"Will you just pick one?! You're wasting my minutes! Just because I don't pay for them myself it doesn't mean that I don't understand the cost of such things! Now Just Pick the Damn Costume! Good." He hung up the phone looking relived that he ended the conversation with Hidan. "Now that, that ordeal is over with it is time for me to inform you of the changing plans. I have decided to take myself out of the dating pool leaving you with only three males to have to deal with. While I stick to the sidelines and record the things that go on within this project."

"In other words you are just gonna sit back and stare like a creeper who can't get it up." I said this smugly to him and he returns with an ugly scowl that morphs into the rich man's attempted smile. At least he makes it comical to look at.

"Cute. But the fact of the matter is that you just don't do it for me in that way. I prefer a woman with gentle features. I prefer a woman such as your little friend, Hinata. Now she is the perfect woman to be at my side. A Traditional beauty that is graceful, submissive and so wonderfully quiet. Not annoyingly chatty or flashy." Okay somebody please call Rod Serling because we have just entered the Twilight Zone without a guide again. He and Hinata only in the Twilight Zone will that happen and since when am I flashy?

"You just love to mess with my mind don't you?" He ignores this comment and his face contorts into this mad smile and I can tell that I have lost him to the world of his internal fantasy. Now I feel sick. Very, very sick. He kept that look on his face until it came to dropping me off at home. Then he just said have the dress dry cleaned before returning it and not to contact him till Monday during our project meeting time. This gave me time to try and block the image of Sakon dating Hinata. Had to get two bottles of mind bleach for that one and the stain still showed up afterwards. I warned Hinata to avoid Sakon when she could on the drive to school and as a good friend told the truth of why she should avoid him. Not that it would take much to persuade her. She didn't feel comfortable around him then and I doubt this new fact would make it any better.

"He what?" Hinata said a mix of a whisper and a scream that was half caught in her throat. I nodded and repeated what I had just said to her. She starts to look sick and nervous with her eyes getting wider. I try to calm her down and remind her that as long as she avoided Sakon then she would be alright. And if she played her cards right she could have Naruto become her knight in dented armor. I say dented because it is better than shining armor for one important reason. Dents mean the knight did work on his heroic deeds while the ones in shining armor are too busy trying to look good instead of doing their work. Or are too green to actually consider going into battle. That comment put the steady back into her heart beat, but if I had to guess it soon went fifty miles per hour at the idea of Naruto in a knight outfit. Plus him on a noble steed with her dressed as his lady fair. The thought even put a smile on face, but only when I imagined him trying to get out of the armor with a can opener. He would so do that if the opportunity ever came up.

Soon the school came into view and I could see the guys waiting for us. Shino looked like he was about ready to kill off somebody. Not surprising we both had demons to deal with this weekend. His was named Karen. Mine Sakon. Choji looked really cheerful for some reason. I wonder… Did his Mom make him his favorite lunch? Or is it …barbeque night tonight for him and Asuma? Yeah that's probably it. Barbeque is the one thing that always gives him the brightest day smile. Naruto was chatting it up with Kiba about some big event that was going to put the awesome in their lives. Shikamaru was being brave and talking to Shino about how life's a drag. In other words just being himself. Lee was the one who pulled me aside when we got there worry clearly etched over his face.

"Luisa, how did the…date with Sakon go?" His stance shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other foot.

"Not as bad as I had originally thought it would be. And happy to say that I no longer have to worry about going on any more dates with him. I am free to a degree." Lee lets a sigh escape his body. But it soon found its way back into his body at hearing the last part I said.

It still worries me that you still have to put up with both Kankuro and Hidan though. Both of them…they are troublesome in different ways. Ways that may not be good for you."

"Look Lee it's sweet that you are worried about me, it makes you a true blue friend, but you do know that thanks to you and your self-defense training or should I say drill sergeant exams I have confidence that I can keep those two from going past their limit with me in a confidant and forceful procedure."

"I know that. Still…Hidan is not exactly the most honorable of people." That was the last thing Lee was able to say to me before the bell rang and all of us had to run to class. When that class came around. I was on edge because frankly that is almost a requirement now. And again Sakon managed to get the private section of the library for us to work on the project.

