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I know I haven't written to you for a few years but I think that writing my thoughts down helps. It makes me feel better, even if you don't get these letters and I don't get a reply. I think I'm glad that you've never received my letters actually because they're more like diary entries. What with them having all my secrets, fears and thoughts written in. Tomorrow I start at Leadworth Primary School. Tomorrow I meet my Mummy and Daddy although I must remember to call them Amelia and Rory. Tomorrow is the start of my new life. I'm nervous but I'm excited too. Finally, I'll have friends. I can't wait.


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A/N: I said that Mels hasn't written for a few years because in Let's Kill Hitler, just before she regenerates, Mels says 'last time I did this, I ended up a toddler, in the middle of New York.' As I think she looks about seven when she went to Leadworth I skipped a few years, otherwise it would just be like Letters to the Doctor.

Also, the let me know any ideas for chapters still stands like it did in Letters to the Doctor. I will also still say whose idea it was in the disclaimer. If it doesn't say then it's my idea.

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