Together We Stand

Chapter 1 - You and I

Harry's POV

Harry sighed and flopped further onto the counter of the hotel bar. He had just told the third person (a guy for a change this time) that he wasn't interested in any type of "hook up" or whatever and it was getting old. He really didn't get why he was being hit on so much. Lifting his head from where it lay on the counter, he looked at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar. The same green eyes behind circular wire-rimmed glasses and mop of mess black hair looked back at him. Sure he had grown a bit more since the war (he peaked out at 5'11, taller than Hermione, but forever shorter that Ron), but he wasn't particularly handsome. He honestly didn't get why people were interested in him, he was 30, tired and looked it. Even if everyone assured him that he looked no older than 25, he felt a million years old.

He couldn't wait for this business trip to be over so he could go back to England and see his babies. They weren't really babies of course, being thirteen, eleven, and nine, but in Harry's mind they would always be his darlings. This wasn't the first time he had left them, being an Auror was a busy job after all, but that didn't stop him from calling Hermione every half hour to check on Teddy, James, and Albus. After the seventh time he called that day she had assured he that the boys were fine, she told him to get a drink or something and leave her alone. So now here he was, nursing his second beer that really was far too expensive considering the rooms were pricy enough (the Ministry was paying of course, but still) and being hit on by random people. Merlin did he want to go home.

"Hey," a pretty woman with long blonde hair said, approaching him, "care to buy me a drink?" She leaned over the counter, not so surreptitiously showing off her cleavage. Harry gulped down the rest of his drink then regretted it when his head started to spin.

While didn't usually go for muggles, he was lonely and could use a distraction from everything, even if it was just talking to a hot stranger at his hotel bar.

"Just one drink, that's all," Harry said.

"We'll see," she purred seductively in his ear as he ordered drinks for the two of them. Something about her confidence and assertive pushiness reminded him of Tracey, the boy's mother. Merlin, did he miss it. He shivered though he was determined not to get carried away; he had never had a one night stand and wasn't planning on breaking his streak now. I'll be fine, Harry thought to himself as he took a swig of his beer. That was his last cohesive thought of the night.

Draco's POV

Draco was determined to have a good time on this trip even if it killed him. Blaise was one of his best friends and Draco had immediately accepted to be best man when he was asked. He was truly happy for the couple, he had never like Pansy despite what the rumors said. He was after all gay.

This was something his wife had been quite upset to learn after only three years of marriage. Astoria had been furious and left the house that night. The next time he heard from her was when she sent him the divorce papers a month later. The only good that came of their marriage was Scorpius, their now nine year old son. Draco loved the boy fiercely and had fought long and hard for custody for him. He thanked Merlin that Astoria was an alcoholic and deemed unfit to raise a child.

He was happy for two of his best friends to be getting married, but he honestly didn't understand why Blaise had insisted on having a muggle stag party. The plane ride over had been frankly terrifying, Draco just didn't understand how a muggle invention could fly, no matter how many times it was explained to him. Blaise had been perfectly at home on the plane and he and Theo teased Draco mercilessly the whole time. Then they took a car (a limo, but still, a car!) to their muggle hotel. Sure the hotel was a huge beautiful building and the rooms were blood expensive, even by his standards. And sure it was often used by the Ministry whenever they had conferences, but that didn't change the fact that it was muggle. Since the war Draco along with all the other Slytherins cooled it on the anti-muggle, (not to say that death eaters and practitioners of the dark arts didn't exist) but that didn't mean he actually wanted to spin time with them.

He huffed in exasperation, it had been a long weekend and he was ready to go home. Blaise and Theo had gone to chat up girls for the last time in Blaise's life if all went as planned an hour before, leaving Draco alone. While he was fine going to normal bars with the two of them, he drew the line at strip clubs. Even if Blaise was his best friend and he was getting married in two days, Draco refused to enter one. He shivered in disgust at the mere memory. Never again, he promised himself. Besides, they were going back to London the next morning and he had things to pack.

By midnight Draco had finished packing and was bored. So bored he was seriously considering calling his friends and meeting up with them at whatever strip club they had gone to. Shaking himself, he desired he could definitely use a drink and made his way to the bar.

After tossing back a few shots, Draco was feeling pleasantly buzzed. He glanced around the bar; looking for a good looking man he could sink his teeth into. Down at the far side of the bar Draco spotted a tall brunet talking to an attractive if not fake blonde (she was starting to get roots). Draco fingered a lock of his own natural blonde hair, pulling it from the lose ponytail that held it. He let his long hair fall gently to his shoulders. Taking one more shoot, he started toward the couple.

From the way they were standing, Draco could tell that while the woman was interested, the man was considerably less so. As he approached them he got a better look at the man. Only his Malfoy upbringing allowed him to continue forward because this man wasn't just tall and incredibly hot. No, Draco knew exactly who this was.

Well, his alcohol muddled brain thought; this is going to be fun.

Author's Note

Hope you liked the first chapter! I'm sick right now so I'm not entirely sure how good it is... I would love feedback and stuff. The next chapter should be longer, but I'm not sure. Also this is unbetaed and I need one! Please volunteer! Also if someone wants to recommend a better name, I'm all ears. Also, I don't own the name of the chapter,; it's named after two different a Korean songs with the same name (they both are so cute) by IU and by Park Bom.