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The first thing Keiko was aware of as she regained consciousness was the warm weight resting on top of her thigh. The second thing she noticed was the incessant beeping that wouldn't go away. 'Seriously, if this is what being dead is like, this sucks,' she thought, struggling to open her eyes. She felt utterly exhausted, like she just completed a triathlon. She would have been perfectly content to keep her eyes closed and slip back into sleep, but her curiosity tugged at her mind, wanting to know what was on top of her leg. Slowly she managed to open her eyes, blinking her eyes a few times before it cleared. 'If this is supposed to be heaven then I'm really angry with someone,' Keiko thought as her eyes settled on Yusuke's sleeping face, his head resting on her thigh. 'This has to be some cruel joke; I died didn't I?' She watched Yusuke sleeping for a few minutes, the heavy bags under his eyes, the slow inhale and exhale of his breathing, the way his hair got into his eyes a little bit. 'I'm in a hospital,' she thought. 'I didn't die.' She raised her hand slowly, the effort more draining than it should have been, but she refused to give up. Moving inches at a time her hand finally rested against Yusuke's warm skin, sighing in relief. 'I'm alive,' she thought, silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

Yusuke felt something soft and slightly cool rest against his cheek, tugging him away from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes, yawning slightly. He had sat by Keiko's side ever since they had brought her to the hospital, leaving for moments only when he absolutely had to. His eyes widened when he looked up at her, her warm tear-filled brown eyes looking back at him. Her thumb brushed weakly against his cheek, a watery smile on her face. "Keiko," Yusuke breathed in disbelief.

"Yusuke," she said softly, her voice hoarse from sleep. Yusuke jumped to his feet, enveloping her in a hug, his face buried in her hair. Keiko's body began to shake with the force of her sobs, her breathing becoming erratic.

Yusuke pulled back slightly, a few tears trickling down his cheeks. "You're okay," Yusuke said, brushing away her tears. "I was so worried; I thought I was gonna lose you."

"I'm sorry to worry you so much," she replied, resting her hands over Yusuke's. "I didn't want to leave you."

"It's okay now, everything's okay," Yusuke said, resting his forehead against hers.

Keiko's eyes closed in contentment as Yusuke's warm breath blew against her chilled cheeks. "How's everyone else?"

"They're okay, little banged up but they're all still standing."

"And you?" Keiko asked, opening her eyes. "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay now," Yusuke replied, brushing his thumb against her cheekbone slowly. "Keiko?"

"Yeah Yusuke?" Keiko said, exhaustion washing over her, her eyelids drooping.

"I love you," he said softly, pressing his lips gently against hers.

Keiko smiled slightly, her eyes closing. "I love you too Yusuke; I love you so much," she said, slipping into sleep.

Yusuke looked down at his sleeping girlfriend, brushing her bangs back. He kissed her forehead softly, settling back into his seat; everything was finally going to be okay.


Keiko bustled around the kitchen, putting all of the food into dishes to be placed on the dining room table. It had been two months since the showdown with the Toguros. She had spent a week in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wounds, grateful neither of them hit her spinal cord. After she had been released she moved in with Yusuke; there was no place she would rather be. She loved Yusuke more than anything; there would be no one after him and the entire team had become an extended family to her. It took her time to recuperate and her back still ached when she lifted something too heavy or spent too much time on her feet, but she was well enough to go back to work at her bakery.

She moved all the dishes to the table, calling on everyone for dinner. Yusuke came out of the living room, wrapping his arms around her from behind as he kissed her shoulder. He had been wracked with guilt and worry when she first regained consciousness, but he was grateful to still have her, to be able to hold her every night and kiss her every morning.

Kuwabara and Yukina followed in next, smiling as they held hands. Yukina had managed to get a new job at a different hospital, though she still had nightmares about fires. The burn she suffered also left her with scars, but Kuwabara made sure she never felt self-conscious about them. A diamond engagement ring shone on Yukina's ring finger. Kuwabara finally worked up the courage to propose to her after the big battle; they were planning a wedding for next spring. Not everyone was happy about it, but Hiei couldn't refuse his baby sister.

Speaking of the devil, Hiei walked in from his bedroom, taking his seat at the end of the table. He was the one who torched the Toguro mansion after everyone had gotten out, indulging his inner pyromaniac. He didn't seem to treat Keiko any differently, but Keiko noticed him watching her almost protectively. Not as protective as he was with Yukina, but still more protective than before.

Lastly Kurama came to the table, smiling at Yusuke and Keiko. He was the one who managed to come up with a plausible story of why Keiko was shot, who managed to shift Black Dragon funds around to pay for her hospital bill, who put a major dent into the money the Red Demons had control of. He was an intelligent force to be reckoned with.

Keiko smiled as she looked around the table at the faces of her new family, laughing, talking, even scowling. She had never thought her life would go on such a rollercoaster ride simply because she decided to leave work late one night. She never thought her life would have so much adventure and drama and danger. She never thought she would have so much love in her life. So much had changed, but she wouldn't change a second of it.

"Hey Keiko," Yusuke said, pulling her from her thoughts. "I love you," he said softly, kissing her.

Keiko smiled back, returning his kiss. "I love you too Yusuke, I love you too."

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