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It was a peaceful afternoon in Amity Park one day when suddenly…

"DANIEL JAMES FENTON GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Samantha unless-you-call-me-that-I'll-beat-the-crap-out-of-you Manson screamed as she and Tucker were currently chasing a sugar high Danny Phantom.

"Better catch me if you can Sammy! Woohooo!" Danny yelled making loops through the sky.

"I'm Superman!—OW!" Danny yelled before bumping into a street light.

"Ooohh that's gotta hurt." Tucker said as he and Sam began catching up with Danny.

"Okay what's going on?" one of the neighbors asked as he came out of his house.

"Hey I'm Dannnnyyyy Phantom! Would you like a tour of the Ghost Zone?" Danny asked suddenly zooming to the man picking him up.

"Argh! Put me down you moron!" the man yelled.

"Danny! Put the nice man down now!" Sam yelled.

"Aww… but I'm gonna give him a tour!" Danny yelled back pouting. This time almost all the people were watching the ghost boy.

"You can do that later dude! Put him down right now!" Tucker yelled.

"Fine I'll put him—oohh ice cream!" Danny yelled causing him to let go of the man.

"I got him!" Dash yelled who one of the crowd watching Danny. He quickly caught the man and set him down carefully.

"Who gave Fenton sugar?" Dash yelled but no one answered.

"Danny get away from the ice cream cart! You had enough sugar!" Sam yelled again.

"wooohooo! Look at me! I can fly!" Danny yelled making loops and zooming pass the crowd

"We can see that! Tuck the thermos." Sam yelled. Tucker handed her the thermos and Sam ran after Danny.

"Hey Danny! Wanna know a secret?" Sam called

"What kinnnnddd of seeccrrettt!" Danny yelled hovering above her.

"Just come down here" Sam said calmly.

"Nu-uh! Your just gonna suck me in the thermooosss! How could you? I thought you loooovvveee me Sammy!" Danny whined.

"Oh God…" Sam groaned. "I do love you Danny. Just get down here!"

"I don't wanna!" Danny yelled again as he began flying towards the park.

"Danny's gonna save the poor squirrels! Hang on squirrels! Super Danny is here! wee!" Danny said flying towards the squirrels that were gathering food.

"Danny leave the squirrels alone! Oh come on how crazy can you get!" Tucker yelled

"Crazy? I'm not crazy! I'm just on sugar high!" Danny yelled as he shot up to the sky.

"Do you think he'll come down?" one of the people in the crowd asked.

"I guess we're about to find out look!" Jazz yelled as she pointed at Danny speeding towards them but as he got close, he shot up again.

"Danny! Do you want a kiss from me?" Sam said clutching the thermos behind her.

"A kiss? A KISS! A KISS! A KISS! Danny wants a kiss!" Danny said flying in circles.

"Then come down here." Sam said. As Danny came down, she kissed him quickly before sucking him into the thermos. When she was done, she wiped her mouth before turning to the crowd of people before her.

"Okay… I'm going to say this once so better listen carefully… who the hell gave Danny sugar? You better speak up now or things will not get pretty around here!" Sam said grabbing the Fenton Bazooka from her backpack that she had been carrying around. Silence filled the air for a while except for Danny's complaints like "Sammmmmyyy! You tricked me!" or "oh come on! Let me out!".

"Is no one going to talk?" Sam yelled charging up the bazooka. Sure Danny may be her boyfriend, but no way in hell would that person give Danny sugar and make her suffer into calming Danny down. Suddenly Jack stepped out holding his hands behind his back.

"Umm I just wanna see if Danny liked fudge?" Jack said nervously. Everyone groaned and went back to their respective houses. Sam, Jazz and Tucker sighed.

"That explains a whole lot." Jazz said.

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