Hey there I'm a big conspiracy 365 fan who is super pissed at how i can't watch the new tv series in the U.S.(Yippe!). First off, I DONT OWN CONSPIRACY 365. Anyhow, today in school we had a big test and when i finished i was twidling my thumbs and I was watching my friend, Jacob who had just finished September in the series. Then I thought about Ryan, then about a fanfiction i read where Sligo couldn't figure out which one of the twins was Ryan and then I thought about Ryan being hassled by the police, and then i thought about what if Sligo or Oriana had mistaked Ryan for Cal. Hence, the inspiration for my story. I wrote this story and will update it soon but there may be only a couple chapters cause it might not be the longest story in the world. Enjoy.

June 7th

4:30 pm

Ryan climbed up the stairs to his apartment wearily. "Mom, I'm home." "Oh there you are Ryan," his mom said, wiping her hand on a towel. "Could you run out to the store for me? I need some more milk." "Ok but this weekend can I hang out with R.J.?" "Whatever u say honey, just get milk."

6:30 pm

Ryan walked down the street flipping a coin with one hand and holding the milk in the other. He heard some cops come by and was reminded of Callum Ormond. Why did they look so alike? Whatever it was he didn't like it. He felt it was causing him trouble. He was constantly hassled by the cops and he couldn't count the amount of times he'd been tackled by one. He wished Cal would just hand himself in. His thoughts were in interrupted by a black car screeching around the corner. It stopped right next to him and a guy jumped out. "What the crap?" Ryan muttered under his breath. The man dove toward him and freaked out, Ryan bolted. Around the corner he dashed into an alley, hoping the guy would just run past but he spotted Ryan and cornered him. He clamped a hand over his mouth and wrenched his hands behind his back. "Zombrovski, get over here." Another guy appeared, Zombrovski apparently, holding a rope. Ryan thrashed furiously trying to escape as Zombie tied his hands. "Come on Bruno, let's get this punk back to the house." That was it. Ryan broke free and kicked Bruno in the face. He didn't even bother about Zombie and took off running. He was so focused on escaping he almost didn't notice the appearance of Zombie a gun pointed at his head…

7:13 pm

"Get your hands off of me!" Ryan screamed. Bruno and Zombie were marching him inside. This is bad. Really bad, Ryan thought. Before they headed inside he only just caught a glimpse of a girl with crazy hair staring at him from behind a wall...

7:15 pm

"Cal?" Winter asked, as her phone connected with his. "Yes?" "We have a problem." "What?" "You know that kid, Ryan? Well apparently you're not the only one who thinks you guys are identical." "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means that Bruno and Zombie thought that Ryan was you, captured him, and are taking him to Sligo." "This is a problem .A really big problem. Can we meet at the centopath in 10 minutes? I'll call Boges." "Got it. And hurry."

7:25 pm

"Boges! There you are!" Winter said. "We have to think fast. Ryan could get really badly injured if we don't hurry." "Ok, we need to think of a plan to get him out of there," Cal said, "Maybe I could show up, and then they'll realize their mistake." "No, are you crazy? They'd catch you for sure," Boges said, "Same with getting yourself on TV by leading the cops on a chase. It's too risky." "I can try to spy on Sligo's place for a while and figure out where Ryan is. Then we can think of a plan according to that," Winter suggested. "That'll take a long time though." Cal moaned. "Well, unless you got any other ideas it'll have to do," Boges sighed. Cal shut his eyes and silently wished that they would save Ryan before Sligo ended up killing him.

7:45 pm

"Well it's about time," Sligo said entering the room, "Not like you haven't given us enough trouble finding you." "I don't know what you're talking about," Ryan answered. "Cut the crap, Callum." "Wait, what? You think I'm Cal?" Ryan said, putting the pieces together, "Look, you got the wrong kid. I'm not Callum. I'm far from it." "Ah, that's a new strategy isn't it? So, tell me, how did you ecape the asylum?" Sligo said. "Asylum? What asylum?I'm not Callum so back off!" Ryan said now getting really mad, "You'd have to be an idiot not to realize the difference between us!" "An idiot, huh? That's not the best thing to say." Sligo warned his hands balling up into fists. Oh great, just what I need now. Where's that girl from earlier? Ryan didn't have time to think anymore before everything blacked out.

Hope you enjoyed. Update coming soon(by soon i mean probably 3 at the maximum)