Author's Notes: After the finale, it looks like the triangle may be back on again. However, for the first time I think the good doctor has the advantage over wolfman. Clearly that last kiss (in front of Dyson and everyone said something) Here is my attempt at what could happen after the finale. This is also my first attempt at a multiple chapter story. Hope you enjoy! Reviews are oh so welcomed.

"Those Twilight novels are full of shit! Vampires are bastards!" Kensi grimaced at her hurt shoulder.

"Kensi you tripped running away." Bo laughed.

"Running to save your ass is more like it. I was going to pick up a trash can lid and hit one of those blood sucking mo'fos in the face."

They were at the Dahal relaxing after investigating yet another Fae caper. They'd had to stop a war between rival group belonging to the Light, the other to the Dark. One crew basically blamed the other for the disappearance of their leader. Somehow Bo had negotiated a cease fire and promised to look into the matter herself. Dyson and Hale were at the bar getting the next round of drinks.

"Sure you were Kenz." Bo quipped before glancing at her phone.

"Hey Bo-Berry its only 5 minutes later than the last time you checked the time." Kensi said with a sigh before yanking her best friend's phone out of her hand.

"Give that back!" Bo growled.

"Relax, Lauren will be here soon." Kensi still held the phone out of Bo's reach. "Then you two can do each other's hair, pick out dresses, and go to prom together! Did you get her a corsage?"

"Smart ass." Bo smirked and decided to give up on getting her phone back. Instead taking a sip from her beer. She hadn't seen Lauren in at least a week. After defeating the Garuda, Lauren had decided it was time to bury Nadia. That meant leaving town for a few days and going back to her hometown. Bo had offered to go with her, but Lauren had turned down her offer. She'd been adamant about needing to handle this on her own. Bo had not wanted to push her, and supported her decision. Her only contact, had been a text she'd recieved a couple hours before.

Plane just landed. See you soon. Don't worry, I'll know how to find you.

"It's just that I've been worried about her you know."

"I bet you have." Kenzi rolled her eyes. "I was there for the Garuda finale kiss, Bo. We all were." She looked towards Dyson. "Have you figured all that out yet, by the way?"

"Have you figured your whole Hale situation out?" Bo shot back with a sly smile and raised eyebrow. But no, Bo hadn't figured out the whole situation that was becoming more and more the elephant in the room. Bo had had barely any alone time with Lauren before she'd left. As always they'd been left in limbo as far as their relationship was concerned. Saying and doing just enough to keep the other hooked, without actually making any concrete declarations or committments. That was their dance. That was their thing. Bo had hoped that wasn't all they were capable of. She rememberd their final kiss as well, and how close she'd come to saying all sorts of things to the doctor. But she'd been so choked up by so much emotion that no words has come out.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Sure you don't". The succubus took the opportunity to snatch the phone back. "Now as I was saying..." Then there was Dyson. It was more than apparent he was back to his old self. Back on Task. Noble. Broodingly Charming. And back to courting Bo. She wasn't quite sure, how she felt about that. Alot had changed since the Norm's curse on Dyson. She'd changed.

"...back to The Lauren and The Restless."

"Nadia's funeral couldn't have been easy for her. You know Lauren hadn't been home in over five years. It was probably kinda weird being around her family after all that time, and having to explain about Nadia..."

"Exactly how did she explain Nadia's death. Did they even know about the coma she'd been in."

"From what Lauren told me, Nadia didn't have much family that she was close to. Her parents had been killed in a car accident while she was in college. And when she and Lauren had got involved, Lauren's world became her world."

"Clingy much?" Kenzi muttered.

Bo continued as if she hadn't spoken. "Then after Nadia fell into a coma in the Congo, as a cover Lauren let everyone think she'd remained there to both continue her research and do missionary work. Somehow she'd dodged going home for holidays and other occasions." It was hard for Bo to imagine Lauren having a life before entering in the Fae World. It was even harder to reconcille the idea that that life still remained somewhere out there.

"And no one missed talking to Nadia? Did they think she and Lauren had broken up?"

"No, apparently the Ashe had arranged for one of his underlings to write letters, send emails, texts, leave voice mails...anything as if Nadia was well and still in Lauren's life. I mean, I think she was even updating her facebook page."

"Damn, that's like some Single White Femaile shit, right there."

"I know right. I mean poor Lauren having to pretend all those years and not seeing her family. I have no idea how she kept up the facade."

