Ever since Luna started at Hogwarts, she didn't have any friends. She was a rather strange or quirky girl, who would speak about some made-up magical creatures that have never been heard of before. During her first year as a Ravenclaw student, she was often found outside the Great Hall. Many times, some older girls from her house would tease her and make fun of her. One of those days, Cho Chang and her friend Marietta Edgecombe, saw Luna skipping about and went over to her.

Luna heard voices near her. One of them belonged to Cho, "Well if it isn't Loony Lovegood!"

Marietta snickered and added, "Yeah, that quirky girl always going on about loony things, that's why we call her Loony."

Some other girls harassed her and started pushing and shoving her around to try and get a reaction out of her. One young wizard, Harry Potter, in his second year, was not happy about that. He decided to put a stop to it right there. "Oi!" he yelled out getting their attention. "Leave her alone now!" He looked at them menacingly.

Marietta spoke up, "What's it to you Potter? She's Loony anyway!"

"Loony or not, get away from her! You should know better than to bully a first year!"

"Oh look, we better back off, otherwise the heir of Slytherin will petrify us!" screeched Cho sarcastically.

Penelope Clearwater, a sixth year prefect, saw the commotion and had enough. "What's going on there?"

Harry looked up and said in his very respectful tone, "Prefect, I found these girls harassing and pushing this young lady," pointing to Luna. "I tried to talk some sense into them."

Penelope looked at Harry with respect and awe, and replied, "Thank-you Mr Potter for your generous concern for Miss Lovegood." Looking at Cho and Marietta, she said, "You two should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves. Not only you harass a first year, but she is your own housemate!"

"But she's Loony," whined Cho.

Harry was getting angry at their attitude, but Penelope gently said to him with a smile, "Leave this to me." Turning to the girls, she yelled, "LOONY OR NOT, YOU DO NOT HARASS ANYONE, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE YOUNGER AND DEFENCELESS, NOT TO MENTION THAT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LOOK UP TO YOU!" The girls were frozen at her tone. After calming down, she continued, "I will report you two to professor Flitwick. He will take care of your rightful punishment and I will have to take 10 points off Ravenclaw. I hate doing this, but I am not a biased person and it's my job to see that order is maintained."

After the girls left with their heads hung down, Harry said to the prefect, "You did really well in handling the situation. I think that I would have hexed them myself."

She smiled at him and said, "Thanks again for trying to protect Luna. By the way, I'm Penelope Clearwater, and I am glad to meet you Mr Potter." She held out her hand and he took it and they shook each other.

"Please, just Harry," he replied.

"Of course, Harry, and you can call me Penny," she said with a smile. "By the way, I don't believe this rubbish about you being the heir of Slytherin, I mean, come on, you're in Gryffindor, surely Slytherin has nothing to do with you. Anyway, I better go to professor Flitwick, so I'll see you around." He nodded at her and she went her way.

Harry looked at Luna and said, "Are you ok?"

"Yes, thank-you for standing up to me Harry Potter," replied the girl. "Oh, my name is Luna Lovegood."

"Please Luna, just call me Harry." She nodded and he asked, "Do you want to walk with me and see my friends?"

"Sure Harry, I would love to," she replied dreamily. "I have no friends though."

"Will you be my friend Luna?"

"Of-course I would Harry. I like you, and I don't believe that you are the heir of Slytherin either." With that, she stood on her toe and kissed his cheek, making his face beet red.

"Well, let's go then Luna." He found Hermione, Ginny and Ron and said to them, "Guys, this is my new friend, Luna Lovegood. I hope you include her with us, because she was bullied earlier by her own housemates."

Hermione and Ginny were stunned. Ron didn't show any reaction, but just slightly nodded. Hermione said, "That's so terrible." Looking at Luna, she held out her hand and said, "Welcome Luna, I'm Hermione Granger."

Luna gracefully took her hand and said, "Thank-you Hermione. And I already know Ginny. We have some classes together." Ginny also formally welcomed her into the group.

The days went by with the Quidditch match and seeker contest between Harry and Draco Malfoy being the talk of the school. The school had no idea why the bludger went after Harry. More students were petrified, the latest ones being Hermione and Penelope, the Ravenclaw prefect. Harry was so upset at all of this, but he had some people coming up to him and apologising to him about their wrong assumptions of him.

Luna stood by his side and was adamantly supporting him, not believing that he opened the Chamber of Secrets. Harry was thanking her for her support every day, and she would give him a peck on the cheek to keep up his hopes.

Harry found out through Hermione (she had a piece of paper in her petrified hand) that the monster in the chamber is a basilisk, and instant death awaits the person who looks it in the eye. The last nail in the coffin was when Harry heard that Ginny was taken into the chamber of secrets. Harry decided to take Ron and go to the chamber to kill this basilisk and rescue Ginny. Harry decided that enough was enough. He went to the chamber, confronted Voldemort and killed the sixty-foot long basilisk, and saved Ginny.

A few days after the event, Luna visited Harry in the hospital wing and hugged him, sobbing onto his chest. Harry asked, "What's wrong Luna?"

"I thought that I would lose you Harry, I was so worried about you," she sobbed.

"It's ok Luna, I'm here," he said, hugging the frightened girl. "Thank-you for showing your concern, it means a lot to me."

"I thought the Nargles got you."

Harry was used to her talking about those strange creatures. Hermione thought that it was nonsense, but she didn't reject Luna or scoff at her. Ron called her Loony, only to be hexed by Harry and Ginny, and it was the last time that Ron called her Loony. Harry kissed the girl on her cheek and said, "I'm here Luna, it's ok. By the way, I saw something more dangerous than Nargles."

"What was it?" she asked.

"A basilisk, and it was huge, but I killed it."

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "How did you kill it? How big was it?"

"I killed it with the sword of Gryffindor. It presented itself to me. The snake was about sixty-foot long. Anyway, don't worry Luna, I'm ok," said Harry.

Luna clung onto him and kissed his cheeks, and rested her head onto his chest. "I really like you Harry."

He replied, "Luna, I really like you too. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Luna squealed, "YES! Of-course I would love to Harry!" she kissed him hard on the lips and he returned the kiss back. They opened their mouths together and the kiss lasted for about five minutes.

After breaking off the kiss, Harry said, "Wow! I've never kissed a girl like that before."

Luna smiled and said, "I haven't kissed like that before either. I'm glad that I am your girlfriend. In a few years, we can do lots more than kissing."

Harry's mind was spinning, but replied, "Ah, yeah, that's right Luna." For now, he was happy to have cuddles from her and kiss her with a bit of tongue. He loved the feeling of her little body hugging onto him. He also loved the softness of her lips whenever they shared a lover's kiss.

Harry's friends accepted Luna and were glad that they were together. The other girls at Hogwarts were stunned, shocked and jealous that of all the girls, Harry chose Luna for his girlfriend. He sternly warned people to stay away from his lady, or things will not be good at all. Harry enjoyed his times with Luna and while only resorting to lots of kissing for now, she encouraged him to feel her a bit, and he took the opportunity, so now there was kissing and a bit of gentle groping. Harry and Luna were happy that they found each other and were now together as an item.

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