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I hope you all enjoy the story. This is my second one so hope you like it.

Angle-Demon hybrid

It was springtime in District 12. Flowers were blooming and the sun was out. It was very nice in the town area. In the town area there was a bakery. Living in the bakery was the Mellark family. The youngest son of the family was little Peeta. He was currently four years old with a soft heart for anything. His mother did not like that though. But anyway, lets get on with the story.

One day, one of the trains came in. Walking off the train was a small family. The family consists of a young man and woman, as well as a small child. The child's name was Cato. He came from District 2. His father was sent here for a few weeks to make sure everything was going smooth. He decided to bring his family with him. Cato was amazed when he saw District 12. It was almost too much for his five-year-old brain to handle.

Then he heard his father say, "Honey, why don't we enroll our son in the local daycare center? This way he can meet new people and maybe make some friends."

His mother said, "That would be a wonderful idea darling. It would be good if Cato could make some new friends. I shall go and enroll him now. Come along Cato."

Cato took his mother's hand and they went threw the town and went to the daycare center. They went in and to the front desk. There was a woman sitting there.

Cato's mother asked, "Excuse me? Would it be possible to enroll my son into the daycare center?"

The woman looked over and saw Cato. She then said, "Sure," she gave his mom a clipboard, "just fill this form out and he can join today."

His mom filled it out, gave it back to the woman, and said to him, "Good luck Cato. I hope you make some new friends." With that she left. The woman came around and said, "Okay I will bring you to the room that the other kids are in. Please come with me."

Cato, while walking down the hall, wondered what kind of people he would meet here. He hoped that he would find a friend. A door was opened and inside was a bunch of kids. They were running around and climbing. When the woman cleared her throat, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

She said, "Children. This is Cato from District 2. His parents are on business here, so he will be joining us for the next few weeks. Please treat him nice." With that she left. Almost immediately everything started up again. Cato walked around looking for something to do.

That was when he heard someone crying. He went to investigate it.

Peeta's POV

I don't understand. Why are the kids being mean to me? What did I ever do to them? I was crying by now.

One of the kids said, "Aw. The baby's crying. Go home to mommy you dummy. No one wants you here." I began to cry even more.

Then I heard some one yell, "Leave him alone!"

One of the boys said, "I don't want to. What are you going to do?"

"This," replied the boy and punched him in the face. The others then ran off. I heard someone coming closer and curled myself into a tighter ball. I was surprised when I felt strong arms wrap around me.

I heard a voice say, "There there. Don't cry. They're gone now. They won't be mean to you anymore." I then decided to be brave and looked up at the person who saved me. I gasped. The boy if front of me was pretty. He had very light tanned skin, short blond hair, and blue eyes. I then began to cry again, but this time I buried my face into the boy's chest. The boy continued to hold me and rubbed his fingers through my hair, which was soothing.

I soon stopped crying and said, "Thanks. Sorry about you shirt. My name is Peeta. What's your name?"

The boy gentle laughed and said, "No problem, and don't worry about the shirt. I have another one. And my name is Cato."

I said, "Nice to meet you Cato. Will you play with me?"

Cato said, "Sure." After that we became best friends.