"The Babe's here!" Hidan yells out and then receives a smack on the head from Sakon's clipboard about how this is a library and we need to talk softly with our indoor voices or remain quiet. Rolling eyes seem to have become a habit for me these days.

"So Babe about our costumes I think that I shall go as Loz. They did have that intimate fight scene together." He says it like it would put me in the mood to do it with him right then and there.

"I wouldn't call that fight scene intimate in the way you're eluding to it. If anything Cloud is more Tifa's type and it is close to being cannon."

"No way am I going as that guy. He looks like your little weirdo friend Naruto." Betcha ten bucks you can see where his thoughts are about to go. "Please tell me that guy isn't your crush. A best friends in love story. Come on there has to be a less used high school theme out there." Everyone owes ten bucks to me.

"Hidan, Naruto is just her little friend who happens to be a weirdo that is close to her. Her real thoughts of love fall upon someone else. Someone that we have already asked her about. Too bad Hidan you're in competition with your fellow Akatsuki member Itachi." I will kill Sakon one day. Just not now there are too many witnesses.

"Itachi, huh?" He wasn't acting surprised, but he wasn't exactly acting like this was a no biggie. "Just what is it about the Uchiha boys that gets the girls to become love slaves over them? I mean look at his little brother. Ino, Sakura and the geeky Karin, those bitches are all over him and then there's Itachi's little harem made up of Chrissa, Delila and not too innocent Momoko."

Despite her name meaning peach child, Momoko is anything but a peach. She's a rude, crude bombshell and you would think that she would be with Hidan the two are a match made in heaven or hell. But no she was known to switch her tastes in men in seconds. She has no problem with going after a guy in a relationship. Which makes her one of the most hated girls in our school by not just the females of our school. There are two reasons why she has never been sent to the hospital. One she has a better chance of sending her opponent flying into the hospital doors. Reason number two she is Pein's sister. No one messes with Pein's sister.

"It's just a matter of time before she sinks her claws into him and then she'll destroy any girl who tries to get between the two of them." Hidan pulls his arm over my shoulders and brings me closer to his chest so that his mouth is right by my ear. "I'm doing you a favor here Luisa. Become my girl and you will never have to worry about someone separating us."

"I don't think that will work. I already know someone who would get in the way of us being a couple."

"And just who would that be?"

"Me." Hidan sighed in an annoyed way before letting me go to find a seat.

"Everyone listen up because I am only going to say this once. I have decided that after the date between Luisa and I it is apparent that the two of us are not compatible in that way. Therefore our time of dating is over and will not begin again. Instead the results will be added to the paper and the two of you." He indicated to Hidan and Kankuro. "Will be her potential dates along with our dark horse Itachi Uchiha. Who under no circumstances is to know about this. He just needs to find Luisa attractive."

"He sort of knows that the project we are working on is about attraction. That's it but since he is going to be involved I need to know why the fuck are we letting Uchiha into this?"

"Hidan we have been over this. Luisa is attracted to Uchiha and we need that one little element to give this project more of an edge. One girl who no one really notices in terms of datablilty since well…you can tell all of you have fully functioning eyes. Add in two of the schools higher up males having eyes for her. Stir in one who the female wants to get noticed by. Add a dash of drama and well we have a project that will not only have tongues wagging but our teacher the drama addict will have no choice but to give us an A plus."

"Excuse me but the point of this project to bring evidence together not to fabricate it?"

"It's just a layout plan that will end of becoming fact if I anything to do with it." I really hope he doesn't become a criminal defense lawyer otherwise no one will sleep better at night. The meeting went on like this for the rest of class time and finally the end of the day came and with it some relief I had almost a whole week till they were going to have forced dates with me. That meant freedom to have some relaxing time and to have fun before doomsday part two.(Doomsday part one was my date with Sakon) So even though it was a Monday and normally everyone was busy I decided that my tribe and I were going to have a fun night.

(Fast forward to later at the arcade with a large winning streak of basketball shooting went on between Naruto and Kiba)

"Go Naruto!" Hinata shouted above the crowd. I rooted for Kiba.

"Get ready to lose Naruto!" Kiba shouted throwing a behind the curve ball.

"In your dreams Kiba!" They were shooting baskets left and right. Going for Harlem globetrotter moves to impress the crowd. It was a close tie but Kiba ended up winning.

