"It's below 34 degrees with a chance of snow, so those outside today bundle up"

It was Mid-February and most of the animals were snuggled in their homes drinking hot coco, trying to avoid the cold. Some children here and there played outside, but one poor lavender cat walked alone though the streets with her arms wrapped around herself.

"Why does it have to be so cold," she muttered to herself, "You would think I would be used to the cold by now." She pulled her jacket around her body and shivered, but she continued to tug onward towards the gateway entrance until she stopped in the entrance way. She took a breath and whispered to herself, "Blaze, get a hold of yourself."

Blaze stepped through the gateway and stared through the woods to her destination. A little Chickadee chirped at her a lovely tune, but she ignored the little bird as she started to talk to herself out loud. "I remember," she said to the woods as she walked onward, "It was just a December, you and I were sitting by the tree that one morning opening presents and laughing. Then your friends came and told you that Eggman was causing trouble. I wanted to help, but you said stay because of I was a six months pregnant at the time, after such a hard time of trying and you didn't want all our hard work to die on us…"

She became quiet as two children ran passed her laughing. Blaze mentally slapped them for disturbing her story, she would have wanted nothing more than to do it for real, but she was nine months along and couldn't do that. She wanted to respect his wishes and protect the little girl that was inside of her.

Once the children were gone, she continued to talk, "I waited hours, days, and weeks until one day there was a knock on our door. I opened it hoping it was you, but…" She stopped walking and let a tear drop to the frozen ground before she continued to walk through the woods.

"It wasn't you, it was your friends," she said to the woods, "I cried that night. I cried and cried, but that didn't make you come back because you went away….Why did you go somewhere I couldn't follow?."

She rested her hands on her stomach and sighed, "Our little girl will never know you and you left! You left your family," she cried as more tears fell, "My friend told me that I am going to be okay, but I'm never going to get over you. I'm alone and scared…."

She soon came to a clearing and stared out along the area. A simple stone rested in the middle of the field with others scattered around it. Slowly, she approached it and placed here hand on the top as her tears dripped onto it. Snow started to fall from the sky and she looked up for one quick moment before looking back down. "It is snowing," she whispered to the stone, "I guess the weather man was right…"

She paused a moment before whispering again, "Why did you leave me, our daughter, your family?"

"You said we were going to be together forever, but you went," she shouted as she fell to her knees and pounded the ground with her fist. "HOW DARE YOU," she screamed at the stone before calming down and wrapping her arms around the stone, "I miss you..."

"Silver the Hedgehog

A fallen hero, father, and friend

May he rest in Peace…"

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