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Summary: Kissing! Mistletoe! And its spring, oddly enough. Anyway- trapped Harry, mistletoe in April, cuteness overload, Weasley- made enchantments, and Snape!

Authors Note: Just some cute thing I wrote because I have Mistletoe scented hand wash in my bathroom, and I am a shameless shipper. I am aware that it is April… Doesn't change the fact that mistletoe smells amazing and that trapped-Harry-finding-a-way-to-make-Snape-kiss-him is adorable. Yay!

Title: Mistletoe Kisses

Harry huffed in annoyance, blowing air out of his mouth sharply and shifting his weight. He couldn't believe this! It was April… why was there enchanted mistletoe hanging from the entrance to this hallway? Harry had no idea. And now he was stuck here, until someone came along and freed him. It didn't help that he'd been trapped here for about a half an hour- classes had already resumed for the hour and the only people likely to be wandering the halls were teachers on their off-periods.

That, Harry admitted sourly, would probably be the best for him. At least they would- should- be able to break the Weasley-enchanted mistletoe… and not give him too much grief over being caught under it. But then they may also be inclined to assign detention for missing Care of Magical Creatures, or an essay, or some other torture. A student on the other hand… Harry groaned, and clapped a hand over his eyes.

There was no telling what a fellow student would do. Depending on who it was, he would either be free in moments or the new laughing stock for the entire school. It was a bad situation, Harry admitted, and started hoping that it was McGonagall who found him.

"I almost cannot believe my eyes," a sarcastic voice drawled from behind him, and Harry groaned, covering his eyes with both hands this time. Why…why… did Snape have to find him? This was beyond embarrassing. This was almost… death-wish worthy. "Potter, if your back is presented to me for one more moment-" Harry didn't let the Professor finish his sentence before he was turning around, dropping his hands from his eyes with a sigh.

"Sorry, Professor," he muttered, looking past Snape and hoping that someone else was going to come rescue him. But no- the hallway persisted in remaining empty, much to Harry's dismay.

"Now, Potter-" the unholy glee in Snape's voice made Harry flinch, and he sighed in resignation- "how is it that you are so blind you cannot even see such an obvious trap?" The Potions Master grinned in delight. "Twenty points from Gryffindor for being so spectacularly unobservant, and another twenty for missing whatever class it is you have at the moment."

Harry didn't even bother protesting- by now, he knew that would only provoke Snape into taking more points away. "Have you nothing to say for once, Potter?" Snape inquired, brow raised as he regarded Harry.

Harry just shook his head, not wanting to get into an argument he couldn't even walk away from, and both of Snape's brows rose in mild shock. "I see you're finally learning." Harry snorted softly, and though the Professor looked miffed at the sound, he neglected to mention it. "You have ten minutes to report to your current class, Potter, before I begin taking ten points from your House per minute afterwards."

Snape turned to walk away, and Harry- desperate to be freed, enough to ask Snape for help- called out to him.

"Wait! Professor!" Snape turned with a slight frown on his face, and Harry flinched as he contemplated the results of asking for help from this man. But…

"Can you get me out of this?" Harry flinched again, harder, as Snape let out a harsh laugh.

"Foolish boy, if you cannot free yourself from it, you deserve to be caught." With another snort of laughter, Snape continued to walk away, and Harry called out after him.

"But, Professor! I've tried every spell I can think of and I can't get out!"

"Then obviously you have not tried every spell." Snape glared but walked back, eyeing the mistletoe suspiciously. "If you had," he continued, even as he poked the plant with the tip of his wand, "you would already be free."

"Well, yea obviously I'm not free so they didn't work." Harry muttered, and Snape stepped back in annoyance.

"If you wish my help, Potter, then perhaps your constant complaining should be limited." Harry glanced away, and nodded, all the ground he was willing to give at the moment. Snape glared, but returned his attention to the plant.

"I see what the issue is," he announced after a few more minutes of contemplation. Without elaborating he turned and began walking away.

"Hey!" Harry yelled at Snape's back, outraged, "What is it? You said you'd help, this is not helping!"

"Ten points for cheek, Potter, and that is a Weasley device." Harry spluttered, thoroughly pissed, and gestured expansively with his hands.

"So what if Fred and George made it? It still has to have a counter spell."

Snape locked his hands behind his back, and raised an annoyed eyebrow. "It is well known that the mistletoe those Weasley's sell is impossible to remove without the proper… method." Snape's mouth twisted in a moue of disgust, and Harry paled. This was a Slytherin- dominated hallway- their Common Room was only three hallways over, in fact, and Harry certainly did not want to beg help from any of them.

"You've got to be kidding me," he groaned, covering his eyes with his hands once more. Snape snorted his amusement and began to walk away.

