Together We Stand

Chapter 8 – Today My life Begins


This isn't awkward at all, Harry told himself, oh, how the hell am I kidding? This is insanely awkward!

Sitting in the crapped cab, their legs centimeters apart, touching when they hit a bump. Neither of them said a word to each other the whole way to pick up Scorpius. After they made plans about what to do, a slightly uncomfortable silence floated around them since the plane ride.

Although they grew up together and spent quite a bit of their earlier years together, they never actually spent time learning how to talk to each other. If the cab ride over to Pansy's was any indication of what living together would be like, then Harry was certainly not looking forward to it.

"Daddy!" The voice of the excited nine year old came through the thick door. The door was through open by a small child and immediately a white-blonde head buried itself in Draco's stomach. "Big big hug!" Scorpius said against his father's suit he was wrinkling, not that Draco seemed to care.

"Hey Scorpius." Draco looked down at his son with so much compassion it surprised Harry. Something about that gaze told Harry this wasn't the same boy he met all those years ago and spent hours fighting with; this was a mature, thoughtful man who truly cared for his son. Cheesy as it sounded, there was something about that moment that made Harry's heart squeeze a bit.

"And why are you still up?" Scorpius just grinned cheekily up at his dad.

"After he heard you were picking him up tonight he made me promise he could wait up for you," Pansy said, entering the room. "It's your fault, teaching him those puppy dog eyes," she scolded him good naturedly.

"Thanks for picking him up Pans." Before they got on the plane, Draco had made a quick call to her and asked her to pick Scorpius up from Draco's mother. Harry was glad; although he was sure she would have been civil to him, neither of them wanted to explain their predicament to her.

"Well don't just stand there in the door way, come in for goodness sake!" Pansy said, assuring them in. They passed through a magnificent hallway filled with what had to be ancient family heirlooms and tapestries into a large sitting room similarly decorated. "Blaise told me what happened, over the floo of course; we aren't seeing each other again until the wedding tomorrow." She raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow meaningfully. Harry glanced over at Draco, hoping he would explain it to his friend. No luck; the blonde was busy sitting on the couch across the room looking at something Scorpius drew to help. Harry looked back at the witch, feeling insanely awkward; Pansy wasn't even his friend. Although he didn't harbor any ill feelings toward the witch, they had never really spent much time together.

"Um… yeah so… yeah." Harry said lamely. Pansy frowned at his answer, obviously dissatisfied by his answer. "Malfoy? Shouldn't we be going?" Draco looked up and (thank Merlin) nodded his agreement.

"Thank you so much for looking after him for the day," Draco said, picking up his son's suitcase that was parked at the edge of the couch.

"Oh no you don't," Pansy said, moving in front of the doorway and effectively blocking their escape route. "You are going to tell me what happened on your trip."

"Oh, come on Pans, Scorpius is here and it's almost midnight and you're getting married tomorrow," Draco said, widening his eyes hopefully. Harry was caught between snickering at the faux innocence in his eyes and staring opened mouthed at the beauty of his stormy gray irises.

"Fine," Pansy said begrudgingly, obviously not happy she didn't get her way after all, "I expect the full story of everything tomorrow and forget about leaving out any details." She moved out of their way and the three approached the floo before the youngest of the bunch stopped them.

"Daddy, I left Bastille upstairs." Scorpius looked up at his father with wide innocent saucers that rivaled the older Malfoy's in charm.

"Where is it upstairs?" Scorpius just shrugged.

"I know where it is," Pansy said, "come on, I'll show you." Draco and Pansy disappeared up the marble stair case, leaving Harry alone with the boy.

"Hey," Harry said, crouching down to the child's height and offering his hand, "My name's Harry." Scorpius eyed him suspiciously, not sure whether to trust him not. After a few seconds he evidently decided he was trust worthy enough and gently took his hand to shake.

"Hi," he said, looking down shyly, "I'm Scorpius."

"Well Scor, I'm very happy to meet you." Harry smiled softly at the small child.

"My name's Scorpius, not Scor," Scorpius said, looking puzzled.

"Sorry," Harry said, laughing softly, "I have a bit of a habit of giving people nicknames. If you don't like it I won't call you it." The blond looked thoughtful for a moment and then broke out in a radiant smile. Harry couldn't help but wonder if Draco looked like that when he smiled like that.

"I like it!" Scorpius declared. "Scor," he giggled slightly in happiness. "Does my daddy have a nickname too?"

"I'm not really sure how to shorten Draco and besides, I think he might not like it I were to give him one," Harry said, not mentioning when Draco's nickname was Ferret. It just didn't feel right to tell his son that.

"Hm…" Scorpius stroked his chin thoughtfully and Harry sighed slightly at the adorableness of the boy. "What about Dray-Dray?" Harry couldn't help but let out a snort of laughter that quickly turned into a chortle.

"What's so funny?" Draco asked, coming down the stairs caring a two foot teddy bear, Bastille Harry realized, under his arm.

"Nothing," Harry said, "Dray-Dray." Draco's eyes widened in shock while Pansy, who came down after Draco, snorted with laughter. The blond wizard's mouth moved up and down uselessly for a moment before he could fully get a grasp on his shock.

"What did you call me?" Before Harry could say anything, Scorpius broke into their conversation.

"I came up with it," Scorpius told his father happily, "Harry gave me one so I made one for you. Do you like it?" He turned his wide hopeful eyes on his father.

"It's…" Draco said at for what must have been the first time in Harry's life, he watched the blond struggle for words. While he was tempted to just watch him flounder, he decided it would be just a bit too mean.

"Come on," Harry said, picking up Scorpius's luggage again. "Let's go."


Draco wasn't sure whether he should be mad at Harry for calling him by such a… interesting… nickname or grateful that he changed the subject so he wouldn't have to say his opinion on said nickname. It was just as well, he decided, he was ready to leave as it was.

"Yes, let's," Draco agreed. Only then did he realize that they would be going to the Weasel's place, something he never expected to do in his entire life and something he wasn't looking forward to. He didn't want to subject himself or his son to, but they did need to pick up Harry's kids.

"Tomorrow, you guys are all coming to my wedding and giving me the full scoop, understand?" Pansy said, staring with narrowed eyes at them.

"I know!" Draco said, faux exasperated, "See to tomorrow."

"Bye-bye Aunty Pansy!" Scorpius said, waving a pale hand.

"Goodbye," Harry said, looking awkward.

"Bye, I'll see you tomorrow," Pansy responded, still looking dissatisfied.

Draco, Harry, and Scorpius stepped into the floo and Harry threw down the green powder, muttering the address to The Weasley's house.

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