AN:- Do you know what happened today? I crossed the thousand visitors for all your stories mark! Which is awesome. Problem is, I don't know why no one reviews :P. I kid, I kid. So very short, little vignette here in celebration. One scene is inspired by a short comic I saw on devart.



Three Times Dick's Older Brother Senses Tingled in Relation to his Brothers and the One Time Damian's Little Brother Senses Did (but only in relation to Dick).


Dick swiftly stepped aside as the bucket of water came down, crashing into empty space. He would've been drenched it not for that tingle he got at the base of his neck.

Jason just gaped at him.

"How did you…?"

Dick turned and grinned at him, holding up the gift wrapped limited edition Spiderman comic (which Jason didn't know about).

"My 'spidey' senses tingled. And you wouldn't want your birthday present to get wet now would you?"

Jason lunged for the present. Tearing the wrapping off, he looked up at his brother, gobsmacked.

"Oh my GO – "



It was a school night before finals. Bruce had forbid Tim from going on patrol, asking him to get a good night sleep in preparation for his exam.

Tim snuck out for an hour, he was craving burger.

He did pretty well too, Batman hadn't come after him. He assumed he got away with it.

Tim assumed wrong.

A light flipped on next to the kitchen counter. Dick lounged comfortably on a stool.

"So… you wanna tell me how your night was?"

"How did you…?"

Dick smirked, and chose to say nothing about the tingle he got at the base of his neck an hour ago.


Damian crept up on his sleeping older brother, can of worms in hand. He reached over, hand letting go of the…

"Don't you even think about it Little D."

Damian started back, covering the can. Dick's eyes hadn't even opened! The others were all in deep sleep, how did he know?

"Cassie will castrate you."


"You've already placed Tim's hand in hot water…"

"Drake could use the company. How did you know anyway?"

Dick sat up, grinned and tapped his nose.

"Big brothers have their ways."

Damian (again)

Damian woke up, a tingle at the back of his neck telling him to go to Dick's room. He opened the door and saw his big brother thrashing about.

"Grayson! Wake up!"

Dick lurched forward. Eyes wild. Damian hugged him.

"Grayson, you know how you know about things?"


"I think I know how you know now…"