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My name is Garfield Logan, and I'm standing on stage right now. My voice is going through the speakers and infecting the crowd while the crowd infects me with their cheering. At this moment I'm more alive than I've ever been. More alive than when I'm on patrol, when I'm hanging out with my friends, even more alive than when I think back on how me and friends have saved the world at least twice. Nothing can compare to this feeling I get when I perform.

This feeling is more incredible than anything I've ever experienced. It's like a thousand bombs getting set off in your chest all at once, it's like every great memory you have being relived over and over, and when you're right in the middle of it it's like time has stopped and nothing matters except you and what you're doing right that minute.

At the end of my set I usually look out into the crowd to say goodbye; give the crowd a goodbye joke and be on my way to the back hearing them chant my name as I walk. However, today I see a familiar face in the crowd. I stop to make sure it's who I think it is, and I am immediately filled with rage and sadness. My thoughts flow across the lines of "how dare she" and "how could she". I go backstage ignoring the compliments for the show and the goodbyes from those around me.

At that moment all I want is to do is get straight to the parking lot as fast as I can. I don't stop for anything; not even to ask for my check for the performance. This is all in an attempt to not have this conversation with her when I'm this upset, to wait till I've cooled down so I can better assess the situation. Of course, I get to my car only to see her leaning against it.

As she turns to talk to me I can't help, but to think of the events that led up to this confrontation. If I had to say when events that led up to this began the easy answer would be just a few hours, but the right would be that it started just about a year ago.

It was a week after we had gotten back from Tokyo and Starfire and Robin were still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Now I'm sure that the way the two of them saw it; it was the happiest part of their lives with the two of them finally realizing their love for each other in the most sincere and real way possible.

From an outsider's point of view however it was an absolutely disgusting clashing of tongues and sweaty flesh. The two of them could barely think about anything other than each other. Robin always seemed to be starring at his red headed orange skinned girlfriend, the areas covered by her purple tube top and skirt, and her perpetually exposed midriff. Starfire always seemed to be day dreaming about brushing Robin's hair back with her hands while she undressed him; from the yellow cape to the red vest to the green spandex and finally to the mask. I know this because all Robin does is stare at Starfire when she is in the room, and Starfire talks when she day dreams.

Sadly the fact that we are a team of five super powered teenagers living in a huge mansion of a tower that could easily house fifty people comfortably, apparently didn't deter the two of them from "getting it on" almost every day right in the commons room where we all spend the majority of our day.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't like they were having sex right on the couch every time someone walked in, but they were pretty damn close to it. As for how close these two were getting, let's just say that Starfire got to the spandex part of her fantasy while nibbling on Robin's peach skin.

Anyway these two basically made the tower uninhabitable for me. I say me specifically because Raven could just hide in her room all day, and Cyborg could just hide in the garage tinkering with the T-car and any other invention he was working on at the time. Because my only hobbies included videogames and nerdy television shows I was the only who was truly inconvenienced by Robin and Starfire's actions. There hadn't been any crimes that needed our intervention since we froze every criminal working with the brotherhood of evil, and beat the tar out of Dr. Light with every Titan on our roster.

This meant that every day when I awoke I was greeted with the sight of orange and purple clashing face first against red and green and yellow. After a week of walking in on the two of them, or just spending the day in my room, I had enough of it and decided to see if Cyborg wanted some help fixing up whatever he was currently working on.

When I walked into the garage I found Cyborg almost immediately. His over six foot frame was bent over while he happily polished the hood of the T-car while he hummed a song to himself. "Hey Cyborg what's up" I said "hey B" he answered back. I asked Cyborg if wanted my help with any of his projects. The result was an amazingly powerful "No". "Please Cy" I begged "I need something to do. I can't watch T.V. or play videogames because Robin and Starfire keep tackling each other's tonsils with their tongues right in the common room, and there is literally nothing to do in my room". Cyborg answered back with "why don't you try cleaning your room" he seemed satisfied with himself, but I was prepared for him "I did clean it" I answered.

At this Cyborg's face dropped in either genuine surprise that I had cleaned my room, or shock at how bad Robin and Starfire had gotten to cause me to clean my room out of pure boredom. I didn't bother to ask. "So can I help with something now?" I continued. Cyborg seemed to consider it this time around, but then asked me "why don't you just go into the city"? "Ugh" I responded "why so people can stare at me and ask for my autograph? In all honesty dude it was fun at first, but now I just want to be able to go into the town and buy a tofu burger in peace". At this Cyborg smiled and said "Beast Boy do I have something for you".

I walked into the Salvation Army a little hesitantly I wasn't too sure Cyborg's little gift was going to work, but if it was then I needed so civilian clothes to complete the job. Cyborg had told me to go into town while he worked on it and to pick out some clothes I liked. However, being a Titan pays the bills, and not much else. The city gives us a fixed budget that is managed by our accountants and spent on everything we need from bills, to food, to uniforms. Whatever is left gets split up between the five of us; it usually isn't much.

The Salvation Army was pretty big so it wasn't too difficult to go through the aisles unnoticed with the trench coat I was wearing. I picked out as many plain looking clothes as I could; I wanted to go unnoticed not be a fashion star. When it was all said and done I had about fifteen shirts, five pairs of jeans, two pairs of sneakers, a sweet leather jacket, and a few skull hats. I walked up the cashier, paid for my things, and walked out.

After I had walked a good distance from anything or anyone I morphed into a pterodactyl and flew back to the Tower carrying my bags with me. When I got home I was surprised to not see the make out squad on the coach, but I was focused on Cyborg's gift so I pushed the thought to the back of my head. I dropped the bags and trench coat off at my room and went to the garage where Cyborg was sporting a huge grin on his half machine-half ebony-face.

"Well BB I've done it" he stated smugly. "Done what?" I asked. Cyborg paused for dramatic effect, but it just made me fell impatient "done what Cy" I yelled. "Ok ok" he said "BB I have found a way to give you a secret identity!" "What!" I yelled.

"Let me explain" Cyborg said trying to calm me down. "Do you remember when I infiltrated Brother Blood's school?" he asked. "Yeah you used a holographic ring to make yourself look human, but that wouldn't work for me because not all of my animal form have fingers, and none of them have pockets" I said sadly. "Well do you remember when we fought Mad Mod and he had you tied to your chair with a special goop that held onto you even when you morphed" he asked. "Yes" I answered excitedly; I liked where Cyborg was going with this. "Well say hello to the holo-belt!" as soon as Cyborg said that sentence he moved a black leather belt off of his work table and threw it into my hands.

I was a little confused by this turn of events so I asked Cyborg "your big present was a belt"? "Not just any belt grass stain put it on" he explained. I did what Cyborg said and as I buckled the belt the buckle flashed a bright white light blinding me for what felt like an hour. As I cursed Cyborg to hell he just stayed totally silent. By the time I was able to open my eyes I saw him just staring at me like something incredible had happened. "Did it work?" I asked him. "S…s…see for yourself" he managed to stutter out.

As he said this Cyborg handed me a side view mirror he had under his work bench, and as I looked into it I couldn't believe what I saw. It was my face but I wasn't green. I was normal. I had peach colored skin and blonde hair I was still in my uniform, and the only thing still green about me was my eyes. I so shocked that the only thing I could think to say was "is…is that me"?

If you got this far thank you here's a riddle

How is a raven like a writing desk?

P.S. I know this is labeled as a BB/Rae story and Raven hasn't appeared yet, but she will in the next chapter I'm trying to build conflict.