally manages to calm herself down a bit.

"It's okay, baby. You're safe now." Brittany tries to reassure her with her words and tilts her head to nudge Santana's cheek with her nose. It makes Santana pull away a bit and they lock their eyes.

"I thought that they will…" Santana says, her voice cracking as she thinks back to her dream.

"No, Santana!" Brittany tells her firmly as she lifts her hands to cup Santana's cheeks. "They won't. I won't let anyone hurt you." Brittany says while she nods her head a few times to make Santana understand that she is serious.

"I love you so much" Santana whispers and then she kisses Brittany's mouth then she puts her forehead to rest against hers.

"I love you too, baby" Brittany replies as she gently strokes Santana's face. "Come on now, try to go back to sleep." Brittany says as she pulls away and nudges Santana's shoulders to make her lie beck on the bed. Santana obeys and settles back into bed, pulling Brittany close to her and burying her face into her chest. Brittany puts her arms around her back and starts to squeeze circles on it to soothe Santana. They lie like that for a while, holding each other close, both of them thinking about what happened in the last minutes.

"Britt…" Santana pulls back a little from their embrace to check if Brittany's asleep or not. Brittany immediately opens her eyes and looks at her waiting for her to continue. "Uh, what did you exactly hear from my dream?" She asks carefully.

"Umm, you were talking about our videotape and then you called me stupid…" She says and bites her bottom lip a little. "…and then you screamed my name." She remembers back sadly. "Do you want to talk about it?" She asks Santana slowly not to sound like she is pressuring her.

"Ugh, not really, but I think we have to." She says while she is already thinking about how to approach the topic. "I…well, basically…you put our video on the internet." She stammers out as she blushes a little and glances away from Brittany's eyes, thinking how stupid she can be to dream about stuff like that, again.

"You know I would never do that." Brittany cups her chin to bring her eyes back and tells her seriously. "You can trust me." She says and nods her head trying to erase Santana's possible doubts. Santana smiles and shakes her head a bit.

"I trust you." She says turning into serious again. She leans closer to Brittany's face and nuzzles her nose a bit. She parts her lips an inch away from Brittany's mouth and whispers "I do." Then she tilts her head and kisses her softly. They exhale into each other's mouth, then Santana sucks on Brittany's bottom lip, then she slowly pushes her tongue into her mouth. They start kissing passionately, while Brittany takes her hands from Santana's face to her hips and gently squeezes them with her thumbs. Santana pulls away from Brittany's mouth as she lets out a little moan at the contact.

"I want to show you, how much I trust you, Britt." She puts her forehead to rest against Brittany's and whispers to her mouth. "I want…I want you to…" She trails off and her hesitancy makes Brittany open her eyes curiously. "I want you to…use it on me" Santana falters out finally, taking a glance at the strap-on beside the bed to make Brittany understand what she wants her to do. "Are you sure?" Brittany asks and Santana just nods biting her bottom lip. She pulls away from Brittany's body to pick up the strap-on and settles back on the bed, spreading Brittany's legs and kneeling between them. She gently takes Brittany's right foot into her hand and puts it between the straps. She repeats her movements with the left foot, then she slowly pulls it up on her legs. The intimacy of Santana's gesture causes Brittany to stay silent and just stare at her in wonderment. When Santana's hands arrive at her thighs, she pushes up her hips and lets her lover attach the strap-on properly. When Santana is finished, she adjusts her position to straddle Brittany's thighs, her core just inches away from Brittany's fake member. The sight of her girlfriend's amazing body and the huge shaft that made Brittany come so hard makes her so wet, she is almost dripping on Brittany's thighs.

They just stare down at the spot, where their bodies meet, then suddenly Santana leans in to take the shaft into her mouth. Before she can do that, Brittany pushes her hands to her shoulders to stop her and shakes her head.

"You don't have to do that." She says softly, knowing that Santana has never liked giving blow jobs.

"I want to" Santana tells her firmly, looking into her eyes, then she puts Brittany's hands on her scalp. She leans in again and she pokes out her tongue to lick on the head. The moment she comes contact with it, she looks up at Brittany abruptly. Brittany realizes that her dried juices are all over the fake member and the image of Santana licking it off makes her so aroused, she pushes a little on Santana's head to bring her closer. Santana smiles a little then she takes the whole head into her mouth while keeping her eyes on Brittany. She slowly starts to move up and down the shaft and her sensual moves make Brittany's chest rise and fall more quickly as she pants lightly. After a minute of sucking off Brittany, Santana pulls away and wipes her mouth while smiling seductively at her girlfriend.

