I hope ya'll like this story which is about my favorite T.V. show (well, one of them.) KICKIN' IT. Hope ya'll enjoy! (oh and my oc's name is Allison she has long, straightened, brown hair with blue highlights, green eyes, and usually wears t-shirts, tank tops, and shirts that flow, jeans, jean shorts, and converse/vans/combat boots/ riding boots/toms.

Line….././././.'././.'./;'./'./'./'..'/ Break

"Alright guys, stand back," Jack said to the gang. He lined his hand in the middle of the board, then raised his fist a broke it. "What's the big deal Jack, you've done that a thousand times?" Jerry asked, and everyone else was wondering the same thing. "Wait for it," then he blew the on the cement and, well it turned into tiny pieces of rubble. "Woooooooooo," everyone, 'cept Jack, exclaimed together. "Man, I'd give you a million bucks if you could do that to my cello," Eddie told Jack, even though everyone looked at him weirdly, and he knew they would. "Playas don't play the cello." "well you're not a playa," Milton said mocking Eddie by popping his stripped tank top. "I will be when I get rid of that dang cello!" Eddie replied, "I'm gonin' to get a smoothie," he said bummed because he knew he was never gonna be a playa. After he left the dojo, everyone else heard noises coming from Rudy's office. "No! NO! Don't you die on me! Not Now! IT's not your timmmeee!" "what's goin on in there?" Milton asked the question everyone wanted an answer to. "Rudy's toilet's clogged again." Jack replied (from here on out I'm not gonna type everything that is said and done cause that would take a lot of time.)

"Poor Murtle, I almost lost her. Twice I had to plug her back to life!" Rudy said doing weird had motions. "How do you know if a toilets a boy or girl?" Jerry asked. "You take the top off the tank, reach your arm in…." "Stop! I'd rather this be in an awkward conversation with my father!" Milton said revolted with what Rudy was saying, like everyone else was. " Guy's you gotta check this out, these brochures are all over the place, the new owner is sure making some new changes," Eddie said as he walked in carrying a smoothie and one of the many brochures. They all huddled around Eddie and pointed out a lot of good improvements, such as moving the baby changing area from the food court, and adding the Captain Corndog, and a huge new parking lot, but of course, all good things come with a hitch. "There's a parking lot where are dojo should be!" Eddie exclaimed after Rudy asked about the dojo not being on the map. "wooooooooooowwww" everyone said very, very shocked.

TEAM SONG- KICKIN" IT WITH YOU! (My OC point of view)

"Mr. Turner, welcome to my dojo," a short guy greeted my dad, who happened to be the new owner of the mall. "Nice to meet you Rudy this is my son Arthur," dad put a hand on Arthur's shoulder. "Hello sir…" he replied and did all this kissing up to the short dude named Rudy, who owned the dojo or was the sensei or something. "And this is my daughter, Allison," my dad said sounding board already just mentioning me. " Hi, it's so nice to meet you and this is a pretty cool dojo," I was honestly impressed with this dojo. No, It didn't look like much, but it seemed homey and nice in here unlike the one other dojo I visited called the black dragons. "Arthur go make some friends while Rudy and I talk, and Allison…. Don't brake anything." Dad talked to Arthur like he was some big polished trophy and I was just a mud spot on the trophy that was getting in the way of the trophy's glory moment. "Yes daddy, you and Rudy go have a talk I'll just hang here with the gang," he said with his stupid high voice laced with fake respect and kindness. "No promises," I muttered under my breath cause I might brake Arthur's head off. "Hey I'm Jack, how you doin," a really cute boy in a purple shirt said. He stuck his hand out for Arthur to shake, but Arthur just walked right passed him and in his loud and obnoxious voce he said "What do you losers' do all day 'round this dump, sit around and pretend to know karate," after he said that he did all these weird movements and I couldn't help but snicker at that. This other dude stepped up and said "pretend to know karate check this out," he got in a fighting position then said "Go ahead show 'em Jack." Jack walked up to a dummy and that's when everyone but Arthur started cheering, and I , being me and I love to piss off my brother, started cheering for jack, but all my brother did was just glare at me, awww to bad, cause it was hilarious to see him all mad at me. Jack did a kick that sent the dummy's rubber head flyin' out the doors. We all cheered, except Arthur, of course, "pfft, that was nothing, you guys wanna see some real karate moves, watch this," a-hole Arthur said, and took the bow staff from this scrawny kid in a stripped tank top. Then he started twirling the bow staff around and screamed like he was Tarzan in the jungle swinin' from a vine, and ended up knocking all of the trophy's on a shelf to the ground. "uhoh,"he said then threw the bow staff at me, which I , of course, caught. Not a second later Rudy and dad came out and I knew I was in some deep dodo. "What was that?" Rudy yelled "I can't believe it sir Allison just busted up all your trophy's" I already knew he was gonna blame me, and I usally just go along with it but this, I would never do this, ever. "You are in so much trouble!" Rudy exclaimed he knew he could get me in trouble cause you would have to be an idiot to not notice. "What she didn't do it, it was Arthur!" the Jack kid explained. Wow, somebody stood up for me, defiantly not something I'm used to. "oh, well accidence happen, thank you for showing us what a dangerous place that is to put trophy's," Rudy told Arthur, which everyone of the gang was surprised about, this happened a lot so I just ignored it. "now everyone give Arthur, our newsiest member…." I didn't really want to hear anything after that because I couldn't believe this, dad was giving Arthur MY dream and what I wanted the most.


