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Chapter Three: Dreams Realized

Gohan arrived home earlier than usual, eager to get his homework out of the way and spend the night holding Videl in his arms. "I can't believe tonight's the night," he murmured to himself as he landed a few inches from his house. His mind was racing with thoughts of what tonight would be like, and he could hardly contain his excitement. He reached out his hand to open the door but was stopped as it flew open, revealing Goten behind it.

"Finally you're home…I've been looking out the window for you. Come play with me!" Goten bellowed, pulling on Gohan's shirt.

Gohan shook his head, pulling his shirt out of Goten's grasp. "Not right now. Go find something else to do," he said with mild annoyance in his voice as he headed towards their room.

Goten flew in front of Gohan's path, a frown planted on his face. "I waited all day for you to get home. I've had no one to play with! Bulma came and picked up Trunks two hours after you left for school this morning so I've been lonely," he wailed, clenching his fists at his side.

"Goten, I really don't have time today. I promise I'll play with you all day tomorrow," Gohan said soothingly, blurring ahead of his little brother to enter their room. He tossed his bookbag down onto his bed, pulling out the textbook he needed to complete his homework. He sat down at his desk and began to concentrate on the homework in front of him, though his mind was clouded with thoughts of Videl and what tonight would be like for them. "Ah…Videl," he grinned blissfully, his heart warming instantly as he took his mind off his homework to momentarily reflect on how beautiful she was.

"What about Videl?" Goten inquired, coming to stand next to where Gohan was sitting.

Gohan nearly jumped a foot in the air from being startled. After regaining his composure, he turned in his chair to face Goten, "Nothing…it's just that I'm going to see her later. But I've got to finish my homework first."

"You just saw her at school all day!" Goten grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. Gohan sighed contritely, patting him on the shoulder. "Look, I know I just saw her at school, but she is my girlfriend and I like to see her as much as I can. Like I said, I promise I'll play with you tomorrow, alright? But trust me, someday when you have a girlfriend of your own you'll understand."

Goten stuck out his tongue as though he had a bad taste in his mouth. "Yuck! I never want a girlfriend, girls have cooties!"

Gohan chuckled at his response, glancing over at the clock on his nightstand, groaning inwardly. He still had a couple of hours until he got to see Videl. He went back to his homework, attempting to complete it as fast as possible. For the first time in his life, he was unable to center his full attention on his homework; he would much rather imagine how tonight would go down. He could hardly wait to be able to touch her soft skin, to kiss her passionately all over. He never had really given much thought to romance or sex before he met Videl; he had just spent most of his days studying away in his room, soaking up as much knowledge he could. But from the very first day he met Videl there was just something about her that made everything else fade away as he would look at her, and his dreams, which were once bland and forgetful, were now filled with mesmerizing visions of her. She was his everything, and he planned on showing her that tonight.

"So, is Videl that much fun to play with?" Goten asked ingenuously, walking over to his side of the room to pull out toys to play with. Gohan broke out of his thoughts, a pink hue arising in his cheeks. Before he could answer, Chi-Chi appeared in the doorway, adjusting the apron she had on.

"Boys, dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes," she smiled at her sons.

"Uh, mom…would it be alright if I go hang out with Videl once I finish dinner?" Gohan asked considerately, though he tensed up when Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow.

"What do you plan on doing when you two 'hang out'?" she interrogated, placing her hands on her hips.

Gohan paused, knowing his mother would kill him if she knew the real reason he was going over to Videl's. But then again, she could be such a contradiction; she warned him constantly of the dangers of pre-marital sex, yet she was also always telling him she could not wait until he and Videl got married so she could have grandchildren. Leaning back in his chair, he came up with the one thing he knew would make her say yes. "We're going to study for an upcoming exam we have next week…we want to get a perfect score so we can have the best grades in the whole school," he said with a hint of trepidation in his voice.

Chi-Chi eyed him suspiciously, mulling over what he said. Gohan felt his heart stop as he awaited an answer, fear washing over him that she would say no. After a few seconds, she stared him straight in the eye, looking for signs of deceit. To Gohan's relief, her angry look smoothed over and she flashed him a wide grin.