Brittany decides that it's time to return and get Santana ready too. She hooks her hands around Santana's thighs and starts to push them upwards. Santana obeys and lifts off the bed a little, so she can get closer to the shaft, but Brittany suddenly slides down under her towards the foot of the bed, until her face is just inches away from Santana's core. Santana's breath hitches as she realizes what her girlfriend is about to do. Brittany grins at her wickedly and presses her hands into Santana's thighs to bring her closer to her mouth. She smells Santana and lets out a humming voice. She pokes her tongue out and slowly licks Santana's clit. Santana is so sensitive that she jerks into Brittany's mouth and lets out a loud moan at the contact. She starts rocking into the girl under her while tilting her head back and gripping the sheets on either side of Brittany's head. Brittany is licking her and sucking on her clit a few times, then she lifts one of her hands from Santana's thigh and she presses down at Santana's entrance from behind with her middle finger. It causes Santana to tremble in anticipation and finally Brittany pushes into her with her finger. Santana is incredibly wet, so she adds a second finger and starts to set up a nice pace. Santana is rocking into her hand and mouth causing her breasts to bounce up and down for Brittany's great pleasure. Santana grunts "More" after a minute and Brittany doesn't hesitate to add a third finger, filling Santana up inside. Santana can easily accommodate her three fingers, so Brittany decides that they are ready to take the next step.

She stops her tongue on Santana's clit and starts to slide out of her with her fingers. It causes Santana to open her eyes and look at her with a stunned face. Brittany pulls away with her mouth and nods her head at her. She brings her fingers to her lips and sucks off Santana's juices from them, as the sight of this makes Santana shiver.

Brittany slides back upwards on the bed from under Santana, and then gets up a bit and kneels down on the bed matching Santana's position and facing her. She grabs Santana's hips and pulls her closer, until their chests are pressed together. They kiss each other, while Brittany takes one of her hands at the head of the shaft and presses it into Santana's folds. Santana moans at the contact and throws her head to Brittany's shoulder and grabs her ass to bring her closer. Brittany opens her mouth and kisses Santana's cheek a few times while she slides the penis up and down Santana's wet folds.

"I want to do it from behind…" She whispers into Santana's ears, causing the other girl to freeze for a second. Santana picks up her head and looks at Brittany feeling a bit scared. Brittany takes her cheeks into her hands and softly caresses her skin while they search each other's eyes.

"Turn around" Brittany commands her and her low husky voice makes Santana shiver and her hesitation flies out of the window. She slowly turns around and when her back is facing Brittany, she tilts her head to the side and looks back at her lover, waiting for her instructions. Brittany doesn't say anything, she just gets closer and presses her front into Santana's back, while she starts kissing the back of her neck and shoulders. Her fake member presses into Santana's ass and it makes Santana's breath hitch and her thighs shake a little. Brittany lifts her hands to cup Santana's breasts and she starts to squeeze them while she rocks into Santana's backside with her hips. Santana is panting hard now, the ache between her legs almost unbearable.

"Tell me what you want, Santana!" Brittany tells her, while she brings her right hand down to Santana's core and cups it, then she presses her middle finger to her clit and slowly strokes tight circles around it. Santana moans loudly and starts to rock into Brittany's palm, but it's not enough.

"I want…uh…I want you to…" She stammers between her pants. "Fuck me, please" She begs desperately. Brittany takes away her hands from Santana's breast and her core to set them on her hips. Then she presses firmly into Santana's back with her torso to push her until Santana's on all four on the bed. For Brittany, this sight is mouthwatering. With her left hand, she presses into Santana's lower back to make her bend more and stick out her ass. With her other hand, she widens Santana's legs and grabs her fake penis. She leans down to kiss Santana's back setting her free hand on the bed on top of Santana's, interlacing their fingers. The intimate gesture makes Santana tilt her head to the side and look back to Brittany waiting for her to make the move and trusting her to take care of her. Brittany hovers over her closer and softly kisses the side of Santana's neck as she presses the head to Santana's entrance. Santana stiffens for a second at the contact, thinking about the enormous head that's about to be pushed into her and hoping it won't hurt too much.

