Title: Kitchen Kisses

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Summary: A case of the midnight munchies.

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Harry woke up starving.

He frowned blearily at his glasses, wondering if it was even worth the effort to get out of bed and walk all the way to the kitchen when he had to be up in- he quickly checked the time- six hours. But the next growl from his stomach convinced him to get up, so he took a deep breath and threw back his covers. The teen cursed softly as the cool air hit him, grabbing for his glasses from the nightstand and reaching for the sweater tossed over the end of his bed.

He stood, shoving his feet into slippers and sliding his wand into his back pocket. After a moments indecision he grabbed the Map from his trunk and began shuffling to the kitchens.

There were a few late night partiers still up and about in the Common Room, though half of them were beginning to pass out and the other half were obviously desperately trying to stay awake. Harry just chuckled, knowing he would be among them if he didn't have Quidditch practice at 8 a.m.

But the hallways were empty, and even the Fat Lady was asleep when he exited the tower. Harry briefly checked the Map before heading out.

Dobby stood over Harry protectively, eyeing the other House Elves whenever they got too close.

"Is there anything else Mister Potter will be needing?" the elf asked, holding a skillet in one hand as he waited. Harry took one more bite of the omelet before pushing the plate away from him.

"Oh, Merlin no Dobby, you've stuffed me to the brim." Harry laughed, and gestured to his stomach. "If I eat anything else I'm going to explode." The Gryffindor had completely blanked on the fact that the House Elves would try to feed him a full meal, but he wasn't going to complain. "I really appreciate this, Dobby, it's really late, or well early, but you didn't have to go through all this trouble."

Dobby beamed with pleasure. "You know it's no trouble at all Mister Potter! None at all!"

Harry grinned back. "You're way too good to me, Dobby." He stood and collected his things. "But I'll get out of your way now." He bowed elaborately to the elf, who cackled in glee.

"Goodnight Mister Potter, sir!" Dobby saluted, almost cracking a nearby elf in the head with the skillet still in his hand, and bowed back happily.

Harry tried to hide his smile as he shoved both Map and wand into his back pocket once more, but as Dobby straightened up a silence fell over the kitchen, and the usually mirthful elf's face lost all trace of emotion.

Harry turned, startled by the sudden change in the demeanor of the elves, and came face to face with Snape.

"Mr. Potter," Snape drawled, eyes glittering in the bright light of the kitchen. "Out after curfew, again."

"Ah, hello Professor Snape…" the teen stammered, caught off guard. "I was just… going back to my tower?" he finished lamely, and Snape sniffed.

"I see. Ten points from Gryffindor, Mr. Potter, and I will escort you to your Common Room so I am assured you do not lose your way." Snape moved to the entrance of the kitchen, turning back with a raised brow as Harry didn't follow him immediately.

The Gryffindor muttered one last thank you to Dobby before darting out past Snape and into the hallway. The doorknob resolved itself once more into a painting of a bowl of fruit as Harry watched, and he turned to his professor with a sigh.

"Do you not keep food in your rooms, Potter?" Snape asked, eyeing the student curiously, before turning to walk down the hall that would lead to the Tower.

"Usually, yeah. But I went through it this week and forgot to get more," Harry explained, falling into step next to the Potion's Master now that it was clear he wasn't in too much trouble. "But I was starving when I woke up. I didn't think I'd be that long, just a quick nip in to nab some food before I headed back."

Snape was silent as Harry spoke, and when he had finished a corner of the Professors lip turned up into something like a smile. "Your House Elf would never let you escape easily nor fast, Potter."

Harry sighed, and ran his hand through his hair in resignation. "Well, I'll blame that on being tired." he said, and glanced up at his professor through his lashes. Snape was watching the corridor in front of them intensely, thoughts obviously directed towards catching another wayward student. Harry took his professors distraction and checked the Map quickly, noting that there was no one anywhere near them and replacing the Map in his pocket before Snape noticed.

The Gryffindor pursed his lips, contemplating the thought that had just raced through his mind and wondering if he was stupid enough to do it. Fuck it, Harry thought, and shrugged to himself. There was an alcove coming up on their walk that had no portraits and the few in this hallway were asleep. What's the worst that can happen, anyway? He wondered, then quickly emptied his mind before he came up with something awful.

The Gryffindor waited the few steps until they were about to draw even with the alcove, and then brushed his hand against Snape's, quickly drawing it away.