"The good doctor seems to be highly skilled at giving the illusion of something being real." Dyson said as he scooted into the booth beside Bo. Hale did the same with Kenzi. "I'm sure it came easy to her." He smirked a bit earning a death stare from Bo.

"You can be such a dick sometimes Dyson." Bo muttered.

"I'm just speaking the truth."

"Sounds more like your opinion." She retorted.

"Calm down Mom and Dad." Kenzi interupted and Hale laughed. "Us kiddies dont' like when you fight in front of us."

"Yes, it makes us scared." Hale added.

"Perhaps we should consider adoption for you two." Dyson quipped before passing Bo her drink.

"I second that." Bo said. "And for the record Dyson, Lauren has kept her fair share of secrets but so have you."

"To protect you."

"Call it what you want. But your paws are so not completely clean wolf-boy."

"Whatever you say." The detective's irritation was really showing. Since he'd gotten his love back for Bo, at times he felt more tortured than he had before. He was so overwhelmed by his newly found feelings for the succubus, and she wasn't letting him anywhere near her these days. At least not how they were before the Norm's curse. Bo seemed to interact with him the same way as if nothing had happened. As if he was the same Dyson that could not love her. And he could think of only one reason, Lauren. As hard as he tried, he could not get the image of them kissing out of his head from before the final showdown with Garuda. Actually it was the look in Bo's eyes that he kept him up at night. Her dark beautiful eyes shiny with tears that really really resembled love. But surely, it couldn't have been love. Bo had loved him and there was no way she could feel the same way about the blonde human. But still he was haunted by Bo's look, and he constantly tried to search his memory for a time when she'd look at him that way...

" we have to find a lead on what happend to Stephan." He heard Hale say, pulling Dyson's attention back to the table. "He's a dark Fae vamp, so Bo that means you're at bat babe."

"As always." She sighed. "I'm going to have to start charging you guys to get me some help with these matters."

"Hey!" Kenzi raised her hand as if in school. "Hurt feelings here. I thought I was the only kick ass sidekick you needed."

Bo smiled. "You are sweetie, but that doesn't negate the fact that these guys overwork us and get all the glory for it."

"All the glory." Dyson grunted. "Hardly. Aren't you enjoying your reign as the Fae Champion."

"Jealous?" She reached over and ruffled his curly hair, their eyes connecting.

"Of you being the champion? No way."

"It has it perks." She conceded. "And its headaches." The Morrigan had basically blacklisted Bo from the Dark Side. Getting her contacts to talk would be hard. " So Stephan owned the night club on 9th, right? I guess that would be a good place to start. Though I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for techno dance hall music tonight."

"Do I have time to go home and grab my turtleneck?" Kenzi rubbed her neck. "The Cullens may be there and want a Kenzi Cookie to snack on."

"Relax Kenzi." Hale said. "Your neck is a little scrauny for them. It would be like trying to eat a discarded chicken bone or something."

"Asshole." Kenzi swatted at him before her attention was drawn to the door. "Well this is about to get interesting..."

Everyone at the table followed her eyes to a certain blonde woman walking into the Dahl.

"Lauren." Bo whispered and felt her breath catch at the sight of the doctor. She looks beautiful...She thought. Lauren was wearing light blue jeans, and deep red button down shirt. Her golden locks bouncing slightly with her confident stride. She looked around, and Bo was hoping she was looking for her. When their eyes met, Bo immediately grinned and Lauren's tradmark smile spread wide across her face. She takes my breathe away with that smile...Bo could remember many times when that smile had lit up a darkness that ran so deep through her She had really missed that smile, and of course she'd just simply missed Lauren.

"I can't believe she came back." Dyson muttered.

"What?" Bo asked, momentarily glad that Trick had stopped Lauren to say hello and give her a hug.

"Here we go..." Kenzi groaned.

"I'm just saying. A new Ashe hasn't been choosen yet. She actually was able to leave the city with no one coming after her. And now she's back. The woman must be a glutten for punishment." Dyson assessed.

"Dyson, this is Lauren's home." She glanced back to where she's just seen the blonde, and she was gone.

"No, this city is the home of the Ashe. Her supposed place of imprisonment. Her home, is wherever she just went to visit. There is a chance that whoever the new Ashe is, will take ownership of the dear doctor. And then her tortured cycle of slavery starts all over again. If I was her, I would have left and never looked back. "

"Well you're certainly not Lauren." Bo said coolly.