"It's me, it's all me" Brittany whispers into her ear, knowing exactly what to say to calm her down. "I'll be gentle." She says and kisses Santana's cheek. Santana relaxes, so Brittany takes her hand away from the penis and grabs Santana's hip with it to hold it steady.

She pushes into Santana at an excruciatingly slow pace, watching her reactions and whispering barely audible "I love you"-s into her ear. Though she is really wet, it takes a few seconds for Santana to accommodate the huge head inside and let out a loud moan. She pushes her head to Brittany's and pants out hot air into her cheek, then rocks into her with her hips slowly wanting more of the shaft inside her. Brittany meets her movement and she slides into her gently inch by inch, sometimes stopping for a second to let Santana take a breath. Brittany is six inches into her, when Santana starts heavily panting.

"Britt, I can't!" Santana squeals and lets out a pained grunt. Her whole body is trembling, but at the same time, she feels frozen like she can't move.

Brittany immediately stops her moves and brings her hand from Santana's hip to her core, and she slowly starts circling her clit with her index finger. It eases Santana's shaking and after a minute of Brittany manipulating her sensitive spot, she lets out a few moans as her pain changes into pleasure. Brittany feels her relaxing under her, so she puts both of her hands to Santana's hips to hold her in place, slides out a few inches with her fake member and then finally she pushes back slowly all the way in. Both of them let out a loud sigh, mingling their breaths, then Brittany pulls away from Santana's cheek, leans back until she has the perfect view of her fake member in Santana and she slowly starts to pump in and out of her. Her hard thrusting movements cause Santana to grip the sheets with her hands and let out loud grunts from deep within her body. They rock into each other, Brittany's hips making slapping sounds on Santana's ass as their movements become faster and harder.

The sight is so arousing for Brittany that she nearly comes, although she is not the one who is fucked by an eight inch-long dildo. She leans down and presses her front into Santana's back and cups her breasts. She kneads them roughly as she pushes into Santana deeper and deeper while she is kissing and biting her back. Santana is squirming under her, trying to ease Brittany's rough movements. Brittany is out of this world at the moment, she is mesmerized by the feeling that Santana's completely at her mercy, her movements are becoming almost animalistic. Santana can't really separate the feeling of pain and pleasure, they are changing second by second, she wants Brittany to go deeper and she wants her to stop at the same time. After a particularly hard thrust, Santana lets out a strained grunt and she buries her head into the bed. Her movement causes Brittany to snap back into reality. She stops squeezing Santana's breasts and just holds her close while she also eases her rough movements with her fake penis. She kisses the back of Santana's neck a few times and adjusts her position a bit to thrust more upwards into her lover. Her thrusts are deeper, but she is going slower, pressing down sometimes at Santana's special spot inside. Her movements cause Santana to yell out little cries of pleasure and clench the sheets with her teeth.

For Brittany, it is still not enough, so she presses into Santana's back with her chest firmly and it makes her lover fall on the bed completely, Brittany lying on top of her, pressing her entire body to hers. Santana tilts her head to the side and Brittany leans into her to kiss her mouth, while she starts to push into Santana with all her strength again. They kiss sloppily and swallow each other's moans, while they rock into each other for minutes.

Brittany is really close now, the strap between her legs is pressing into her clit and she is going crazy, but she can't come before she makes Santana come with her. She kisses and bites at the sensitive skin of Santana's neck and she brings her left hand from Santana's breast to her core under her body. She starts slowly circling Santana's clit with her fingers, while with her other hand she grabs Santana's hand and interlaces their fingers on the bed. Santana's whole body starts shaking heavily, but Brittany holds her in place with her own body while she continues to press into her, bringing her closer to the edge. Brittany fastens her movements again, while she presses down on Santana's clit and bites her neck several times leaving marks on her lover. Her roughness brings great pleasure to Santana, after a particularly deep thrust her whole body stiffens for a few seconds while Brittany continues to pump in and out of her and circle her sensitive clit.