Arthur, Jack, and I went into the dojo with me trailing behind them, probably looking like I want to kill Arthur, Jack looking so annoyed by Arthur that he wanted to puke, and finally little a-hole Arthur himself laughing and grinning like what he just did is the most awesome thing ever. While he was talking to the gang I told Jack "I'm so sorry 'bout this." He seemed relieved that I wasn't like my brother and said " No, I'm sorry for you for having to deal with that all of your life." "You get used to it," I said with a shrug.

"….It was like taking candy from a baby, hahahah," Arthur finished his sentence with his stupid laugh, "that's what you did Arthur, you steal candy from a freakin' baby!" I said really annoyed with him. "Hey, could I get in on that, nothing taste better than something stolen from a baby," Jerry said. Jack went in to Rudy's office, so the rest of us just stood in silence until Arthur said "Allison, so, how's your karate lessons going, oh wait you don't have any, instead of you living your dream I'm living your dream" Arthur said. I have never been one to control my temper so to say I just said whatever and ignored him was a big understatement. " WHY YOU LITTLE…." Well, let's just say those words should never be repeated. I had to just watch the practice, but everyone tried to get me to be involved in some way , even Rudy, so I was happy.


We all walked into the dojo laughing and talking after the guys got to know me and all they became my friends. When we walked in we saw Arthur sitting on a bench and a punching dummy with a red bow on top. "What's this," Jack asked Arthur, kinda surprised. "It's a gift, I know I've been a little bit of a jerk," he responded. "Little bit of a jerk, that's like saying Jerry's a little bit confused," Jack stated."Wait, what I'd miss, I'm confused," Jerry said and I just had to silently laugh at that. "Look, to show you guys I'm not all bad, I got you this state of the art punching dummy." "You know what Arthur, maybe I was wrong, that's a pretty cool move," Jack said, and I myself thought this was cool to. "Now I think I should be the one to break this bad boy in," Jerry stepped up and when He hit the dummy he got punch in the gut by a red boxing glove coming out of the punching dummy's stomach. We all ran to make such he was okay and Arthur said "hahah get it I said it was a punching dummy hahaha." "it's on dummy it's on" Jerry said to the dummy as he crawled away. "That's it," Jack said and started going towards Arthur to beat him up, when Kim stopped him and said "Jack stop, you can't do this you promised Rudy, But I didn't." then Eddie stopped her "No, Kim, I want him all to myself." Then Milton stopped him and said "No Eddie this one's all me," he stood right in front of Arthur and said "why can't Jack do this." "Guys. Let's just start practice." "wo, wo Jack, I got this, since Rudy's not around and I outrank everyone, I'll lead the class." Arthur told Jack. "Are you nuts, you don't outrank Jack," Eddie told him, and the reason I'm not doing anything is because if I stood up to Arthur, he would make dad send me to a Catholic Boarding school, so yeah. "Really, see I don't know if you noticed, but I'm a green belt." "Yeah , because your daddy bought it for you," Kim said in a sassy tone. "Jack, you know nothing 'bout karate your just a scrawny little skate rat," Arthur said and stood about 2 feet away from Jack. "And you're nothing but a spoiled little poser who always gets everything he wants, who's rude, obnoxious , thinks he's all that, dresses like a preppy, pathetic ,smart-ass school boy, and has a seriously huge ego!" and it wasn't Jack who yelled that, it was me, I told everyone what would happen, so everyone was really shocked I had said that. Arthur recovered first and said "oh you shouldn't have done that," at the time I was walking away from him with my back turned, then Jack got in front of me and threw him into a wall. We all laughed because his butt was stuck in the wall. "you're gonna be sorry you did that," Arthur said mostly to me and Jack. "What is going on here !" dad yelled when he came in. "I'm glad you're here, I was just saying my prayers and eating my vitamins when Allison started calling me names and then Jack threw me into a wall." Arthur replied. Dad started ranting about a deal with Rudy and then Rudy started talking about how it was the wall of friendship and how they really liked him. "Rudy I'm sorry. But he was coming at Allison," Jack tried to explain. "He came at Allison, you came at him, it's just a big commin' at ya' party!" "Rudy, this is unacceptable, I want Jack thrown out of your dojo." "What?," everyone asked, shocked. "Bye,Bye, Jack," Arthur said. "I'm sorry but that's not gonna happen," Rudy said. "ok, then you have two hours to get out, you're standing on my new parking lot , come on son," he said and left, not even saying anything to me. Then a moving toilet came in and said "It's time for your 3:40 appointment," and lifted its seat up. "Oh, shut up," Rudy said to the toilet. "I get it, it's because I'm a toilet isn't it," the toilet said then went back to Rudy's office.