The Potion's Master stopped walking immediately and looked down at his hand, and then at the teen. Harry smiled and cocked his head to the side. The professor drew himself up to his full height as he stared down at the Gryffindor, unconsciously rubbing his thumb over the skin that Harry had touched.

"Do you not have Quidditch practice in a few hours?" He asked, voice free of any inflection that might let Harry know what he was thinking.

Harry blushed, visible even in the dim and shadows, and shrugged his shoulders, riffling a hand through his hair.

"Well, it's not like they have much for me to do," he said, "it's usually just 'Yea, just keep an eye out for the Snitch mate'." Harry looked away from Snape, missing the way his professor's usually cold eyes swept down his body, latching onto the patch of skin briefly visible at his waist, and began to walk back to the tower.

A strong hand gripped his bicep and stopped him. Harry turned to look up at Snape in question, only to find the older man sweeping his eyes up and down the corridor. He pushed Harry into the alcove, slashing his wand at the entrance and casting a handful of spells before turning all of his attention to the student before him.

"What happened to-" Harry began to ask, but was cut off by lips meeting his with bruising force. He grinned against silky lips and buried both hands in the front of Snape's robes, letting the older man press him up against the wall.

The Slytherin pulled away after a moment, and raised an arched brow at the teen. "I have been known to change my mind."

Harry freed one of his hands and wrapped it around the taller man's neck, dragging him closer. "Well, next time," he muttered against Snape's lips, "how about just telling me?"

Both of Snape's brows arched at Harry's tone, and he found and trapped both of Harry's wrists with his hands and forced them over the Gryffindor's head. "You do not tell me what to do," he stated, then smirked. "Not unless you're begging."

All the annoyance that Harry had been beginning to feel fled at that sentence, and instead he was filled with hot, flushing need. "Fuck," Harry whispered violently, and threw his head against the wall, staring at Snape with blown pupils and parted lips.

"No," the Slytherin chuckled, and transferred both of Harry's wrists into one hand. "I believe I implied that that would take place in a bed." He took the teen's momentary distraction to tip Harry's chin up and expose his neck, lowering his head to press his lips to his pounding pulse. His free hand wandered down the Gryffindor's body, and Harry sucked in a breath as freezing fingers danced across his abdomen, already tucked up under his shirt.

He let his head fall back as Snape's lips whispered along his neck, barely touching but exploring everywhere, eyes sliding shut as a thumb smoothed along his hip bone. Harry inhaled sharply as his professor bit down on his collarbone, jolting with the sensation. Snape's hand tightened on his hip, bound to leave bruises but Harry found he didn't really give a damn when the professor's lips were doing that.

The older man released Harry's wrists, and used both of his hands to force the teen further into the wall, crowding into him and coming in full contact for the first time in more than a week. He left Harry's neck reluctantly, leaving a blossoming bruise that would no doubt begin to ache in a short while. Harry turned his face towards his professor, opening his eyes and leaning up and into warm lips. The Gryffindor's hands travelled along Snape's lean body, dipping inside his robe and coming to rest at his waist, fingering plucking at where his shirt was tucked in.

Harry took Snape's lack of protest as permission, and swiftly untucked the professor's shirt, sliding his hands along tight skin for the first time. His professor pulled away from the kiss to stare at him, and Harry smiled, not stopping his hands from tracing muscles he couldn't yet see.

Snape narrowed his eyes at the teen, though he turned his attention elsewhere. Harry's warm hands explored his abdomen, hips, and waist and the Slytherin shut his eyes briefly as he envisioned a different scenario. But he turned his attention towards Harry once again, determined, and shoved his hands beneath the Gryffindor's waist band as he once against pressed his lips to Harry's.

Harry gasped; Snape's hands had only slightly warmed up but they were gripping him firmly in an area no one had ever touched before and his grip on the professor's waist tightened. He moaned into the kiss, dragging Snape's hips against his and rocking against him as the other man explored. Snape knocked Harry's legs further apart and crushed the two of them even closer together, reveling in the hands that had travelled to his back and were now holding onto him. His own hands were full of Harry- digging his fingers into the teens arse and grabbing handfuls of firm skin, bunching the cloth of his pants up under his trousers.

The Gryffindor broke free of the kiss, panting for air and stared wide-eyed at Snape. Harry was burning up from the inside, legs trembling from the weight of the need coursing through him.