"Oh, that's delightful! You make me prouder each and every day with those grades of yours," she gleamed, clasping her hands together.

Goten looked over at Gohan with a confused look on his face. "Hey, Gohan, I thought you were going over to Videl's to play with her?"

Sending a fuming glare Goten's way, Gohan became pale at the grave look on his mother's face. "Uh, that's not what I said, honest!" he chocked, putting his hands up in front of himself defensively.

"It better not be, mister! Let's see what your father thinks about this situation…Goku! Step away from the food and get in here now," Chi-Chi screeched down the hallway.

Goku appeared a mere second later, munching on a roll Chi-Chi had just pulled out of the oven a few minutes ago. "What's wrong?" he asked with his mouth full.

"Gohan told me he was going to Videl's to 'study' but then Goten said he was really going over there to…uh…'play' with Videl," Chi-Chi answered, eyeballing Gohan.

Goku simply shrugged. "I don't see what the big deal is. He can study first and play later."

Chi-Chi slapped a palm to her forehead, not at all amused with Goku's response. "Do you know what I meant by 'play'? I didn't mean innocent 'play'…but that other 'play'!"

Goku took a minute to try and grasp what Chi-Chi was referring to, but a blank look took over his face, making Chi-Chi growl exasperatedly. "Come on, Goku, you can't be that dense! Remember that talk you gave Gohan that one time…about the birds and the bees?"

"Oh, yeah," Goku nodded slowly, a light bulb finally going off.

"Are you guys talking about Gohan putting his hotdog in Videl's bun as Trunks calls it?" Goten asked curiously, looking up from his piles of toys.

Chi-Chi and Goku both looked completely perplexed at their youngest son. "Hotdog…bun…wha-"

"He doesn't even know what he's talking about," Gohan cut his parents off. He ran a hand through his spiky hair, completely annoyed with everyone in the room, though he did his best to hide it. "I promise, all me and Videl are going to is study."

"Alright, sounds great to me. Now, let's go eat. I'm starving!" Goku exclaimed, walking back down to the kitchen. Chi-Chi shook her head as Goku disappeared, and she glanced over at Gohan. "You can go but you have to promise to be home by midnight, alright? I think that's long enough for you two to…study."

"Yes, that's plenty of time. Thanks mom," Gohan smiled gratefully.

"You're welcome," Chi-Chi said with a wave of her hand.

Gohan waited until she disappeared before turning to Goten with a dark look on his face. "Do you know when to keep quiet? And stop talking about that…hotdog thing!"

"Come on, Gohan, I didn't know that was a bad question to ask…and speaking of the hotdog thing…me and Trunks caught mom and dad doing it this morning in their room after breakfast. It looked like dad was hurting mom really bad, but Trunks told me that dad wasn't hurting her he was just showing her love," Goten laughed mischievously.

"Okay, that was a mental image I definitely could've done without," Gohan shuddered with disgust.

Goten giggled and went back to playing with his toys, deciding to leave his older brother alone. Gohan looked back over at his homework, attempting to finish the last remains of math problems in record time. "Just a little bit more to go and I'll be done…then I get to spend the rest of the night with Videl…"

A couple of hours later, Gohan stood outside Videl's mansion, anxiously pressing the doorbell. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears from anticipation of what was about to happen. He had to admit he felt guilty about lying to his parents, seeing as how he had never done such a thing before, but his heart told him that this was the right time for him and Videl to express their love for each other, and he would not let anything stop him from being with her tonight.

The door swung open a few moments later, and Videl appeared in the door way, a huge grin on her face. His eyes dipped up and down her body, taking in her appearance. She was dressed in a low-cut white tanktop and black shorts that left little to the imagination, not that he minded. She ushered him inside, shutting the door gently behind them.

"You're a little late," she teased, wrapping her arms around his waist. "But that's okay…you'll make up for it later."