"Ten minutes, Potter, no more and no less." Harry just groaned again as an idea presented itself to him, and he paled from it. But… which would he rather, he argued with himself- the entire school making a laughingstock of him (for certainly a Slytherin would never keep such a thing to herself), or begging Snape to free him and at least knowing that the Professor would never dare say a word to anyone.

"Professor-" he called out, hesitantly, and though Snape was almost far enough away to have not heard he paused. The black haired man turned to eye him over his shoulder, before his own eyes went wide as he guessed what Harry was going to say.

"No, Potter. Absolutely not."

"Professor, please! I can't have another student kis- free- me from this!" Harry stumbled over the word, and both of them ignored his near slip of the tongue. "Please Professor, please." Snape sighed, and brought a hand up to rub his temples, attempting to placate the growing migraine that this situation was giving him.

"No, Potter. And this is the last time I shall say it."

"I'll do anything!" Harry cried after him, "I'll… I'll clean cauldrons every day for a week, I'll organize your potions ingredients, I'll do anything!" Snape paused, obviously tempted by the offer, and though Harry was mildly disgusted by himself for begging to be kissed by Snape, he'd seen some of the Slytherins and he would be damned if he allowed himself to be touched by any of them.

"You'll clean cauldrons for three weeks, organize my next five shipments of potions ingredients, and turn in a four foot essay on proper situational awareness."

"Deal," Harry agreed instantly, although his elbows twinged at the thought of all that scrubbing, and his stomach twisted in knots at the dual thought of seeing the disgusting things bound to be in those shipments and the mere thought of kissing Snape. His Professor sighed once more, rubbing his temples briefly before walking briskly back to where Harry was trapped.

"If you renege on our agreement, I will make your life hell." Snape said, face serious, and Harry nodded frantically. Oh, he planned on doing all they had agreed on, only to get out of here now.

"I cannot believe…" Snape muttered, and Harry pretended not to hear him. The butterflies in his stomach almost drowned out the words anyway, and Harry stared up at Snape as the other man loomed over him.

The kiss was swift and light- barely more than a moment of pressure to signify that there were lips pressed against his own- and Snape was spinning around in a swirl of black robes, walking quickly away from Harry. Harry signed in relief at the speed of the kiss, cheeks flaming from having been kissed by the Potions Master. But as he tried to walk away… he couldn't. A soft sound of disbelief escaped him, and his eyes widened as he realized he was still trapped.

"Pro-" Harry's voice broke from sheer nerves, and he tried again, "Professor?" he called out softly, and Snape's rapid stride faltered as he looked over his shoulder once more. A black frown broke over the man's features, and Harry shrank into himself as Snape strode back to the trapped teen.

"Of all the foolish enchantments-" Harry heard Snape start to say, before he was pulled into the Potion Masters arms and kissed. One hand was fisted in his hair, and Snape forced his tongue between Harry's lips, using his grip on the Gryffindor's hair to tilt his head to the side for better access. The man's other arm wrapped around his waist, yanking him flush against the Head of Slytherin, making Harry gasp into Snape's mouth.

Harry's hands fluttered uselessly as he was ravished, finally settling onto the taller man's shoulders and holding on for dear life. Fire flicked through his veins with each lick of Snape's tongue against his own, his eyes rolling back in his head as Snape completely overwhelmed him. The man's lips felt like burning silk against his own and Harry moaned with sudden need. Kissing Cho had never felt like this- this sudden, astounding flush of desire was wholly unexpected.

Snape flung himself away from Harry abruptly, eyes narrowed as he raked his gaze over the boy. Harry stumbled back against the wall, hands flying out to catch himself, staring incredulously at the Potions Master. He licked his lips unconsciously, and Snape's breath audibly hitched.

"Do not forget our deal, Potter." Snape ground out before turning and walking away, this time not bothering to check and see if Harry had truly been freed.

"Yup, yea, you got it…" Harry responded vaguely, and shook his head, trying to clear the sudden cobwebs from it. Tinsel began to rain down on him, and Harry sneezed as dust came with it. The mistletoe was dissolving, turning into shiny Christmas decorations that were completely out of place in April, and Harry shook his head.

"Must remind myself to talk to Fred and George about their products," Harry muttered, trying- and failing- to brush all the tinsel off of himself. "Bloody ridiculous…" he flushed again, though, and stared down the hallway Snape has disappeared into, before running a hand through his hair and shaking his head.

"I wonder if Hagrid will mind if I show up-" Harry checked the time, and winced- "fifty minutes late..." He grimaced, and shook his head. "I'll just say I was… unavoidably detained." The Gryffindor barely suppressed the wild laughter that bubbled up inside of him. That was certainly one way to put it, he supposed, and began the long walk to the Great Hall, planning on appearing just in time for lunch, and shoving his most recent escapade to the back of his mind.

That didn't mean he forgot about it, though. No, not at all.

Yay, I wrote something! Shocking, I know.