"Shit," Harry bit out, dropping his head onto Snape's shoulder, bowing his back and shaking at the sensations. "Please, for fucks sake, Snape!"

"What do you want me to do, Harry?" Snape whispered silkily into the teen's ear, breath hot against already burning skin. Harry's hands clenched onto the smooth skin of Snape's back at the sound of his given name, hips jerking fiercely against the Slytherin's as his breath shuddered in his throat.

"Fuck, shit." Harry panted, taking his head away from the crook of Snape's neck to drop it against the wall. "Something. Anything."

"Well, since you ask so nicely."

Harry could barely form a smile at the sarcasm, his lips quivering at the sight his professor made.

Snape withdrew one hand from the back of Harry's trousers, ignoring the pout at the action, and reached around the front to undo a few buttons of the teen's trousers. He paused, thoughtfully, eyeing the bulge he could just see, but after a few moments he shook his head. Although he did graze his knuckles over the tent in Harry's pants, Snape tucked his fingertips into the waistband and gently moved his hand back to where it was before, palming the skin of Harry's hip as he sank his hand into the teen's pants.

Harry withdrew a hand from under Snape's shirt, using it instead to latch onto the older man's neck, sinking his hand into the hair at the base of the man's skull. He quivered, afraid to move, breath coming in gasps as he felt the Slytherin's other hand rise out of his trousers only to move to skin on skin as well. Although the Potion's Master moved gently, every new touch made Harry jump, jerking into the sensation and only increasing his already all-consuming need.

Snape explored slowly, monitoring how the Gryffindor was reacting, and smiled sharply to himself. The long fingers of one hand began to move, tracing patterns into Harry's skin but obviously with a destination in mind. Snape's other hand held fast, massaging the globe of flesh and opening up the path. Harry's heart beat even harder in his chest as a finger traced up and down the seam of his arse, followed by another, and then a third.

Snape began to move rhythmically against the teen now and Harry hissed, jolting up and into the motion as the Slytherin's long fingers touched him.

He stared up at his professor, flushed and panting, and Snape smiled benignly at the sight. His fingers circled Harry's rim, and the teen gasped, pulling himself impossibly closer to the older man and wrapping his leg around Snape's waist, unintentionally giving the professor better access.

Snape laughed quietly and pressed a kiss to the Gryffindor's lips, taking his bottom lip between his teeth and biting gently. Harry moaned, overflowing with sensation and turned the bite into another kiss, open mouthed and sloppy, writhing against his professor. Snape's rhythm never faltered, dragging Harry to the edge and holding him there, trembling, needing a push but never quite giving it to him.

"Please, Snape, please," Harry tore his mouth from the Slytherin's long enough to stare into brilliant black eyes for a moment before returning to the mouth he was addicted to.

Snape smirked into the kiss, reveling in the fact that he had Potter completely at his mercy, and thrust against Harry harder, rubbing his fingers over the teen's hole. Harry cried out in shock into Snape's mouth as he came, shuddering against his professor uncontrollably. The Slytherin did not stop until Harry was completely finished, shaking and sobbing in breaths as his heart beat slowly began to return to normal.

Snape withdrew his hands from Harry's pants, resting one on the teen's waist and using the other to lift the Gryffindor's lips back to his, pressing a kiss to them that Harry blindly returned.

"We'll have to work on that," he noted, and Harry finally opened his eyes.

"What?" Confused emerald eyes cleared up as they stared into onyx ones. "Oh. Yes." He agreed, and looked down at the front of Snape's trousers, where a sizable bulge was still pressed against him. He began to move a hand down to try and help, but Snape stopped him quickly.

"No," his professor said, and lifted a corner of his lip up in a smile. "I will take care of it."

"I want to, though," Harry argued, and tried to move, but Snape did not release him

"As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I will make sure you return the favor at another point." Snape pulled away, and with a whispered word Harry was no longer a mess. "But unfortunately you and I both have things we need to accomplish today."

Harry hesitated, but nodded. "Next time?" He asked, trying to keep hope out of his voice.

"Next time indeed," Snape answered, and dismissed the spells hiding them away. Harry turned and quickly kissed the older man one more time, smiling brightly against the thin lips before he pulled away.

Remember, anything wrong is all me. I hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully more to come soon.