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:Chapter 1 Threads of Despair:


He really didn't feel like going. He wanted to make up every excuse to just drop the whole thing. But Bailey would find out and he'd be labeled as a true coward. That wasn't him, that wasn't how Jo... well King showed his true colors. The corgi rounded the last corner leading to his and the wolves house. A short distance and the weather wasn't overbaringly hot. One of the better qualities of being a dog in the spring is being able to smell everything around you. But sometimes smelling everything meant you had to even get a whiff of your enemies. "Bino" that dog had done almost everything to him in the book. He was spiteful, hateful, all around umpleasant, and to top it off he was nearby.

King didn't want to go th the meeting knowing Bino would make things worse. But he had to endure it just to say that he wasn't a coward, or much of one. He had to be near him sooner or later, but for now he had to choose later. As quickly as he could he dashed down the sidewalk. His stubby leggs more than once a problem for him proving more so now when he tried to avoid danger. His collar shaking as he ran by nearer and nearer to his dwellings just now at the fence "Almost there almost..".

"Well if it isn't the runt" that irritating voice, that annoying tone, those cold and bitter words. King stopped mid stride, on one paw if he didn't confront him then he'd be kicked out of the club, and then on the other thered be a fight between the two. He sighed in annoyance and turned around facing that smug dog once more. "What do you want Bino" he barked knowing that animal's only puropse was to ruin what was left of his life. Bino stood across the street staring at King for a moment. He held a piece of paper in his hand and waved it at him. "Well this was your invitation to the club cookout tomorrow but..." He glared at King before plastering a grin on his face and slowly shredded the note. "Oh look at that its gone now, I guess you were never supposed to join us" he chuckled to himself and turned around.

The corgi looked furious at this display of animosity "You know what Bino". He saw the dog walking away barely paying attention to him "I hope you get fleas by the time the party starts". Bino stopped for a moment just halfway down the block. He turned and yelled back "Well atleast everyone likes having me around unlike you runt". Bino turned and ran down the streeet vanisjhing from sight almost instantly.

By the time he had seen his foe leaving the scene he felt somewhat saddened at the comment. As if his life hadn't been strange enough now he was being disowned by even animals. "Stupid Bino" he turned and walked approaching the steps to their house "Why does he always demean everyone". He pulled his house key out from his collar and unlocked the door "Well every dog will have its day, even him". By the time he had opened the door the fresh scent of meat had caught his nose. "Oh hey there King back early?" a voice called to him from the kitchen.

"Hey Lucretia, I'm just back to get a few things for the club meeting tonight" he walked past the door seeing the wolf preparing something. Ever since he became a dog his tastes have changed, but seeing a wolf attempting to cook something to him was still bizarre. "Well the kids are with Miles and Darryl getting new hats" she flipped something in a pan as she turned to look at him. "We got some new stuff to try from the Miltons and this cookbook is great" picking up a yellow book from next to her the walked over to king and handed it to him to read the title.

"Carnivores Cook-Book, If its on your plate odds are it ate some vegetables in its life" the dog stared at the book and flipped through the pages roughly skimming over it. Every page with some kind of dish with little of no effort to place anything other than meat. But what had intrigued him was the page that she had tabbed "Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed grilled steak?". At the mention of this he leaned his head up to see a wide smile on the wolf's face. He handed her back the book and looked on the stove "It smells great, but most of the seasonings I cant find, and the cooking time was far too long, so It's almost done, wanna try it?". She walked back over to the steak it was sommering slowly and fully prepared, but he was a bit skeptical about her cooking prowess.

He had to come up with something quick without having her feelings hurt "No thanks, I plan on eating alot at the club party tonight so I'll have to pass this time". She shugged her shoulders "Ah well, I'll tell you how this went , and I hope you have fun at the party tonight". He silently nodded and headed upstairs taking a right around the corner into his room. He got in and closed the door ensuring nobody else was around like Lucretia had said. He went to his dresser drawer and pulled out a small green box. Pulling the lid open he saw what he was looking for. The small yellow pocket watch, on the back was a name familiar to him but could never be said.

He sighed deeply remembering how things got to be this way "I hope all this is resolved soon, I can't leave this thing behind". He took the watch and placed it under his collar, it was a tight fit but it wasn't stressful to the point of pain. He took the lid of the box and placed it back into its container and put that back in the drawer. A clock from downstairs chimed telling him that it was about 4 and he had little time to get to the club to meet with fox before it began. He headed back downstairs hearing chewing sounds from the kitchen, but not paying it too much attention. He opened the door and locked it on his way out.


"Stupid King" Bino kicked a rock down the street while he walked around aimlessly. "Who does he think he is always ruining my good time" he kicked another rock into a nearby bush. "OWW" a yell of pain shouted from the bush catching the angry dog's attention. "Who'se there" he yelled back at it starting to back up. "Why'd you hit me with a rock" a small dog emerged from the bush. He stood and scratched a bump on his head. Those black and white marka and short coat distinguished him from most other neighborhood dogs. He was a collie.

"Well you should watch where you're hiding cause that bush is mine" Bino pointed at him attempting to move the collie away from his falsely claimed territory. The collie looked down at his own pads "I'm sorry, I was just looking for something". Bino looked even angrier. That dog was not only disrupting his order but was now looking for something that should cleary be his. But what to do in this situation, he could force him out or..."What are you looking for". Bino looked sternly at the collie trying to be intimidating despite his small stature. The collie looked around and twiddled his thumbs before he looked back at him "A watch".

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