"You s-still did great N-naruto."

"Hey thanks Hinata! So how do you want to try out a game?" He said to her and she just smiled widely.

"Um sure. I just don't know which one."

"Well I know this great one, its old and junk but it's awesome. Come on I'll show ya!" Naruto took Hinata and dragged her happily I might add away from us towards the game. Kiba meanwhile got dragged into another contest. Choji was doing a strength test and Shikamaru was talking with…Temari? I wonder when those two met? Leaving me and Shino alone.

"That dance game you like is open."

"And leave you to fend boredom by yourself? I don't think so. What kind of friend would I be to do that?"

"It's alright I have more fun watching others play these than I do playing these games."

"Always the charming people watcher, aren't you Shino?"

"I find it psychologically stimulating to watch the effects of games of chance on a non-fully formed human brain."

"That's the spirit Shino. Live for the moment every chance you get." Normally you can't tell when he is smiling due to his high collar shirts but I can tell when he is at least smirking. Like right now. "Hey you might want to be careful Shino or everyone will know that you can smile."

"Next you will say that I will laugh in public." He jokes.

"Did someone spike your drink or something?"

"Nothing like that. I just feel better seeing you smile since this mess with the projects started."

"Thanks." I was quiet for a little while since the memory that soon I would have to deal with them again. But that is for a later time. I head to the Dance Dance Revolution platform and just as I am about to put in the coins a hand reaches out and grabs my wrist preventing me from doing so. I follow the hand up the arm and to the face of the person in question. It was Momoko. Just freakin fantastic.

"Excuse me, but this game is for people who have rhythm not for…girls like you. You should go play whack a mole and hopefully take that mole off your face. It looks like you're getting a hair there." Not this again. I do have a mole near my eye, but it is a beauty mark that is small and gets mistaken for a pen mark all the time. Just because I know this doesn't mean that still cancel the reflection of touching it. This is naturally funny to the genus known as the Queen Bee from the family Bitchitis.

"What's holding up the game?" A random person asks.

"It won't be too long." Momoko smiles to the person before turning to me. "She was just leaving. Isn't that right?"

"Why should she?" Itachi's voice rang clear enough to cause an immediate silence of most of the gamers and forced everyone to turn their attention towards this area.

"Because Itachi she can't dance the poor thing." Fake. "I was just trying to help her. She would embarrass herself all over YouTube if she tried to…(chuckle) pretend dance. I am doing her a huge favor." She bats her eyes and the few gullible enough to believe her nodded in sympathy or whatever emotion she was going for. Itachi though he did the one thing no one expected. He challenged her with her brother right there beside him.

"I know for a fact that you are wrong about her ability to dance." To this Momoko looked startled, but that melted away like the remnants of her heart into a mask.

"Oh Itachi stop joking and be serious."

"I am being serious Momoko. She can dance. I for one have seen her on that very game platform and she has a great sense of rhythm. In fact why not have some real fun!" This got everyone's attention including mine since I had a pretty good idea where this was going and it wasn't a comforting thought. "How about a contest? Between Momoko and Luisa winner gets not only the bragging rights but…well what do you think they should have as a prize Pein?" Pein thinks on this for a second.

"How about the winner gets a dinner on the Akatsuki?"

"And a kiss from their favorite member of the Akatsuki too." Momoko adds. Pein didn't look too pleased with that part, but he didn't say anything to contradict the statement and I was too wrapped up in the thought of possibly getting kissed by Itachi or Hidan attempting to take advantage of this to say anything. But naturally she just wants to whore herself out. "Let the tournament begin. We will have a three round game since that's what makes things exciting at least for those of us who can move."

Momoko steps up and places her coins in and mine as well and picks the song to start off with which was Sexy Can I. Surprising fact about that song it holds the one dance you would believe would be censored and in quite a few ways should be. You can guess who ended up winning the first round.

"I don't see why we are going to continue with a second round." Because we need a dance round that actually shows dancing and not a slut in heat. God I am mean in my head, good thing no one can hear my thoughts…I hope. This time the song choice was set on random and it was Touch Down Turnaround. This one I could do. The dance starts off with Momoko so convinced that she was going to win that she didn't really put up a fight. She was more focused on moving about to entice the male audience. Not realizing that her attitude was irking me enough to stop being self-conscious enough to play the game. And play it I did Momoko turned around once and found herself the loser of the game. She flipped her hair behind her ear and shrugged off my victory like it was a gnat. "Lucky win are you ready to try for real this time?"