Suddenly the pressure is too much for Santana and she jerks into Brittany's hand at her core so hard that it almost breaks her lover's wrist, while she is letting out strained grunts of pleasure. Brittany wants to come so hard now, she bites down on Santana's neck really hard to ease the pressure in herself. Her move causes Santana to finally let out a loud moan and squirt her juices all over Brittany's hand and her fake penis. The feeling of Santana's wetness all over her hand and lap makes Brittany come hard too, pressing deeply a few times into the now relaxed body under her. Finally she collapses on top of Santana, pressing her head into the crook of her neck. They both pant heavily into each other's cheeks, their minds are still wrapped up in all that's happened to them since they woke up. They stay like that for a while with their closed eyes, just feeling each other, smelling each other, breathing in each other.

After a few minutes, Brittany starts to softly caress Santana's back and kiss the soft skin on her neck. Santana winces a little at the contact of Brittany's wet mouth on her sensitive bruised skin and it makes Brittany open her eyes and take in the state of her girlfriend, who's lying under her. She widens her eyes and winces a little at the sight. Santana's back and neck is full of red bruises and bite marks, making Brittany remember how rough she was with her lover. She adjusts her position a bit on Santana to set her head on the bed facing the other girl. Santana still keeps her eyes closed, but she notices the movement and starts smiling softly. Brittany cups her cheek and gently strokes it with her thumb, waiting for her to finally open her eyes.

"Maybe I'm not a lesbian after all. I love the penis!" Santana chuckles and her playful words make Brittany heave a sigh of relief. Santana opens her eyes and looks into Brittany's worried eyes and grins at her.

"Brittany S. Pierce, you are a sex god." She says and giggles a bit, then she presses a smacking kiss to Brittany's cheek.

"But I hurt you." Brittany pulls away and says quietly as she furrows her brows while searching for Santana's eyes. She feels miserable and it makes Santana's heart ache.

"It was a good hurt, Britt." Santana says firmly, shaking her head a bit to erase Brittany's doubts.

"But I promised I would never do this to you." Brittany replies sadly. "And tonight I couldn't control myself." Tears are glistening in her eyes now and Santana is determined to dry them.

"It's okay, baby." Santana says and kisses her nose. "You know, I've never thought I would enjoy this so much. It felt so good to surrender to you completely." She thinks that being honest will help Brittany understand that she's done nothing wrong.

"Did you really like it? Honestly?" Brittany can't believe what Santana's saying.

"Yes." Santana nods. "And I think…that maybe…we can definitely explore this more in the future…if you want it, too." She says hesitantly searching for clues in Brittany's eyes.

"What do you mean?" Brittany asks sounding totally confused. "Do you want me to actually hurt you? Like beat you and stuff? Cause I would never do that!" She says firmly while grimacing with her face showing Santana how much these thoughts bother her.

"It's not like that, Britt." Santana tries to convince her that they're not talking about something bad. "It's like, exploring our limits together. It's like a game, you like games, Britt!" She says hoping that Brittany will like her approach on the topic.

"I don't know, San. I mean, I was out of my mind. I would never forgive myself, if I… "

"Can't you see what you did to me tonight, Brittany?" Santana asks desperately, cutting Brittany off. "You showed me that you know my body even more than I do. And I showed you that I trust you with my body and my soul. And I trust your judgment, too. So please, don't say no. I know we can do this." Santana is almost begging Brittany to think this over, which is a little bit pathetic, but she wants this too much after this night to just let it go.

"Okay, but we need rules!" Brittany says after a minute, thinking over everything that's Santana said." And a safe word!" She says sounding determined. Santana kisses her firmly on the mouth and whispers a quiet 'thank you' to her lips. They kiss each other a few times, then settle their faces inches apart.

They stare into each other's eyes, trying to calm their whirling thoughts in their heads. They both think about what they've done recently, how they've explored so much together in just a few days and weeks and how they've become closer than ever after all. Then they both think about the future, the near future where they will continue to discover their limits and maybe cross them together. And also about the future that's still far away and that they both secretly hope to spend together.

Then they think about what's happening now. And it is the best part. The feeling of their still touching body parts, all sweaty from their lovemaking. The softly caressing fingers on each other's skin. The hot breath they exhale to each other's face. The relaxed features of each other's beautiful faces.

And finally, the look of endless trust and love in each other's eyes.

The End

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