Half-Breed Induction

Wild: Hey peeps! I just recently got this movie back from my aunt, and I know not many people see this kind of thing happening, but I like the concept.

Aiya: Yeah, she's got some weird ideas, but I can't wait to see her pull this one off.

Wild: Priest, Lucy, Priestess, and Hicks have all set out together in search of the other Priests, to band together as to fight the upcoming battle- the final battle between the vampires and human beings.

Aiya: But along the way, pieces of all their pasts are revealed. Priest encounters faces he believed dead, Priestess struggles with conflicting feelings of betraying the Clergy, Lucy accepting her father being a Priest and her own growing powers.

Wild: And poor Hicks is having his own powers and past being brought to the forefront, as he is a valuable asset to many vampires and to the Clergy.

Aiya: So enjoy!

Italics = thoughts


Lucy looked over her shoulder from riding behind the calm Priestess on their bikes, plowing through dust, wind, and grit trying to weasel in between their teeth. Priest rode not far behind them, swinging up beside them to smile assuring at Lucy.

She smiled back before looking at the one in the very back; her dear Hicks, the man she had believed she adored and would live the rest of her life with. Yet now she had found that her heart didn't belong to him. She had felt something for him; that she was absolutely positive about. But now, she found he had only been an exciting thrill in her life to occupy her time.

Hicks lugged along in the back, looking straight ahead and not even acknowledging her stare or even her wave in greeting to make sure he was okay. They had talked about their relationship shortly after they had killed Black Hat. They had embraced adoringly, but then she had told him what ailed her about their relationship.

She looked back ahead in shame. Hicks had understood enough, if anything flustered by her words, and how their relationship came to an abrupt close.

She shuddered and focused on the reservation she saw coming up ahead of them. She reached down to touch the small set of blades that the Priestess and her father had given her. She liked knives, and found she was very handy with them. So they had spent at least two days teaching her proper moves to kill a vampire…Hicks had been the dummy vamp.


Priest drove swiftly, steering with ease until the reservation came into view. He glanced over his shoulder to see Lucy riding securely behind Priestess, but Hicks seemed to be having difficulties. The boy had been down in the dumps ever since they had saved Lucy.

Not to mention his wounds had become rather major and even a few lethal cuts had started to become infected. Priest had checked, and saw no bites or further injuries, just scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

If we get to the reservation, we can at least rest for a little while. This far out, the reservations shouldn't have gotten news of our betrayal yet, he thought and sped up the pace, urging the others. Lucy and Priestess nodded and sped up their bike, revving their engine and pulling out into the forefront.

Hicks sped up, and zigzagged in and out, weaving as if pulling a thread to create an intricate pattern. Priest pulled back just a bit to watch Hicks, seeing the deep frown on his face and the hard features showing anger.

He's mad about something, and being the time from when he looked mad, I'd guess it's got something to do with Lucy; he thought and sped up faster, pulling closer to Hicks and revving his engine. Hicks glanced at him, cocking his head to the side. Priest jerked his head and revved harder, bursting forward. Hicks got the idea and put his foot harder on the speed pedal, lurching forward with great speed.


Hicks sped ahead, diving into a game of speed, and felt the adrenaline pumping through his system. But as adrenaline pumped through his stream, blood began to splatter faster and faster behind him.

He grunted against the pain cutting through his side and up his arm, beginning at the cuts spewing crimson. He felt the flesh beginning to knit together, and the pain increasing. He wanted to lie down, to watch his wounds close so he could wipe away the maroon off his flesh, and then weep away tears of his bloodline.

He growled and sped faster, seeing how close they were to the reservation, called Skull. It was a very well protected reservation, and guards stood at full alert and attention as the three motorbikes rolled up to their front gate.

"What is your business here?" they called out, pointing guns down at them.

Priest was the one to answer, "We're travelling, and need food, water, shelter, and a warm bed. We're also wounded."

"Are any of you infected?" the guards asked, and Hicks flinched and the sound of them cocking their guns. His blood boiled and he grit his teeth to hold back the moan he wanted to release in pain. He closed his eyes, and was suddenly glad that he had his goggles on. At least it would look like he was paying attention, or just rested.

"No; we had to go through the mountains, and it was rather treacherous. We need medical treatment, if you could kindly provide it," Priest called out, signaling to Hicks blood stained arm and side. Hicks didn't even flinch, only shuddered because true pain was beginning to wrack his system, trying to heal.

He bent forward slightly, and to the guards, it looked convincing. They nodded to each other then called out, "Open the gate!"

The large metal doors with the giant bold white numbers 75 opened up, and quickly the three of them zoomed inside. Lucy looked around eagerly, seeing humans like herself walking around inside. Familiars were locked n cages, staring out at her with feral grins. She touched her blades cautiously.

Priestess hopped off her bike and nodded to the small boy who rolled it away towards a garage. Priest walked inside, scanning the surroundings and keeping a careful eye on Lucy. His daughter was truly beautiful, like her mother. He smiled slightly, or rather the corner of his mouth quirked up.