"I think the real question is are you ready?" No room for retort. I picked the next song from the difficult level and it was Run this Town by Kat Deluna. A song I knew all too well. It turned out to be the perfect song since guess what I ended up winning. Momoko was steaming that she lost to someone like me a loser in the eyes of the general public….that sounds insulting even if I am saying it. Point is it felt awesome to take miss high and mighty down a peg even if by tomorrow it would be forgotten. Or in the next two hours it will be forgotten. Still it was a win and now I have to face the prize.

"I told you guys that she could dance." Itachi says as he pats me on the back. "Since she won I guess that means she does get to pick her prize." Prize what prize? Oh! That prize.

"I wonder which is her favorite Akatsuki?" cheekily said by Deidara his pride probably had sparkles around his head with girls lining up to scream his name actually there were a couple of fan girls looking at him but that is beside the point.

"Now this I am curious about." Hidan says this knowing that about the crush on Itachi was baiting for the answer.

"Well come on name your favorite Akatsuki member!" Someone in the audience shouted.

"The thing is…I think I can live with just the dinner. Hehe." There were several protests from spectators and from the Akatsuki. I tried to just get them to see the dinner was enough but no one except for my friends, wanted it just be that. I was getting nowhere. Then Sasori moved past the Akatsuki in his weirdly graceful way and came right up in front of me. His brown eyes were as empty as a doll's eyes. Nothing could be seen in them and I suppose that is what makes him one of the more hard to understand members of the Akatsuki.

"I rather dislike waiting and having others waiting." He then leaned down and kissed my cheek. "There the matter is settled." He then walked away. Deidara got huffy over this saying what makes you think that you're her favorite Akatsuki member? Sasori responded that we all know it wasn't you. Deidara grew redder and then came up to me and kissed my other cheek. This started off the trend of all of the Akatsuki members lining up for a kiss. Zetsu kissed both my cheeks. Kisame kissed my hand. Tobi my forehead. Kakuzu decided to kiss my temple. Hidan went for a kiss on the lips and didn't try to go for anything else. Pein wasn't part of it because he and Konan are an exclusive couple. That left Itachi. He made a quick joke about saving the best for last and then he kissed me on the lips! He kissed me on the lips! Itachi Uchiha kissed me on the lips!

"I suppose now you can have that dinner." Momoko said snarly as she walked past me to stand next to her brother. "You might want to be courteous with choice of restaurant after all the Akatsuki can't be just as generous with their money as their kisses." I'm pretty sure she muttered whore under her breath after that.

"How about a plate of nachos from the stand and we'll call it even?" I said having lost my appetite. My friends then surrounded me.

"She means if you go for the supreme nachos." Kiba points out. To this Pein nods actually smiling a little. That felt odd to me. Pein hardly smiles at least I haven't seen him smile that much. Tobi all the time, but Pein not recalling any times I have seen him smile.

"I think that it is within our budget. What do you think Kakuzu?" Kakuzu just nodded and mumbled something under his breath as he went to place the order. Kiba and Choji were like awesome Nachos! But Naruto and I were starting to get the feeling that something was up about this. I had just beaten Pein's sister in a public viewed event that she is obviously steaming about and he is smiling. Was this a ploy to get us to like them better? So we would be persuaded to join them? Or am I just thinking about this too much and Pein just doesn't care that someone beat his sister in an arcade game? Okay this last statement was a part of insanity but maybe this time he just thought it was a friendly thing and not something to do with school dominance?

"Well see you guys around school." Naruto tells them pulling me away from them and to a booth for us to sit down and talk about what the heck just happened here.

"I take it you found that also weird the way Pein was smiling."

"He is normally so protective over Momoko that a loss of hers is a loss for him too." Shikamaru added. Of course he would notice he wasn't called a genius for nothing granted lazy ass is often added.

"Is he trying to use some kind of mind game on you guys?" Kiba asks.

