Gian and Suneo stood facing each other, both panting. It was to be expected, given that they had been fighting for roughly the last 20 hours. Both were showing signs of exhaustion. In his pseudo Super Saiyan form, Gian was able to spam Kamehameha and the Spirit Bomb without limits. He was also master of the True Hokuto Fists, although he was not very accurate with it, having to control his six Asura Bullets arms (Suneo destroyed three already). Finally, he was able to completely suppress Suneo's Haki with his own. All in all, it was a very hard fight for Suneo.

Suneo hadn't made it easy for obese opponent either. His Evil Eye (his right eye that he kept shut) allows him to heal from any injuries, even when Gian ripped his limbs off with his 'Knife', Suneo could grow it back like a lizard in a few seconds. All Suneo had however, was his sword-fighting experiences he gained through his 500 years of solitude, as well as modern weapons built in to his prosthetic left forearm. Even though Gian's exponential instincts gave him near-instant reactions, it was hard to avoid Suneo's ammunition the instant he saw them, it was nearly the same instant it hits.

As a result, the fight was nearly even.

"Reminds us... of the old times, eh shortie?"

"Hah! I…actually didn't think... you'd make me work this hard to beat you, fatass."

"Arh bo then? When we're kids, no one has ever beaten me up!"

"How about yer ma?"

"Aye, diam lah bodoh! It's time to end this fight. I've shown you my 'Utensils', my Hokuto Fists, and my fancy Bullets. I guess it's time to show you the last one."

Suneo opened his good eye, a hint of regret in his eye.

"Your jealousy and arrogance is your downfall, Gian."

Gian laughed maniacally. "Jealous? Of you? Only in your dreams lah, chee bye." Gian felt the power flowing through him, due to his life force flowing to his three remaining palms. "At least I ain't a monster magnet!"

"My raw power comes from real battle experience, and this brand," Suneo shows Gian his Brand on the back of his hand, "Is a monster magnet, and my source of power." he counters.

Gian grins proudly.

Suneo braced himself for defense, rooting Dragon Slayer to the ground nearby.

"Nah bei, you became a badass over the years."

"...You too, monkey."

"But no hard feelings, I'm gonna kill you now."

"...the feeling is mutual."


Suneo awoke with a jolt as the memories of a week ago entered his mind. He fished a cigarette from his side drawer, and lit it with his lighter finger.

"…is s-something wrong, Suneo?" His wife asked quietly, in that soft, loving tone of hers. Anshin'in Najimi would never even begin to get mad at her husband for waking her up, even if it wasn't an accident.

He kept his eyes shut, as the smoke irritates them. "Actually there was, but don't worry too much. Get back to sleep would ya?" He asked gently, trailing his hand against hers.

" know that friend of yours better than he knows himself." Najimi consoles, "He is still alive you know, just battered up." she nibbled Suneo's right ear as she cuddles him from behind.

"Goddammit... for a 3,402,193,822,311 year old hag, you talk too much, but always hit the spot."

"Well, for a 500 year old geezer, you are too melancholic."

Suneo then flickered his halfway burnt cigarette to the nearby ashtray as he pushed Najimi down to the bed... and conveniently forgot about Gian.