Shannon had been magnificent, but sadly, he had to leave her when he joined the Priests. Lucy and Shannon shared the same face, but instead of jet black ebony for hair, Lucy possessed blazing fire for locks.

Priest was quickly snapped out of his foggy world as the guards cried out. They swarmed around them, masks shielding their faces. However, their guns weren't targeted at him, Lucy, or Priestess. He swung around rapidly as saw Hicks stumble before collapsing to one knee.

"Hicks?" he asked, stepping forward before a guard called out, "Don't touch him! He could be infected! Check his pupils and his neck!"

Guards surged forward with plastic shields and guns at the ready, wrenching up Hicks' neck to jerk it from side to side. Priest watched in confusion as he turned on one of the guards.

"He is not infected. He was not bitten!" he argued and one of the guards pointed his gun at Priest.

"Sorry, but he is showing symptoms of vampirism, and we cannot take any sort of chances. Not to mention a vampire can bite you anywhere. You did say he was bleeding, correct? Well now we can give him medical treatment…and a proper burial if he is infected. Either that, or he can be branded and herded together with the rest of these beasts!" the guard cried out and pointed his gun at Hicks as multiple guards took away all his weapons.

"These will be confiscated," a large soldier stepped forward and peeled away his mask. A rock carved stern face revealed itself. Amber brown hair was matted down and cut short, and a large scar was etched into the man's face, diagonal to his ice blue eyes. "You will now all be taken and checked over for vampire bites…and while that's happening, we'll take good care of your friend here."

"Hicks!" Lucy cried out as they grabbed her, herding her and Priestess off into the building. Priest struggled and jerked away from the hands trying to grab him. Instead, he was met with a cocky grin from the broad soldier and a barrel of a gun pointed in his face.

"Don't struggle, Priest and Priestess…we've got nothing against you, no matter what the Clergy may have in mind," the soldier said and grinned. "The name's General Striker, and for now, I'll be your host. I hope you'll join us for dinner once we figure out how your friend is, and once you're all cleaned up."

Priest growled and watched in horror as they dragged away Hicks, and herded Lucy and Priestess like cattle before an iron door was slammed after him, obscuring his view.


Lucy screamed out in fear and horror as they tossed the two women into a confined room. Priestess quickly shielded Lucy, stepping in front and staring the men down menacingly, who only grinned, peeling away their masks.

"Now, now, we aren't gonna hurt ya. We're only going to point you towards the showers, and wash your clothes. You'll find new ones already waiting for you in the baths," one handsome man said, grinning a brilliant white smile at Lucy, captivating her.

She shuddered and looked at the bathroom and slowly inched towards it before the men clucked.

"We'll be needing your weapons, miss," the man said, holding out his hand. Priestess instantly went on the defense and pointed her blade at him.

"Our weapons remain with us. No exceptions and no arguments," she said coldly, eyeing them all as Lucy began shaking again. She felt the heavy cold tension hanging in the air, and she felt the icy shivers racking up his spinal cord.

The men stared at her before backing off.

"Very well. We will be outside waiting for you when you're finished washing and are dressed," they said in unison and closed the door behind them, and Lucy heard the click of a lock being pulled tight.

"Are they going to kill us?" she stuttered, looking at the Priestess. She received no answer and shivered, instead being hearded towards the bathrooms with gentle words from the older woman.

"Just stay strong, and wait…stay with me, pray with me, and I shall get us out of here," she whispered, and Lucy nodded.


Priest stared in fury at the men standing in front of him. They had made him wash and bathe, taking away almost all his weapons and dressed him in new clothes, only allowing him to keep his cloak.

"Where are the others?" he questioned, and General Striker grinned at him before holding out an arm.

"Follow me, and you'll see your friend," he said, opening a door and wlaking through, leading the way. Priest quickly followed, staring left and right cautiously. He saw men locked in cells unil they began changing into surgical rooms.

Doctors were huddled in one room, examining specimens with intent and curiosity. And there, amongst them, lay Hicks barely breathing, shaking body.

"Hicks!" he called out, jumping forward when he was held back by the men, firm hands holding back his strength. He stared as Hicks' body jerked and sorrowful, pained eyes turned towards him, alert and awake. "What are you doing? What are you doing to him?"

General Striker smirked and signaled for the door to be opened. Doctors quickly hurried and threw open the door to the room. They waved and chattered with him idly before bringing Priest closer to the table. General Striker hoevered over Hicks' head and gentle stroked the boy's head.

Hicks was strapped to the table, held down by leather straps and metal ones, both on his hands and feet. His eyes were wide and awake, and following them all, but remained glued to Priest, begging for help. Yet as Priest looked, he saw that blood had been wiped away from flesh, and no stitches were revealed.

General Striker leaned down close to Hicks' head and said, "Tell me Priest…have you ever heard of half-breeds?"


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