"I don't know. I don't recall Pein really using mind games with us. He's been more inclined towards just asking us." Naruto answers for us. No offense to him, but he is not really that observant on mind games. They don't always work on him, so that's probably why.

"And that hasn't worked in the past obvious and now he's trying out a whole new tactic on you guys. A mind game where he appears to be a friendly guy. There you go problem solved, pass the nachos for the genius who figured it out." Kiba grabs a nacho from Naruto and then he gets it stolen by Akamaru who runs off with it before Kiba could scold him for taking the chip.

"Leaving Pein out of the conversation for a little while. Luisa I am so proud of you for dancing in front of everyone like that. I am so proud of you." Hinata said clapping her hands.

"It's not that big of an accomplishment." I said scratching the back of my head.

"You danced in front of most of the kids from our school something that as far as we can remember you have never done and you also beat Momoko while doing that. I think everyone would say that was a big accomplishment. You overachiever." Choji teased eating a generous portion of nachos. But still leaving enough for the rest of us to enjoy to our heart's content.

"I am not an overachiever. Tell them Shikamaru, after all you use to be one…well actually you still are sort of an overachiever…point is you know what an overachiever really is. So you set them straight."

"Just for tonight I would say that you are an overachiever." I asked why he would say that and his response was "Because this time it's your pain to deal with and not mine. I want to enjoy this evening too you know."

The next day everyone was talking about how I was the first person to ever bet the infamous Momoko in front of her brother. There was even talk of dedicating the memorial page of the yearbook to me. And that was the least depressing thing I heard that day or for that week. The week went by extremely quickly. Since I didn't have to deal with the group or the Akatsuki, well minus the fact that I couldn't help but feel nervous about what Pein or Momoko would do since Monday night. So far there was nothing to report on the home front.

Then came the dreadful day of days when I had to…dum Dum DUM! Go on a date with Hidan. The day of the date which was Friday, he was strutting around campus like he was ugh…cock of the walk. I don't know if I should be flattered or disturbed by what he had planned for the date.

"Do you know what day it is?" He said leaning against the lockers with a Joe cool attitude.

"It's Friday. And guess what tomorrow is Saturday." I answer him and he smiles placing his arm around my shoulders a lazy smile on his face.

"And that means that you and I have a date right…about…now." The bell rings that signals the end of school. Hidan then closes my locker and shifts us towards the doors. "It's like you knew what the date was going to be like when you picked out that outfit. That's real fucking sweet of you." It wasn't really a date outfit. It was a black skirt with a purple strapless shirt and fingerless gloves up to my armpit and a pair of platform boots. Oh god it is a date outfit.

"Hidan, I still need to get my books from my locker. There is still a thing called homework." Hidan didn't seem to mind at least not in his usual way of shouting. He just slams my locker door once more forcing it open. I grab the books I need and he slams the door again. "Expect the bill for the damages done to my locker at the end of the school year."

"I barely touched the damn thing hard enough to damage it for a bill. Come on. I'm parked near the front." We walk through the vast emptying halls of the school as other students rush to get to their weekend enjoyments. Lucky them. Hidan hasn't moved his arm from my shoulders and it gets tighter when we come across his posse at the entrance of the school. And yeah the fact that I am with him gets their notice. Sasori actually showed a hint of emotion. I mean like an actual hint, not one of those things you could mistake for something else. Like a gas bubble. Pein looked pleased and Itachi well Itachi was playing it cool. Or did he really not look? Hidan lowered his hand slowly to just above my elbow as he pulled me in closer. We then continued to walk to where his car was supposed to be parked. His car was a black car…one that I had defiantly seen before. It was the car I had seen that I was sure was following me a while ago. Hidan opened the car door for me before getting in himself. Inside the car had red leather interior and a kickin stereo system that I would have killed to have in my car. Hidan rolls out of the parking lot taking extra time to drive a little slower when the Akatsuki came into view.

"Nice car." I told him and he nods his head like hell yeah it is.

"Did I actually hear a fuckin compliment from you? Starting to show that sweet side of yours finally? Maybe you will show a lot more of it later tonight." His free hand reaches for my knee before I move it away. Don't make me regret saying something nice about your car.

"Actually I'm sure that I have seen this car somewhere before. Near Hinata's house I believe is where I recall seeing it."

