Half-Breed Induction

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Priest's eyes narrowed at the word half-breed. It was a label for the human beings born of humans and a vampire. It was extremely rare for half-breeds to be born, especially when vampires had been put on the reservations. They were uncommon as it was very hard for a vampire to give birth, and it was even more difficult for a human being to give birth to a Halfling.

Half-breeds were very rare, and hard to find after the Great War, as they had either been exterminated along with the rest of the vampires, or had gone into very secret, desolate hiding. It was considered a coincidence of great proportions if you came across a half-breed. Some considered it an honor, but to the Clergy, they were seen as practically lower than even a vampire.

Half-breeds could walk beneath the sun, and were immune to practically all illnesses. They often times were a jumbled mass of limbs, thrown together to look even worse than a vampire's slimy skin, and their eyes were lost in the skin.

But what did this have to do with Hicks? Priest thought over this question as General Striker grinned down at Hicks, who growled and fought against his restraints. The older general was obviously teasing and taunting the boy, for reasons that Priest couldn't comprehend.

Then he thought of it and looked at Hicks with disbelief. Hicks stared at him for a moment before letting out a soft breath and lowering his eyes.

"So you figured it out, huh, Priest? You see, when we had this dear friend of yours, Hicks, tested; we discovered his very unique DNA. His file and information is also not amongst any of our records, neither updated nor old. It is as if he never existed," General Striker said and tapped on Hicks' forehead, angering the male on the table. Hicks snarled and fought against his restraint again, but received a powerful fist to the head, which had him curling up and relaxing again as not to be wounded.

"I requested it; not exactly fond of having to constantly go in to have information updated. I prefer to live by my own laws, not the Clergy's," Hicks growled before Striker hissed, leaning over him menacingly. He clasped his hand firmly around Hicks' throat and stared at Hicks with cold eyes.

"Even with your condition?" Striker asked before looking at Priest, "Wasn't it your job to hunt down all involved with the vampires, or any who were part or full vampire?"

"Only those who posed a threat to the Clergy or to my family," Priest responded quickly, still staring at Hicks, examining him. The fine toned muscles were apparent, and no scars were marring the tanned skin from being beneath the blazing hot sun.

"And you think that a half-breed, one who looks human but holds the hunger of a vampire, being so close to your family AND to humans, even becoming their sheriff, couldn't cause a threat to society?" Striker asked, walking around to lean back against the steel table. "You don't seem to understand, Priest. We can't let him leave here."

Hicks' jaw tightened and flexed as he jerked against the leather binding him, making many of the doctors flinch as the table moved, the screws pinning the table to the floor groaning under the weight of strength driving against it forcefully. Striker glanced over his shoulder as Hicks growled out, "You can't keep me here. I'm a citizen, the same as any other, and I have rights the same as you! You cannot keep me here!"

"Oh, but we can, can't we Priest?" General Striker purred and ran a finger along Hicks' jaw and tapped his nose before grinning at Priest, sauntering past him with a triumphant grin. "Go ahead and tell him; he is a threat, and will never leave this reservation again. So you better say your goodbyes, and are prepared for dinner and a sweet dream. 'Cause this will be the last time you'll ever see your friend as a free man."

The doctors quickly scurried out after the General, as did the men dressed in armor and with gas masks, obedient and marching like the soldiers they were trained to be.

Priest just stood there, staring at Hicks.


Hicks felt the incredible need to break the restraints binding him to the cold, blood-scented table that chilled his skin and made goose bumps scattered across his flesh. He wanted to break the bonds, leap from the table, rush past Priest, and rip the throat out of General Tight Ass.

But when Hicks lifted his head to stare at the ceiling, he was suddenly staring at Priest. He had moved silently, and it made Hicks flinch and almost shout a curse. But when he saw the betrayed, calculating gaze of the Priest examining him, it made Hicks look away.

"I know what you're thinking, Priest," Hicks said softly, imaging the whole scene playing out in his mind. It had always ended the same way. It had happened when he had moved to Lucy's town, before, and now it was happening after.


"Yeah. You're thinking, 'How could I have never noticed? How could I have never noticed that a disgusting creature like a half-breed was right beneath my very nose? How could I not have told that he was one?'" Hicks said, biting out the words. "You're thinking, 'He never told me.' And you're right; I probably don't deserve to live after keeping it hidden from Lucy, you, and from Owen."

Priest stared down at him, and Hicks could feel his gaze.

"Look, could you just say something, and just get on with it! Go ahead and kill me or something! Just stop staring at me all the time!" hicks growled, clenching his fists together until his nails punctured the skin, blood leaking out from his palms.

Priest looked at the pitiful look on the ever proud, courageous Hicks' face then at the small drops of blood that steadily hit the floor in a plip-plip-plip-plip sounding sequence, steadily increasing. Priest reached out slowly, cautiously and gingerly picked up Hicks' hand, tapping the fingers.

Hicks' stared at him, and then slowly opened his palm. Priest nodded and looked down, examining the little half-moon marks on Hicks' palm. He traced over them, wiping away the blood carefully. Then he looked at his fingertips, examining the blood.

It looks black, he thought distantly before looking closer at Hicks' own fingertips. Instead of the smooth, rounded edges of human nails, Hicks had become pointed and deadly sharp. Priest carefully set them back down and looked at Hicks' face.

"Why didn't you tell me, Hicks?" he asked slowly. He felt betrayed; he thought the boy had trusted him to say something about a condition like this. Had he been mistaken? Did the boy not trust him at all?

Hicks gulped before saying, "You're a Priest…what Priest would want to travel with someone that is half of that which you are supposed to kill. Besides, it was Priests that came and killed my father before he died."

"You're father was a vampire? Is that how you are-a-?"