Gohan was taken aback the second she pressed her lips to his, knocking him backwards a bit. He got over his surprise and kissed her back softly, his hands stroking her back delicately. Things seemed so calm in that moment until Videl broke the kiss, taking a moment to catch her breath before her hands wandered down to his lower body. He felt every muscle in his body tighten at her gesture. She had never done anything like that before, and he had to admit he was mildly shocked. She grinned triumphantly at him, reveling in the response she was getting from him. "Well…Gohan…is there anything in particular you wanna do now?" she raised one eyebrow sexily.

His eyes were wider than she had ever seen them, and she could feel him shaking slightly beneath her fingertips. He was a little too innocent around her at times, and while she usually found that endearing, she wanted the naughty Gohan to be present. She then heard him gasp as she pulled at the strap of his pants, challenging him. "Come on, Gohan, now's not the time to be shy," she whispered into his ear.

The next thing Videl knew, to her utter and complete shock, Gohan backed her into the wall and hauled her up against him, leaving no space between them. She met his gaze, stunned to see an uncharacteristic smirk on his face. "Is this more like something you wanted me to do?" he asked, biting her neck gently as he tightened his grip on her. She moaned faintly, wrapping her arms around his waist. He had never acted this way before, even in their other romantic moments. He was so intense and spontaneous, just like in her dream, and she felt like she could not keep her clothes on much longer. "Let's go upstairs," she muttered against his lips.

Gohan complied with her request after kissing her quickly, setting her down on the floor and taking her hand as she led him up the stairs. Once they made their way into her room, Videl shut the door and leaned against it, biting down on her lip. "We're finally up in here…alone," she thought to herself, watching him examine her room. He turned to her, letting one finger stroke the soft skin of jawline. "Well…this is it…a-are you sure your dad won't be home…I know he'd probably kill me if he found out," he asked warily, though he had to grin at that last part, seeing as how it would be impossible for Hercule to kill him, but still he knew her father would not be pleased to find out about tonight.

Videl shook her head, noticing that Gohan had momentarily gone back to his over-cautiously self. "No, I promise, when he goes out with those ditzy women he stays out all night," she said with slight anger in her voice at how careless her father could be sometimes. She walked past him, taking a seat at the edge of her bed. Looking back at him with a twinkle in her eye, she tapped the empty spot beside her, silently indicating for them to pick up where they left off. He fully understood her gesture, sitting right up against her, his hand sweeping over her thigh. She could feel the temperature in her lower body rise, and stared at him as though she was in a trance, unable to move or speak.

He leaned even more into her and kissed her hard, moving his hand to her upper back, searching for her bra strap. She smiled against his lips, pushing her weight against him to make him fall down onto her bed. Gohan landed his head against her pillow, noticing how it smelled sweet like her. He moved his lips over to her ear, biting down on it lightly, eliciting a muffled squeal from her. She brought her hands down to his shirt and took it off slowly, taking a moment to feast her eyes on his sculpted chest. He watched as she fingered his chest, acknowledging the growth in his lower body. He looked down at the floor where she threw his shirt and decided that he should not be the only bare-chested one. He pulled her shirt off over her head before she even had a second to blink. His eyes wandered down to her bra, taking in how her breasts were practically spilling out of it. He then unhooked it hastily, flinging it down to the floor with the rest of their clothing.

Videl suddenly felt timid by his close inspection of her body since this was the first time she had ever been half naked in front of Gohan. She was anxious about what he was thinking. He noticed the look on her face and kissed her, his hands tenderly kneaded her breasts, letting her know he liked what he saw. She began to feel her body tremble beneath his touch, her thinking becoming fuzzy. She felt like she had not lived before this moment, that no other memory in her life even compared to being with him right now. She wanted to give him all of her, to truly feel his skin against hers. She let out a shaky breath as she felt Gohan's hands move down to her lower body, removing the rest of her clothing. She followed suit, and finally they were naked before each other, eager to touch.

"Gohan…I love you…so much," Videl uttered against his cheek.

"I love you, too…I always have and I always will," he smiled widely, running a hand through her glossy hair.

Gohan rolled on top of Videl, taking a deep breath. It was sinking in for both of them that this was really happening. They looked at each other dotingly, realizing that this was their moment and tonight was the start of something truly special they could only share with each other.

