Snakes in the Lions' Den

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Author's Note: I'm sorry the last chapter of Voldemort's Revenge was so short but I really do think it was a good place to stop! I'm planning for this series to have four books in it and here's the second. I really hope you like it! Reviews are more than welcome!

Albus Severus's POV

"Promise you'll keep in touch!" Scorpius Malfoy begged.

"Yea! Of course! You and Tommy have to come over soon!" I smiled. With the two Malfoys, it would be a crazy summer!

"Sure, can't wait!" Scorp replied.

"Great… three snakes in my house. Fun…" I groaned.

"Four, if you count honorary snakes. Specifically you!" I rolled my eyes. I did practically live in the Slytherin common room, but just because the Gryffindors practically kicked me out!

"AL!" Someone was calling my name. I looked over. My dad was standing with my mom, James, and some of the Weasleys.

"Gotta go Scorp! See ya!" I ran towards my family, but stopped, someone caught my eye…

Lily's POV

"What if they don't like me, Al?" I whispered as I seen my brother walking towards me. "James made it clear he wants nothing to do with me."

"Don't worry Flower; you are the same person you were before you were sorted into Slytherin." Al smirked. Gosh! Only Slytherins were supposed to smirk. He was sorted into the wrong house! He grabbed my hand and led me towards the family…

Chapter 1: Returning Back Home

Albus's POV

"Mr. Malfoy! Have you seen my scarf! I can't find it anywhere!" I heard my sister shriek. We had stayed at the Malfoys all summer, minus the first two weeks. Because Lily was in Slytherin, and I support her, and we befriended the Malfoys, we were more or less… disowned. Not officially, but it's clear we're not welcome. But, I don't care. Lily being sorted into Slytherin was the best thing that ever happened to us. Before I met Scorpius and his friends, I was kind of a loner. I mean, who needs to use his little sister as a second in a duel? Now, if I have to, I can use Scorp.

"Did you check the dining room, Lils?" My adopted (kind of) father shouted, "And I told you to call me Draco!"

"It's there! Thanks-err-Draco!" I laughed. My sister seemed to be having a good time. Her stuff littered the whole manor. We side-long apparated to Kings Cross a couple minutes later.

"Albus, take care of your sister," Draco commanded. He had kept me behind to talk to me.

"Of course I will. We'll try not to, I dunno, get kidnapped my Deatheaters this year." I replied with a Slytherin smirk.

"You'll come for Christmas." It wasn't a question, but I answered anyway.

"Yep! Me and Lils are practically Malfoys now! Would die my hair blonde, but don't think it would suit me. Wanna look good for the ladies." I laughed. Draco joined in.

"See you at Christmas, Al!" The eldest Malfoy called as I ran onto the train, that was about to pull away.

"BYE DRACO!" I yelled over the roar of the engine…


I walked down the aisle, opening and closing compartment after compartment. One was Lily and Tommy's compartment, but they were surrounded by their friends. I didn't want to intrude. Leave it to fourth year snakes to find a compartment impossible to locate. Eurgh! I was nearing the end of the train when I opened a forbidden door.

I slid it open, "Scorp, you couldn't wait for me? It was your dad causing the hold up, or, at least choose a compartment I could actually find!" Uh… whoops. Scorp wasn't in this compartment. "My bad," I called out. I slowly walked backwards. The door was closed and latched behind me.

"Hey little bro," A voice growled. Great, so much for avoiding the family.

"I was just going James," I said.

"Al, come back to us. Join the Gryffindors again, we'll take you back. Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny will take you back," Rose crooned in a sickly sweet voice.

"Leave Lily?" When she nodded I shouted angrily, "NO WAY! Scorp is my best friend. Blaise Zabini II and Vince Goyle are pretty awesome too!"

"You can make new friends, instead of that ferret and his cronies. Besides, Lily left the family the moment that hat called Slytherin!" Rose shouted. She used to be the closest thing I had to a friend, and her insulting my sister hurt. Bad.

"I guess I left the family too. And, my friends are fine! At least they aren't buck toothed, bushy, red beavers." I sneered.

"You're one of them!" She gasped.

"What can I say? I was sorted wrong!" I flashed a smirk to rival a Malfoy's . I stormed out of the compartment, shoving James out of the way. I found Scorpius, and sat down fuming.


"Al, are you alright? You skipped most of the feast!" Tommy asked.

"Just a run in with James and Rose," I whispered.

"Don't listen to 'em Al! They are all a bunch of gits!" Lily cried out.

"I think I got something that might just cheer you up," Scorpius grinned. He pulled out a necklace. A time turner.

"Where did you get this?" I asked excitedly, thinking of all the pranks we could pull.

"Knicked it off McGonagall," he bragged.

"Let me see it!" I begged. I snatched it from my best friend's hand… and dropped it. The time turner broke, covering the four of us in sand.

"Oh darn," Lily whispered as the four of us were yanked off towards who knows where.

Author's Note: I know, you are probably thinking not another time travel fic! But trust me, this one is different, it's about Lily and Albus having to deal with the family who would disown them in the future. Review!