"No, ma'am...that I am not." His nostrils flared a bit at what he precieved as an insult. "And I don't think she's your Lauren either.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Anyone interested in some hot wings." Kenzi tried to steer the conversation else where.

"Yeah, I could do some BBQ ones." Hale said picking up on Kenzi's lead. But their feeble attempt failed.

"It means Bo at some point you're going to have to stop looking at her through rose tinted glasses." Dyson stated firmly. "After all she's only human."

"Umm excuse me." Kenzi's mouth fell open. "Human over here."

"I mean no offense Kenzi." He smiled slightly. "But just stating the obvious here."

Bo's dark eyes narrowed. "I see Lauren just fine."

"I'm sure you do." His voice dripped with sarcasm and Bo resisted the urge to kick his ass out of the booth. Damn he drove her crazy with his bravado and cutting remarks...especially towards Lauren. His territorial prowling seemed to revolve around her these days, and it was driving her mad. Granted, she couldn't deny the attraction between them. However, she certainly wasn't ready to jump back on the rollar coaster ride that had been their relationship more times than not. Dyson had always had a tainted view of Lauren from the beginning. He had actually been right on some level for his skeptisism. But it seemed despite everything they'd all gone through over the last two years, that view still remained the same.

"Am I interupting something?" There standing beside the booth was Lauren. She spoke to everyone of course, but no one could miss her eyes landing on Bo. Their eyes connecteda and held longer than some at the table would have liked. Lauren was a bit irritated that she didn't have enough easy access to Bo to give a her hug right then. She's been thinking of wrapping her arms around the other woman since her plane had landed. However, Dyson was between them.

"Yea, Doc...and thank goodness." Kenzi said. She jabbed Hale a little harder than neccesary for him to move over.

"Ouch!" He moved to the right to make room for Lauren. "So whatcha drinking this evening?"

"Trick is already sending me something over."

"Welcome back. How was..."

"New York." She finished for him. "I went to New York."

"Let me guess..."Kenzi narrowed her eyes. "Manhattan?"

"The Hamptons actually."

"How posh of you." Kenzi commented with a regal voice. "Isn't that like the country club capital of the world?

"There is some substantial wealth in those parts." Lauren confirmed. "And the culture and local attractions are nice as well. People come from all over to vacation there..."

"Any of that wealth yours?" Kenzi wiggled her eyebrows. "I bet you are soooo a trust fund baby."

"Kenzi that's kinda rude to ask isn't it." Bo interrupted.

"No. It's ok." Lauren insisted. "Yes, my family is...comfortable." The truth of the matter was that Lauren's family was more than comfortable, but she didn't want to get into the specifics of her family's financials. That was all apart of world that seemed so remote and foreign to her.

"But are you a trust fund baby?" Kenzi continued her interrogation.

Lauren laughed and gave one of her Let me Indulge Kenzi faces. It made Bo grin a little. "Again, Kenzi my family has a comformtable life and are far from destitute".

"Both parents doing well?" Hale asked.


"I can't believe you're a New Yorker. Any siblings?" Kenzi continued.

"Yes, a brother and sister, both older than me. Considerably older in fact." She cleared her throat a little. A flash of Anna and Howard played before her eyes. Their hugs were loose and without warmth as usual at the funeral and all interactions during her visit. Their manners impecable despite their animosity that burned beneath the surface towards her. "They are doing well." A Lewis is never with out manners.

Returning home had been hard on many levels. The major reason being Nadia's death. When Nadia had first came back to her after the coma, they'd spoken of going home to visit. They'd actually made plans to visit New York not realizing the tragic end that was so close. Nadia had been from Brooklyn and that's where the funeral was. The service had been simple and quiet, with a few friends and family attending. It had been difficult explaining how Nadia had died. Lauren had stuck to the script of it being a car accident. She was amazed at the amount of information the Ashe had supplied to the media to support that explanation.

Her family had come to publically show their support. Which was a bit shocking to her, considering Nadia had never been a suitable choice as her partner.

"Neices, nephews...?"

"Geeze guys, when did you turn into Katie Couric? Lauren isn't Sarah Palin for pete's sake." Bo said. Though she had to admit she was as curious about Lauren as the rest of them. There was so much she didn't know. Other than a few teenage stories Lauren has shared when she was hiding from the Ashe at Bo's place. But she decided The Hamptons fit Dr. Lauren Lewis. After all she was sophisticated, well educated, and seemed to appreciate the finer things in life. But at the same time, she was so not pretentious or a snob. Very down to earth.