It was around one o'clock in the morning when Gohan arrived home, exactly an hour late. He and Videl lost complete track of time; the only reason they stopped what they were doing was because Hercule had arrived a few minutes early. Gohan had to rush to put his clothes back on before they got caught, exiting through Videl's bedroom window. He prayed silently that no one was awake as entered the house quietly, attempting not to slam the door behind him. The house was pitch black and everyone had gone to sleep, which he was very grateful for. He tiptoed past his parents' room, fearing for the briefest second that they would wake up and catch him. He made it to his room without a hitch, shutting the door behind him without a sound.

"You're late!" Goten yelped, sitting upright in his bed.

Gohan nearly had a heart attack. He walked over to his side of the room after taking a while to let his eyes adjust to the darkness. He looked over at Goten awkwardly, thinking of an excuse. "Yeah, I know…me and Videl…were just so into our studying we lost track of time."

Goten gave him a cynical look. "You're just lucky mom and dad went to bed early. Mom said she trusted me to let her know if you were late…I sat and waited on you 'til midnight and you didn't show up. But I decided to be nice and not tell her."

"Thanks, Goten. I'll make it up to you," Gohan said appreciatively, opening his dresser drawer to search for a pair of clean pajamas.

"All I ask is that you keep your promise to play with me tomorrow, pretty please?" Goten begged, lying back down and pulling the covers up to his chin.

"Alright, you've got a deal," Gohan agreed, flopping down on his bed once he had his pajamas on. While Goten could be a total pain sometimes, he was very easy to please and Gohan was glad he did not have to worry about his mother finding out he had stayed at Videl's longer than he was supposed to. But even if she did find out, he thought it was all worth it. He gaped up at the ceiling, combing a hand through his messy hair. He knew that what happened tonight was one of, if the not the, best thing that ever happened to him. He loved the way she would say his name when he was exploring her body or how she would kiss him all over. He wished he was still there with her, that he could spend the rest of the evening holding her in his arms. Breaking into a grin, he realized one day that would be possible since they were going to get married someday. He then thought back to his last moments with Videl before Hercule came home.

"Gohan…I…" Videl broke off her train off thought, exhaling heavily into his shoulder, sweat dripping down her face. He glanced down from his position on top of her, gently caressing the nape of her neck with his fingertip. He shifted himself next to her, landing down on to the mattress with a soft thud.

"I…I want you to know that you're my one and only…I never want to be apart from you," she finished her thought, snuggling into his chest. She felt so right in that moment, lying up against him without a care in the world.

"I feel the same way. There's no one else I'd rather be with…and I promise that once we graduate high school we'll get married."

Videl snapped her head up, her eyes wide. "Do you really mean it?"

Gohan nodded the best he could lying down. "Of course…I wanna spend the rest of my life with you as soon as possible."

Videl beamed, a tear of happiness running down her cheek. "Oh, Gohan…"

Their little moment was interrupted by the sound of the front door slamming. "Videl! I'm home!" Hercule shouted.

"Shit!" they cried, diving down towards the floor to retrieve their clothing. Gohan looked over at the clock to see it was already close to one o'clock, meaning he was late, and Chi-Chi would be none too pleased about that. Once they were fully dressed, Gohan wrapped his arms around Videl's slim waist, bringing her fully up against him. He kissed her one last time before opening her window, savoring every second of it. "I'll call you tomorrow I promise…I love you," he murmured against her lips. "I love you too, now go home before we both get in trouble," she laughed, unwillingly pulling away from him. He gave her one last keen glance, doing his best to imprint this moment into his memory forever, then he took off into the night, leaving Videl to watch him go until he was completely out of sight…

Gohan turned onto his side, feeling incredibly happy about everything that took place that night. He closed his eyes, attempting to fall asleep, knowing his dreams would be about Videl and their bright future together.

"Uh, hey, Gohan?" Goten asked abruptly, sitting back up in his bed.

Gohan cracked one eye open. "Yeah?"

"Did you put your hotdog in Videl's bun?"


-The End-

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