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I've had an idea for a hunger games-Gallagher girls crossover for some time now. No, the characters from the Hunger Games Trilogy will not be in this, but basically it's Cammie finding herself in the games (Post Out of Sight, Out of Time, but not quite) and who else gets picked? Zach or course. Its 24 from around the world, 2 from each country. I'd like to call it epic, but only your reviews will guarantee a EPIC Storyline. I'll do a lot of Zammie. Oh. I lied. XD The only characters from the original Hunger Games you'll see in this is Cato and Effie. BWAHAHAHA. Not gonna say why though. And Liz will be placed into the games as the "Rue." (Sorry, character deaths aren't a problem) Enjoy!

I was lying in a hammock out near the lake. Someone was gently stroking my short brown hair, humming softly. Lifting my gaze, I found Zach's warm blue(?) eyes gazing at me with amusement and something else.. "Sleep long enough Gallagher girl?"
I sat up. The previous night's events washed over me.
A few men in sleek dark suits and an oddly dressed woman were gathering at the podium where mom generally made her speeches. I perked my head around to listen. "Hello Gallagher Academy, my name is Elias Evergreene. I am not a spy, nor do I work for the government. However your government has made an...Agreement of sorts. An agreement to host a worldwide event of a lifetime, and it is called the Hunger Games. No," He chuckled, "It isn't a food eating contest."
A few girls, Mick and Tina among them cracked up.
He continued. "Alas, the Hunger Games are a worldwide televised fight to the death."
Everyone in the room froze. I felt Zach's grip on my waist tighten, and Liz was biting her lip, probably running calculations through her head. "We are here to select 1 girl and 1 boy to represent the USA in the event. The ones with the best possible chances of survival are from the Gallagher Academy. As for the boys, we will be selecting one from the little known and trusted Blackthorne Institute for Boys."
Zach tensed up even more than I thought possible and growled slightly. "Calm down Zach." I whispered softly. "It won't be me. No worries."
"Yeah really Zach." Bex grinned, turning to Liz. "Lizzie, got the percentage rate?"
"…1 out of 8…"
We all froze. Zach muttered, "Those aren't good odds…"
The suited man continued after the noise died down. "Furthermore, we had already selected the male from Blackthorne, and he wasn't there. He, ah, apparently attends this academy. Where is a Mr. Zachary Goode?"
I froze. "No. Zach it can't be you, you can't-"
He stood up silently and strode up to the podium. The oddly dressed woman grinned happily. "Well hello there Zachary! Aren't you just a charmer?" She giggled.
"I go by Zach."
She paused. "Oh, well, that's my mistake then Zach." She held up his hand. "Your male tribute ladies!"
No one applauded. "I, oh, um…"
The man in the suit held out a bowl. The woman smiled. "Ladies now!"
All the sisters of Gillian stared in silence at the bubbly woman, at her slender pale fingers selecting a slip of white paper before she held it up to read, "Elizabeth Sutton."
Liz looked positively terrified. My heart began to sink, Liz was talented alright, but not in the whole fight-to-the-death kind of way. I couldn't let this happen to Liz. "Stop!" I shouted, "Wait please!"
Liz stared at me in surprise, as did everyone else in the room. Without looking, I could tell Zach was looking at me like I was crazy. I must be crazy, interrupting such serious buisness. "Stop." I repeated it softer. The oddly dressed woman looked at me with a smile, a small, sad smile. "Yes what is it darling?"
"…Can I…take her place?"
The entire hall seemed to be watching me. The woman stared. "Well…uh…this is quite the unexpected change in events! However I do recall volunteers were allowed!" She grinned at me knowingly. I felt a sudden burst of warmth for this strange woman. She laughed a little before striding over to me and swiftly guiding me to the podium. "Yes, here are your two tributes from USA!"
*Flashback Ends*
Yes. I was to fight Zach to the death, while millions of people watched. Before I realized it, tears were sliding down my face, and Zach rubbed my back comfortingly. "Cammie, it's ok. It's ok-"
"No! It's not okay at all! I have to kill you! I can't…I won't…"
He cupped my face and whispered, "No Cammie, you won't be the one to kill me. There's others as well remember?"
He was right. We had a good chance as anyone out there. I could die before Zach…I really could. "Zach I-"
Zach shushed me before leaning in the capture my lips. I melted into his kiss, so full of love and passion. It was as if it was our last. He pulled away gently. "Cammie, before we get into this, you have to know-"
"There they are! Our two tributes!"
Zach swore and leaned back with his usual smirk. I found myself staring into the sand. Who knew sand could be so intriguing. The oddly dressed woman skipped forward and sat down on the sand. "Well, I should really introduce myself! I'm Effie Trinket! I will be representing you both in the games, and in charge of finding you sponsors."
"Sponsors?" Zach questioned.
Effie grinned. "Yes, sponsors. Those would be people feeling pitiful for you and send you medicine, food, shelter, ECT."
Zach smirked. "I guess they'd have to, can't resist me if they tried."
I rolled my eyes and Effie giggled. "Perfect! During interviews, go for the whole slightly arrogant but handsome approach. They'll simply adore you."
"At least someone will." I stated simply.
Effie glanced over at me. "Oh Cameron, I'm sure there's an angle for you as well. Maybe the sexy and kick-ass kind would fit…"
She mumbled the last part, as Zach turned slightly red.
I sighed. "I just hope it all ends soon."

I know it was short but it's kind of a running idea right now. If I could get at least 4 reviews, I'll continue it. If not…maybe. It depends on how much time I have, if it's worth it, and if you readers even like it. So please R&R!