"Dude, Lauren is like super geek smart. I would never, I mean never confuse her with that Palin chick!"

"I suppose I should say thank you to that Kenzi." The doctor commently dryly.

"Well give her a chance to breathe. Or at least a chance to get a drink." She looked towards the bar and saw that Trick had gotten busy with customers. "Come on, I'll go get you that drink."

"Tell yo Grandaddy to send over another round while you at it." Kenzi crooned.

Dyson didn't move. "They haven't picked a new Ashe yet Lauren. Just thought I would let you know.

"Yes, Dyson I am very aware of that fact." Lauren answered rather quickly and tersely. Yes, Dyson is most certainly back. Lauren was well of aware that her future still hung in limbo as far as her connection to Fae World. She was also well aware of the fact, that if she was ever to try to break free, now was the perfect time. But she didn't need Dyson to tell her that. While his intentions could be percieved as honorable and could actually be honorable, his concern rang a little hollow to her ears. She and Dyson weren't friends, not really. Someone how they'd gotten thrown on to the same team, and playing for the same goal. To keep Bo safe.

"Does your family expect to see you soon?" He inquired further.

"They know how important my work is to me" Her brown eyes flickered to Bo.

"You didn't answer my question."

"I believe I did Dyson. As you know many things are open to intrepretation. My answer to your question being one of them." Lauren rose to her feet." She extended her hand to Bo. "Why don't we go get me that drink. My flight wasn't exactly a relaxing one."

Bo swatted at Dyson to move, which he finally did. And she eagerly took Lauren's hand as they walked away from the table. Kenzi often spoke of Lauren as Dr Freeze, but tonight the woman's hands felt warm and comfy. Comfy...what kind of word is that. She felt Dyson's eyes on her back.

"Way to clear a table, Scooby Doo." Kenzi picked up her glass as if toasting Dyson.

"Wanna go play some pool?" Hale asked.

"Sure, let's roll." The two left the table and Dyson was left alone. Alone to watch Bo and Lauren walking away hand in hand.

"So after I don't know after four or five Blood Mary's, my seat mate finally went to sleep. " Lauren rolled her eyes. "And then come to find out he's the biggest snorer to EVER walk the planet. I think I'm going to need my hearing checked." She and Bo laughed. After getting Lauren's drink, they'd decided to stay at the bar and talk. Bo figured it was best, consideirng how tense things had gotten so quickly between Lauren and Dyson. But being alone with Lauren was just fine with the succubus. "After Hours" Lauren had come out to play and it was wonderful. She was tempted to ask more about Lauren's visit with her family and Nadia's funeral. But she'd gotten the distinct impression that Lauren was not up for those topics. At least not now.

Lauren continued. "So I deviously woke this poor guy up and informed him that I was a doctor. And perhaps he should get checked for sleep apnea. And then I demonstrated a couple positions that could be more comfortable for him to sleep on the flight."

"You didn't?"

"I did." She grinned. "Not my best moment, but my ears stopped ringing after that. So I won't apologize." She picked up a few pretzels and munched on them. "The movie was terrible. Snakes on a Plane...need I say more?"

Bo watched in silence as Lauren continued talking about her flight. She was hearing her talk, and perhaps even comprehending a phrase here and there. But mostly she was just watching Lauren. Noticing the way her hair would fall slightly in her face when she tilted her head a certain way. Watching her hands as she used them express herself better. Her nails were perfectly manucured and trimmed to the perfect length for working in a lab. Focusing on Lauren's mouth as she formed her words and occassionaly licked her lips. Bo wondered what shade of lipstick she was wearing...

"What's been going on here?"

Bo blinked. "Huh?" She was torn from her thoughts, pulled back to the bar and stared at Lauren.

"Usually you're a little more articulate Bo." Lauren smiled. "I said, what's been going on around here?"

Bo hunched. "Um, you know the typical post-Fae-apacalyptic activities."

Lauren sighed. "What type of Fae tried to kill you today?"

"I know right!" They both giggled a bit. "It was a vampire."

"Do I even want to know?" .

"Apparently Stephan somebody is missing?'

"Stephan Constantinescu?" Lauren's face sobered a bit.

"Oh, is that how you say it?" She grinned, lopsided

"Yes. He's one of the oldest and strongest vampires around these parts. He's been in charge of that sector since colonial days. No one in their right mind would tangle with him. He has a reputation for being both unforgiving and cruel."

