Clonetrooper29 Author's Note


Naruto X Pokémon Cross-over Story

Naruto: "The Aura Shinobi"

This story has been re-edited, and re-posted. Changes have been made, and a new plot-line will commence. Originally, the story was going to follow Pokémon (Anime), but after watching the episodes once more, I have decided against it.

It is too close to Ash's Journey, and even if I changed it somehow, it'll be too close for my own comfort.

That is why the story will now follow the Pokémon (Game) instead. Fire Red and Leaf Green, to be more precise, along with a mix of the Pokémon (Anime): Pokémon the Origins.

Hope this doesn't disappoint too many people, but I prefer to stay away from Ash's Journey for the time being. Yes, Naruto and Ash will cross paths – sometimes – but not too frequent. I want Naruto to have his own Journey – along with any companions he may make.

No Spoilers

So stay tuned, for I have some foreseeable Days Off coming soon, so I'll be able to write up some more, and/or finish up some chapters.


Clonetrooper29, Signing Off!