Fanged Uke

The First Course

The sleepy mind of the small chocolate vampire was dragged further from slumber land as his brow furrowed in irritation, his mouth twitching into a frown.

"Usagi-san…" He half mumbled, half growled, struggling away as he felt a dampness seep onto his neck.

But this only seemed to encourage the offender, as a sultry purr hummed next to Misaki's ear.

"Miiiii Kiiii…." He cooed, his tongue sweeping along the uke's neck again.

Misaki groaned wearily, still trying to move further away.

"Usagi…" He moaned. "I'm trying to sleep…the sun's barely down…"

"But I want you to wake up Mi." The older vampire pouted. "It's time for breakfast."

Akihiko shifted, climbing on top of the smaller body and sliding himself in between Misaki's knees. He pressed his elegant nose into the tousled locks of brown hair, sighing as he inhaled the sweet scent.

But when Misaki's hackles rose and he let out a low growl, Akihiko clucked his tongue.

"Oh love. Always such a grouch in the morning."

Misaki groaned again, a slight shiver coursing through him at the touch of his lover's cool body. But as he tried to settle back down, a slight whimper escaped his mouth. He'd gone to bed with a full stomach, but only after twelve hours his insides felt hard and sharp. It didn't make any sense. While Usagi took nips and sips at his pleasure (which was A LOT), he only ever had to drink deeply every three or four days. Misaki shifted onto his side, wrapping his arms around his pained belly as his brow furrowed.

Akihiko sighed, still straddling his lover's thighs.

"See Mi-ki? You need to wake up and eat."

"I just ate last night…why do I feel so sick?" The youth moaned again, shutting his eyes tightly.

"It's because you're still a fairly new vampire love." Akihiko enlightened. "You were only changed three weeks ago. You need blood on a daily basis. Now come on."

Akihiko slid his hands underneath Misaki's body and gently hauled him up, shifting the boy to sit on his lap.

"Here now, you go first." He purred, giving a single lick to the boy's cheek.

Misaki opened his eyes and mutely nodded, straightening himself up and reaching for Usagi's wrist. But his eyes widened when Akihiko stopped him.

"Nuh uh," Usagi hummed. "Why don't you try my neck today?" The silver haired man grinned, bearing his white, unmarred jaw line.

Misaki shrunk back, lowering his eyes.

"…I haven't done that yet. What if I miss?"

"You'll be fine." Akihiko purred, kissing the boy's temple. "Just follow your nose and find a vein. All right?"

Misaki grunted nervously, but his growling stomach drove him forward.


The younger man adjusted himself to straddle his sire's lap, wrapping his arms around Akihiko's neck and pressing his nose close to the skin.

After a bit of timid snuffling, Misaki finally bore his small fangs and craned down, slowly sinking them into Usagi's neck. Crimson blood seeped out and flooded the bite marks, and Misaki eagerly began to lap them up.

Akihiko snaked his arms around Misaki's waist as the boy drank from him, and he let out a pleasured groan, his hands smoothing and squeezing along the boy's back. His grip tightened as Misaki bit deeper, gulping down full mouthfuls of his lover's blood.

The small vampire drank with ferocity, not only because of his hunger, but because of the familiar and exquisite taste of his lover's blood. Before he'd been changed, all he could taste was iron and rust, but now a whole new tantamount of flavors had been sparked in his morphed senses.

And to those taste buds, Akihiko's blood was ambrosia. It was rich, heavy, and strong, a concoction of wine and dark chocolate, each drop only making the drinker crave more. Every time he drank from his lover, Misaki found himself even more bonded to the man, as if half the blood swimming in his veins was now Akihiko's. And as he dug deeper into the man's neck, he felt even more connected. Usagi had told him a bit about vampire etiquette, and one of the biggest stressors was that necks were reserved strictly for lovers or close friends. Misaki had been bitten so many times by Akihiko that light scars peppered the groove of his neck, but his lover had only one, a faint scar given him by his friend Hiroki on the night they had been changed.

And as grotesque as the thought was, Misaki was glad to have his fangs seeping into his lover's skin and the ability to now leave a mark of his own.

Akihiko groaned again at Misaki's lapping bite, and his lips involuntarily began to draw back to bare his own fangs. More than his own bloodlust was stirring, and the older vampire was growing aroused at the rubbings and moanings of his sweet little Mi. Once he was confident that Misaki had gotten a sufficient amount of blood, he lifted his hands and placed them on either side of the small head, prying his mouth away. Misaki snapped once out of instinct, but eventually unlatched his teeth and met Akihiko's eyes, his mouth and tongue gummy with fresh blood as red as their irises.

Usagi licked his lips at the sight, bearing his own fangs and giving a low growl. Drunk with blood, Misaki dazedly complied, tilting his head to the side to give the sire access to his neck. Akihiko cupped the narrow jaw with one hand and gripped the chocolate hair with the other, holding the small body dead still as he breathed down Misaki's delicate neck. As hungry as he was, he teased, flicking his tongue at the white skin and lightly sucking.

Misaki's body grew hotter at these touches, and he opened and closed his fangs with light growls that grew increasingly more frustrated. But right he was in between breaths, Akihiko struck, evoking a primal snarl from the submitted vampire. But once the sire bit deeper, Misaki went limp and relaxed, his breaths like a purring kitten being stroked.

Akihiko chuckled into the youth's neck, sucking the light, sweet, tangy blood with vigor. In fact he had such a hard time deciding which he liked better, being bitten by Misaki, or biting Misaki himself. Both made the boy moan so delectably…

"Ahhh…..haaahhhh…Ohhhh…" Misaki lightly growled, his body writhing in ecstasy. In the far back of his foggy mind, Misaki remembered just how afraid he used to be when Usagi fed from him. The experience was entirely different now. Instead feeling pain and fear, Misaki felt pleasure, an itch underneath his skin that was being perfectly scratched. Although it had long been manifested in the earth that true love was not solely based on physical affection, in Misaki's eyes…this came pretty damn close.

Even if the man was an insufferable whinny douchebag…he sure could bite.

And such were the thoughts Misaki had at this juncture.

Akihiko breathed throatily as he parted his mouth from Misaki's red soaked neck, and more wells of blood flowed from the corners of his lips as he lifted his head. His tongue stretched up to swipe the liquid from his top lip, and his stained fangs still gleamed despite their coating.

Misaki own tongue emerged from his mouth as he watched the display, and his red doe eyes widening in youthful lust and fascination.

The two lovers stared eye to eye, each other's blood lingering on their tongues and teeth, and their eyes locked on each other completely.

And it didn't take more than a few seconds before their mouths crashed together and melded into a sticky, red, passionate embrace.

Their first nightly course was finished.

The second had begun.

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