"Your little friend, I met at the basketball court right? The one with the huge rack?" I nod, knowing that would be the one thing he remembered about her. "She lives over in the old fucks with money housing area?"

"The rich historic district of the city. Yes."

"Oh that explains a lot. Pein actually lives in that area. We have an Akatsuki meeting there nearly every day in the early frickin morning. Mostly we have it there because Itachi also lives in that area and so does Konan." His mood was heading towards the bitter end. "I wonder why I haven't seen you when I go out there?"

"So where are we going for this… (Gulp) date?" Hidan's eyes turn into pleased slits to go with his smirk. "Or do you plan to just play it spur of the moment?"

"Oh don't you worry I have a plan for our date. You just need to sit back and enjoy the ride." He shifted the gear in his car and sped down the road to a clearing where there were a couple of other guys there with fast looking cars and girls clutched to them like life lines. One of the big goon types nodded his head to the arrival of Hidan's car as he swerved into a spot to park. He then rushed out of his seat and came to my door. Opening it and helping me out of the low set car seat Like a gentleman. He is going for the surprise factor on this date isn't he? His sunglasses were on and his hands held a good grip over me as we walked towards these guys.

"Nice piece of tail you brought with you this time Hidan. Any chance that you and her wouldn't mind sharing?" The buxom red headed girl who was with him slapped him on the arm loud enough for smack to be heard. "Ow! May, what was that for? I asked for her permission too!" The girl now identified as May, rolled her eyes at him before going over to talk with another one of the girls there. The guy watched her do so and then turned around to look at Hidan with a hopeful look.

"This one is off limits. She's a… what you would call a special one." He purred pulling me in closer. "Since that is the case you fuckers better put on a damn good show for her tonight."

"We will, if you will. Everyone is almost here and then we'll head out to the lookout. My old lady is already excited about it, at least she was before that rather modern request I made." The old lady known as May looks back over towards us and he tries to look pleadingly apologetic to her. It must have worked because she came back to him and started making out with him. Hidan turns us around and back to the car.

"See you around Bones, you giant asshole!" Hidan says waving him off or flicking him off I couldn't tell which. We get back into the car and he drives us off to somewhere.

"Who were those guys and what is going on tonight?" I ask him and he just smirks paying more attention to the road. Considering that he is the one driving I am perfectly alright with.

"You'll know soon enough. For now why don't you just sit back and enjoy the ride." So far on dates this one hasn't been as bad as I had thought, but there is still time to change that if this mystery location/event turns out to be a nightmare. But it will have to wait unless our date is at a… church?

"Just wait here for a minute. I'll be back soon. You can also listen to one of your girly stations if you want to." He then gets out of the car and goes into the church. Please tell me that he is not going to rob it or something like that. I would love not to get my name in the news for that. Wait what am I thinking? Hidan isn't that kind of bad boy, he wouldn't mess up a church. I think? Wait could he belong to this church? I mean he doesn't look like the religious type, but he could be.

I look up at the church building to see if I could find the name of it, but instead of a name there is a symbol. A circle with an upside down triangle inside of it. The very same symbol on the necklace that Hidan never takes off. So this is his church. Guess you really do learn something new every day. New fact of the day Hidan is religious. Is he praying then? Or confessing? Does his church have confession? If so what is he confessing/praying for? Should I ask him? Naw, it's his own private thoughts I shouldn't divulge in something that is probably personal. If he brings it up then that is that and if he doesn't I won't bother him about it. I will just let it go. Great, now I really want to watch Frozen when I get home. Don't judge it's actually a great movie. I start thinking about the scene where Olaf enters the movie. Someone should tell him what happens in the heat of summer. I then see Hidan exit the church and then enter the car.

"Are you ready to go?" Hidan asks before starting the car.

"If you tell me where then I will be ready to go." Hidan leans in closer.

"We could always have a little fun if you aren't ready to go yet." I feel that he may have made no interest in a confession.

"We can go then." Hidan chuckles in his throat and reeves up the car, swerving out into the main road like the Ferrari scene in Ferris Buller's Day Off. We drive further on the main road until we come to a side road that is clear but not used every day. The car feels like it is trapped in a loop after we enter that road. The trees all look the same, the rocks on the side of this dirt road and if we run out of gas here. I seriously foresee a Jason moment.