"Oh sweet fuck."

Ironically, the song on his iPhone had changed to 'Beggin' by Madcon as he openly leered, as much as his semi-innocent mind allowed. Of course, the blonde had all right to curse because of the sight in front of him. The sex god was completely oblivious to his blatant staring, and Naruto couldn't be happier about it as sapphire eyes drank in the body of the raven.

Sasuke sighed discreetly, obsidian eyes rolling up skywards before they landed on the building in front of him. With a lick of the lips, he moved forward. He was clad in a white v-neck t-shirt that clung sinfully to his pectorals, a rosary dangling in the wind. The very tip of his Calvin Klein boxers peaked out before fading into fitted black jeans. Said jeans had the entire population of Gakure Tech licking their lips, imaginations on full throttle. The raven had simply slipped on a pair of red vans on his feet. He had had a haircut that weekend and ebony tresses settled in a messy but tempting look on his head. The cartilage piercings he had in glinted in the rays of the sun. To complete the walking orgasm, the raven emitted the sweetest scent. Musk, man, cologne, testosterone and utterly sinful Uchiha.

Naruto tilted his head to watched the masterpiece of an ass walk by him, his glasses fogging slightly. He bit into a plump bottom lip and sighed inwardly. He jumped twenty feet in the air when he felt hot air breath down the column of the tanned neck. Hearing the familiar snicker, he rolled his eyes and -annoyed- turned to regard his best friend, Haku.

"Oh Naru, you have some left over drool riiigghhht thhheerrre ." The brunette said, playfully wiping at the corner of his friend's mouth. He giggled when Naruto swatted his hand away.

"Haku, go blow someone." The blonde replied, readjusting his bag strap and shoving the sleeves of his grey sweater up his elbows when he felt them slip.

"Don't be like that, blondie. Thrusting your fantasies on innocent by-standers so early isn't healthy you know," Haku said in a sing song voice. He giggled and trailed his best friend of 8 years into the impressive building known as their high school.

For a moment, the blonde didn't reply. His eyes war assessing the damage the Uchiha had caused. He eyed a freshman who was hyperventilating on the floor, "That Uchiha is going to be the death of someone."

"At least, they'd die happy. And stop acting like you don't want piece of that fine ass specimen," Looking at his freshly manicured hands, Haku smirked at the clone who ignored him. Haku pouted, Naruto was in one of his "moods" again. Tilting his head to the side, he tried to assess the blonde. Naruto was wearing his favorite grey sweater that wasn't too tight but not too loose. Fadedm ripped jeans and his favorite pair of Timbaland slippers. The spiky unruly blonde mop of hair on his head was still as said description said. The clear framed glasses he wore, more out of habit than anything else, made his eyes look bigger than they were. And making his friend a tad bit cuter. However, Naruto was hiding a foul mood under all that glamour.

"What's wrong, babe?"

He closed his locker and breathe slowly before answering, "It's just ... Spring formal is around the corner and I haven't gotten anywhere with the committee."

"That's what you get for putting Shikamaru and Choji in charge," Haku twirled the end of his fish plait , "Speaking of Shikamaru ... "

Sapphire eyes glared lightly at his companion, "No."

Without another word, he moved off to his next class , a pouting Haku in his wake. Naruto could feel the headache he'd been praying not to have, brew in the back of his mind. It was strategizing against his defenses and would strike at any moment the blonde was weak. Deciding that thinking wasn't helping, he instead flipped his mind into Sasuke-mode. A small smile came to his rosette lips. Sure, it's sick that the blonde had had a crush on the raven since grade school. - He was not a stalker- . But when the raven had been interested in boxing , football , basketball and the anatomy of the females that constantly flocked him, Naruto had changed. He was interested in planning, organizing and the solidity of his textbooks and drawing pad.

He supposed that the change wasn't so bad. Except the fact that it left him yearning like some love-sick pup after a creature way out of his league. Being student council president, head of most of the committees and not to mention, president of the Key club, Chess club and the Reach Out program. He also managed his after school job at the Fox's Den - his grandmother's garage. He juggled soccer and karate and helping at the local soup kitchen. The blonde scoffed, he barely even had time to breathe much less to engage in a relationship. Of course, he had his imagination to snuggle up to at night. So he liked telling himself that love and dating and relationships were something that he could dream of. He'd allow that much.

That being said, he openly dreamed about wrapping himself in Sasuke toned strong arms and dying there. Or rather, being pushed up roughly against a wall while a pale hand teased the cleft of his ass before he was being fucked with extreme prejudice into -

"Ooff !" He sounded as he hit into something that he assumed to be a wall, his butt landing on the marble tiled floor beneath him. He frowned at himself. This is what daydreaming got you. He was about to get up and say sorry to whoever it was, but was assaulted by liquid sin.

"Hey, sorry babe, didn't see you there. You okay?"

He slowly followed the long lean legs, the hips, the sinful abs and the neck begging to be ravaged, up and up until he met obsidian. He smiled sarcastically in his head. Of course. What was it? Be careful what you wish for ? "Y-yeah, I'm fine. "

The raven cocked his head to the side and tried not to smile. He extended a hand, "Need help?"

Naruto stared at the large hand. He debated whether he should give in to the movie moment, accept the hand and embarrass himself when he couldn't let go. Or don't take the hand and have the man of his wet dreams think he was a stuck up bitch the school like to picture him as. Letting out a sigh, he grasped the arm that was attached to the hand. His tan fingers curled around the muscles arm and he was helped up.

Sasuke smirked. This one was interesting. He watched as the boy patted his abused ass to get the dust off. He let out a curse and bent to pick up his papers that had slipped from his hand. When he straightened, he jolted a bit when endless blue clashed with unfathomable obsidian. Something coiled in the raven's stomach. The blonde parted those kissable lips. Whatever was about to happen was cut short when the bell rang in the hall, bringing both boys back to the hallway.

Teens materialized and Naruto noticed that the entire hallway was dead silent as they watched the exchange. His body turned several shades of red before he muttered the 'Sorry' and walked off to his Homeroom. He resisted the urge to slap him forehead repeatedly. His hand tingled from where he touched Sasuke . He tried really hard to focus on the walkway - so he didn't bump into anyone else - instead of the feel of strong muscles contracting and relaxing as the arm was flexed. He bit his lip again and dared not linger on the way the Uchiha's scent had caught his fingers. He wasn't getting dizzy just thinking about the smirk that moulded those lips that promised unexplainable and mind-bobbling pleasure.

By the time he got to the classroom, he was hot all over. His breath was coming out in pants and his fingers were trembling to touch the Uchiha again. Unknowingly to him, he'd caused quite a few boners with his panting alone. Taking a deep breath, he let it out slowly and adjusted his glasses. Sasuke Uchiha was NOT on his schedule and he would NOT engage at any circumstance.

At least, that's what he told himself.