"Jack put your stuff down you're not leaving this dojo," Rudy told, more like demanded, Jack. "If I don't leave you're all gonna lose the Dojo," Jack, with his stupid damn hero complex, told Rudy. "You're not going," after that Rudy gave a speech about what is really important, then these dudes came out with his toilet and Rudy screamed," take the boy instead." "RUDY!" we all screamed, "well you've never sat on her," Rudy whined like a little baby. Then they were talking 'bout a sticking it to the man and a guy that tied himself to a tree and… old ladies? Whatever I wasn't really paying attention because I was picking out what catholic boarding school to go to. Yippee. When Rudy said "chain me up," I yelled "I'll do it!" and ran over to Rudy and chained him up to the post near the door so he could see everything.

3 minutes later

"Let me out of these chains! I'm goin' crazy!" Rudy yelled while trying to take the chains off of him. "Rudy It's only been three minutes," Jack told Rudy. "Yeah well….." Kim came I ranting to some on the phone, then she talked about the lame story that was Taco Tuesday's are now Fajita Fridays in the cafeteria. Milton said something about chocolate, cat calendar, and lunch ladies. Wow, sounds like my uncle Toby's house. After that I just kinda zoned out until they talked about how someone had to get in the air vent to get food. Then everyone looked at Milton and he finally came to the realization it was him after 2 minutes. Then, for reasons I will never know, Milton got ready like he was goin' to war or something, he even had war paint on! Next thing we knew Milton got sucked up into the vent and disappeared.


"Aw, check it out, Turner just showed up with some people," Jack announced to the rest of us. Dad told us he was bringing in a wrecking ball. "You don't scare us Turner, That whole bringing in a wrecking ball routine, it's the oldest trick in the book," Rudy said. "uhh Rudy," I said kinda nervous, "they just brought in a wrecking ball." "What! Unchain me you fools!" Rudy exclaimed wiggling and scratching at the chains. Founds out we gave the keys to Milton, huh, figures. "What, No it can't end like this, I never sat in a hot tub full of pudding," after that Rudy kinda ranted and now I have then scaring image of Rudy in a hot tub full of custard. AHHHHHH. "Nothing brings a crowd out like a wrecking ball, they're totally on are side,You can feel the love" Ohhhh Jerry how wrong you are. "Knock it down" was repeated over and over again by the crowd that was on "our side." "Why don't you guys shut you're pie wholes!" Jerry exclaimed to the crowd after opening the door. "Ohhhh yeah Jerry, totally feeling the love," I said after he came back in. "I just realized I'm in the middle of a big story right now, four kids from our school fighting a great injustice," Kim said, finally coming to the realization. "Hey, Kim you better hurry your friend Margret just showed up," Jack said pointing to outside where the she-devil and a camera dude were. "ooohhhh no. Not today Margret. !" Kim said while running out the door. Dad announced that in 2 minutes the place was gonna be a parking lot. I couldn't let this happen. This place meant to much to just be destroyed. "I going out there," Jerry told us then went out the doors and made such lame demands the demanded that we ….. get a couple of helicopters flown by Super models? What? But I guess the crowd liked that one cause they started chanting wasabi so whatever. Then we saw the ball swinging and Arthur controlling it. Oh NO HE DIDN'T. Before anyone could object I ran outside and dodged the ball. "Arthur what are you doing your gonna get everyone in their killed!" I yelled. "Well why don't try and stop me!" then he took the keys out of the ignition and hopped out of the control thing and right in front of me. "Well, Allison, time for you to have a ball!" wow that was really cheesy, and I was just about to say something sarcastic back 3when he pushed me in front of the wrecking ball. It was coming at me to fast to move out of the way so in waited for the impact, but instead of the wrecking ball I got tackled to the ground by…. Jack? "Allie, are you okay! You're not hurt are you…." He kept rambling on after that. "Jack." I said but he just kept going on and on. "Jack!" He finally silence and I said "you have a dojo to save now go!" he smiled at me then went intom this big fight with Arthur. (If you want to see the fight scene go to right after Arthur got the keys out of the control box thingy.)