"And this is a Light Fae Vampire?"


"And you guys wonder why I can't choose a side." Bo groaned. "And of course the Dark Fae deny having anything to do with it. And somehow I've been chosen to find out what happened to the guy."

"Well let me know if I can be of any assistance. You know the world's obsessed with vampires these days. There is so much fiction mixed in with what they're really capable of."

"Yeah like they're all extremely good-looking with incredibly seductive skills."

"Those traits are actually true for succubi".

"Is that a compliment doctor?"

"A diagnosis..." Lauren's eyes did a slow sweep over Bo's body. "based on personal research." She caught herself. "But I'm ummm well sure you'll solve this." Lauren placed a hand on Bo's shoulder. "You always do."

"I love...your confidence in me. I feel like I can do anything."

"You can." Lauren assured her. "Don't you know that by now?"

Bo moved in closer with her head slightly tilted. "Anything?"

Lauren tried to control herself. The last thing she wanted was to send up color signals flashing around her head to Bo. That was the one thing that had always been hard for her. To control her desire around the dark haired beauty. Which was so not easy when Bo's speciaity was reading libido. She often felt like at any given moment she could be utterly exposed for how she was feeling. All it took was a certain look from Bo. For Bo to speak in a certain tone, that Lauren felt was reserved for her only. For Bo to be close. Hell, for Bo wear a pair of tight black jeans and knee she was wearing tonight. She took a deep breathe letting her hand slowly trail from Bo's shoulder down her arm. "Of course there are limits".

"Limits are meant to be pushed." Her voice was teasing.

"This is true..."


Both women jumped at the sound of the waitress beside them and immediately moved apart.

"We didn't..." Bo started.

"The couple at the end of the bar." And without another word the waitress was gone.

"Two drinks?" Lauren's brow raised a bit. "Should I be scared?"

Bo peered over her shoulder and checked out the courting couple. "You plan on taking them up on their offer?"

"No." The blonde blinked. "Of course not."



"I don't like to share." Bo declared with a sly grin.

"I see."

"Do you?" Again Bo closed the distance between them. "I've missed you Lauren..." She declared softly. "I want time with catch up."

"I'm sure that's not a popular opinion."

"Why would you...?"

"Hello Ladies" Dyson was standing behind them.

"Please have a seat." Lauren suggested dryly.

"No time for that. I just got a call. Another Fae gone missing. Ramses..."

"Cordero?" Lauren finished for him.


"He's a dream eater. What the Chinese refer to as a Baku."

"Eat dreams?" Bo was confused.

"Yes, they are often confused with the Boogey Man by children that see them when they wake from nightmares. When in actually they are just feeding off nightmares by taking them away. But Ramses is special he can just as easily feed a person nightmares as well."

"I see." Bo turned to Dyson. "And he's missing too."

"Yeap. Apparently for a couple weeks now."

"You think ist related to Stephan?"

"No sure. But two very powerful Light Fae going missing isn't a good thing?"

"I agree."

"Hale and I are going to check this call out. Wanna come along?"

"Umm." Bo looked at Lauren, which irritated Dyson. Does she need permission now?

"Go ahead Bo. I'm a little tired anyway. See ya later?"

Bo stood up. "Always." She bent down and hugged Lauren. She was more than annoyed that her time with Lauren had been interupted. But it woudl have to be enough for now knowing tha Lauren was back in town and close. "Glad to have you back." She whispered in her ear. Closing her eyes as she spoke. She breathe in the sweet fresh smell of Lauren's hair.

Lauren squeezed back, enjoying the feel of Bo against her. "Glad to be back." She released the other woman.

"I'll go get Kenzi." Bo left in search of the goth, leaving Lauren and Dyson alone.

"If you need any assistance..."

"Ready to get back to work already?"

"I was just offering to help."

"I think we've got it covered."

Lauren felt like she was getting the brush off. "Suit yourself, Bo knows where to find if she needs me to do any research."

"So you're back to stay?" Dyson asked.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Lauren countered.

"Not at all. But you have to know you're risking alot by sticking around these parts. I hope its worth it."

Lauren looked pass Dyson to where Bo was talking to Kenzi. "It's worth it."

He followed her gaze before turning back to her. "Clearly I have underestimated you."

"It's not your first time." She drained the rest of her drink before standing. "But hopefully it will be your last time. Goodnight Dyson."