"A half-breed," hicks bit out with a snarl of fury and a jerk on his restraints again. Then he turned his face to stare up at the bright light, clenching and unclenching his fists tightly. "My father and mother…they were both low class citizens, in a district far from here, where vampires probably still run rampant in secret forces. They were once barren, as I was their only son."

Priest listened, watching hicks' face become sullen and distant.

"Shortly before my father was murdered by Priests, he became a vampire. And before he fully turned into one of them, he raped my mother, and she became pregnant with me. But when the Priests asked her if anything had happened to her, she said no…she knew what fate would become of me, and she knew what I was soon after I was born…and then she hung herself, leaving only my father's gun behind."

Priest lowered his eyes as he listened to Hicks' tale. The boy had both his parents stripped of him, and now, he was going to be locked away for having a secret revealed.

"So I trained myself to resist the urge to drink blood. I learned to live and sneak around, stealing and hunting like the animal that I partly was," Hicks said, anger growing in his voice.

"Hicks, you are not-," Priest started before being abruptly cut off.

"I killed someone Priest!" Hicks snapped, jerking up against his restraints, but was held fast. Priest jerked back, never seeing the boy in such fury. He stared at the man held fast to the table in disbelief. "I killed someone when I was only three years old. He never saw me coming, didn't hear me; couldn't even smell me. I moved in after him, tracking and hunting him, stalking him like prey. I knew where to deliver the killing bite; I relished it when I had blood in my mouth. So don't you go telling me that I am not a beast! I am!"

He snarled and glared at Priest for a long moment of silence before lying back onto the table.

"That's why I was so hesitant to tell Owen about Lucy and I. I never had sex with Lucy, because I didn't want to take the chance of having history repeat itself. I couldn't let that happen to her; not to Lucy," Hicks whispered softly. "I didn't want anything to happen to her; I loved her."

Priest stared at him before reaching out a hand and placing it lightly on top of Hicks' head and leaning down to meet his eye.

"Hicks', you could have told me. The fact that you've remained this strong shows how powerful you are. And I am so sorry that I couldn't do anything about these men holding you down here," he said, and heard Hicks' give a faint chuckle.

"I'm not as helpless as these men seem to imagine I am. I won't let myself be kept here…I can't stay in the shadows all my life without ever seeing the sun again. I'll go mad," he said then looked at Priest. "I need your help to get me out of here…please, Father?"

Priest blinked at Hicks', amazed. He saw that flicker of life in those eyes again, blazing with vigorous intent to live. It astounded him how this one being had seen so much, but had lived on just the same. Indeed, Hicks' would have made a good Priest if he had only had the abilities.

He then leaned down and took out a small cross medallion, carved and cut from the finest nugget of aquamarine topaz; extremely hard to find, and even harder to cut. He pressed it into Hicks' hand, and closed the fingers tightly around it.

"When you hear the call of the vampire, break out of these chains, and run outside. We will be waiting for you outside," he said, looking at Hicks as the boy nodded slowly, closing his hand firmly around the cross. Then Priest stood straight and turned around to leave.

"Thank you, Priest," Hicks said softly, stopping him in his tracks. He turned around slowly and said, "My name isn't Priest…it's Eli."


Lucy walked out of the room, being escorted by a large man. She had been changed into an ebony black dress with lace trimmings that hugged her every curve. Priestess walked proudly behind her. She had demanded to keep her own uniform, not giving into the men's glares or threats.

Lucy shuddered, checking to make sure her set of knives, strapped to her legs, were still in place. Priestess wouldn't let her walk out without strapping them on.

"As a precaution, Lucy. I do not trust these men. They reek of evil and blood," Priestess had said, staring Lucy straight in the eye. Her words now echoed in Lucy's mind as she walked along, men flanking the two women, and two guards in front.

They were being led down a series of corridors, of which Lucy memorized each passageway in case of an emergency. She scanned each one quickly, before averting her gaze back to the front before any of the guards noticed her wandering eyes.

Soon enough, they entered a large dining hall, where men were already gathered and banging their fists on the table in anticipation for a meal. A couple brutes whistled and smiled wide when they saw Lucy and Priestess being led inside and seated at the table. Lucy sat roughly ,being practically pushed into her seat while Priestess glared at the man, and seated herself quietly, staring at the food with a calculating, wary gaze.

It could be poisoned, Lucy thought, and recalled having the same fears when BlackHat had kidnapped her to get to her Father. They're holding us prisoner too…I don't trust these men, even though they are soldiers. They aren't nice. They're torturing Hicks and keeping him here! He doesn't deserve to be locked in this God forsaken compound.

"I want to see Hicks," Lucy said, looking at Priestess. She looked at Lucy and leaned close, brushing aside a stray strand of hair before saying, "You can't right now. They have him somewhere, and we can't go outside this room right now. All we can do is wait for your father."

Lucy whimpered and leaned back in her chair, tightly gripping the arms of the leather chair to refrain herself from screaming or crying at the soldiers as they wooed her, kept yelling, even started singing horribly off key.

Until finally, Father and the horrid man, General Striker, strode in. the men cheered as General Striker grinned, waving to many of the men.

"No hats at the dinner table, Abe," he chastised, and instantly, the man took off his hat. Priest took a seat next to Lucy, and immediately, she reached across to firmly squeeze his hand. She leaned close and whispered, "I want to see Hicks."

He grasped her hand, and when she mentioned hicks, his grasp seemed to tighten further until she was sure he possible broke one or two of her bones. She inhaled her breath sharply as she said, "Dad?"

He stared at her, and she watched something akin to anger, fear, or maybe even full blown rage inside his eyes before he said, "When I say, be ready to run with Priestess. Don't look back…we aren't leaving Hicks in a place like this…I promise you that, Lucy."


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