I was watching from the ground and hoping, like everyone else, that everyone and the dojo would be okay. The ball just made the doorbell wring and then went back to being stationary. YEEEEESSSSSSSS. Jack saved the dojo and nobody got hurt. Well 'cept for Margret of course. Me and Dad ran in the Dojo to see if everyone was okay. Rudy made a huge and very inspiring speech and then raised his arms over his head and the chains came off. "Hands over the head that's all it took, really," he mumbled to himself.

Jack came in with a-hole Arthur himself and said "I believe this belongs to you," and then tossed him to dad. "Arthur, why would you do something like this, I've given you everything," dad asked Arthur. "MAYBE THAT'S THE PROBLEM DAD!" I yelled at him. "What?" he asked. "This dojo may not be much but it was built on the principles of discipline and respect." Rudy told him. "Which is something that Arthur's never had, dad." I said. "Blah blah blah, can we just knock down the little dump down already," Arthur whined. "No," Dad said no to Arthur, YEEESSSSSSSS, FINALLY, "he's right," then he apologized and said the dojo can stay. We all celebrated and hugged, but when me and Jack hugged we stayed in each other's arms a little too long. "And Allison," dad said, gulp, "I'm sorry for treating you like in did, and I am so sorry for being a bad parent to you, I just want you to know that I love you." My eyes were probably the size of dinner plates because he said he loved me. "I love you to dad," and then I went and ran into his arms and hugged him. "Do you want to train here for karate and go to Seaford high?" he asked "Yes, yes, yes ,yes, thank you thank you thank you so much!"

After the whole mushy thing Arthur got grounded, the dojo can stay and I can finally live my dream of being able to practice karate and go to a normal high school, yeah baby.

Once my dad and brother were gone Rudy said "Jack what you did was incredible." "Wasn't just me, we all did it," he said. "Hey does anybody know where Milton is?" we all were wondering the same thing.

Everyone left to get Falafel Phil's but I said I catch them in a minute. I was just sitting in the dojo thinking about all the things that happened today when someone said "Whatcha thinking 'bout." I swear I jumped and foot off the counter. "Jack, you scared me," I said to Jack. "Sorry, so whatcha thinking 'bout?" he asked again. "Just….. how epic yet terrifying today has been," I said. "ohh Jack I almost forgot, thank you." "For what?" "For saving me idiot," I smacked him on the back of his head. "ohh you don't have to thank me." "Yes I do, and also I owe you." "Well how do you owe me exactly?" "I don't know… just name anything you want me to do." "Kiss me," he said. "WHAT?" "Kiss me, you did anything right?" "Ummm, ok." So I kissed him…. On the cheek. "ahh come on that's not fair," Jack yelled as I ran to Falafel Phil's. "You said I had to kiss you but you never said where!" I said once we got inside.

The rest of the evening was great we all had overly greasy falafel ball's and just had fun. Now that I'm at the dojo and at Seaford high, I can tell with friends like these this is going to be EPIC.

Hey guys hope you like it and review for what episode I should do next Ricky weaver or All the wrong moves! Bye.