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"Why Mr. Darcy it's nice to meet you." Fanny twittered causing Kitty to roll her eyes and Lydia to sulk.

"Thank you Mrs. Bennet." Darcy smiled tightly bringing his gaze back to Elizabeth.

"Lizzie how have you been?"

"I've been fine sir." She smirked at him over her goblet of wine.

"How do you know Mr. Darcy Lizzie?" Mrs. Bennet asked curiosity lacing her words.

"Oh we've known each other for many years. He lives in Derbyshire so of course I met him during one of our yearly trips.

"How nice." Mrs. Bennet's words were frosty she could see that Mr. Darcy and all his 10.000 a year only had eyes for Elizabeth.

"It is isn't it?" Elizabeth said barley sparing her aunt a glance.

"Well brother it seems you've been keeping some important connections from me." Fanny simmered.

"I wasn't hiding anything Fanny." Edward sighed looking up from his dinner.

Well this conversation went around the table no one noticed Mary shooting icy daggers at Elizabeth. She wanted this dinner over with she was set to sneak out her window at midnight and meet Collins at the meadow. She wanted him and she would have him no matter what her father said. Of course she'd mad him beg for a while before she took him back.

"I think it's time for some after dinner conversation." Bingley smiled. "Why don't you women retire to the parlor and us Gentleman will meet you in a bit."

The women stood up as Elizabeth passed Darcy's chair he secretly grabbed her hand giving it a quick squeeze. She felt something cool slip into her hand and it took everything in her not to let on to anyone. She tucked her hand into the folds of her dress and walked into the Neatherfield parlor.

"Tea?" Georgiana asked walking over to the china tea service.

"That would be lovely thank you." Madeline smiled settling herself down on the couch.

"None for me thank you its way to hot in here." Mrs. Bennet fanned herself.

"Please," Elizabeth said and Jane nodded.

Handing everyone there cups Georgiana sat down opposite Jane and Elizabeth. "It seems like forever since we saw each other."

"It does doesn't it." Elizabeth tried to smile and not grimace when she looked at Georgiana and thought about all of her troubles that Ramsgate had brought her. Georgiana leaned in and pattered her hand.

"I'm fine really." She whispered only loud enough for Jane and Lizzie to hear her.

"So how did Fitzwilliam end up here?" Elizabeth asked trying to break the tension filled air.

"He just showed up, said he needed a change of scenery. I'm just happy to see him." Elizabeth noticing the light blush that colored Georgiana's cheeks chuckled silently to herself.

"Who is Fitzwilliam to you Miss Georgiana?" Mrs. Bennet broke in.

"He's my cousin on my mother's side. His father is the Earl of Metlock."

"Oh really." Now Mrs. Bennet's interest. "Is he single?"

Elizabeth felt her cheeks heating from embarrassment.

"Yes." Georgiana felt her own cheeks heating. "But he is only a second son." She said trying to dissuade her. Elizabeth took this opportunity when all eyes were on Mrs. Bennet to open the letter from Darcy.

Dearest Lizzie

Tomorrow afternoon meet me in the lane between here and Longbourn.

Yours Darcy

She smiled softly as she folded the letter back up.

"Letter from Darcy." Jane asked whispering.

Elizabeth only nodded as the men came into the parlor. Darcy took a seat next to Elizabeth who discreetly nodded to him.

"So Elizabeth knock anyone into any fountains lately?" Fitzwilliam teased.

"No only you Fitz dear." She smirked.

"Oh don't I feel special."

This byplay was watched with amusement by many and shock by some and by some that would be Fanny Bennet. The hours ticked down and soon the Bennet's and Gardiner's were saying their goodbyes and climbing into their carriage.

"Well that was a lovely evening." Mrs. Bennet simpered Kitty and Lydia ignored their mother well really everyone ignored her.

"Yes dear it was." Mr. Bennet said keeping things peaceful." They pulled into the Longbourn drive and everyone disembarked from the carriage. "I think its time to retire." Lizzie said walking towards the door which was quickly opened by Hill.

"Good idea dear." Mrs. Gardiner smiled as everyone made their way up stairs and towards their rooms.

"So what did Darcy want?" Jane asked as soon as the door was closed behind them.

"I'm going to meet him tomorrow." A blush stained her cheeks.

"I suppose I'm covering for you?"

"Oh you know I"d do the same."

"Fine." Jane sighed helping her sister undress and then turning so that Lizzie could undo her own stays.

"I knew I could count on you." Lizzie's eyes sparkled at her sister.

At that exact moment unknown to anyone in the house Mary Bennet was climbing out her window and down the trellis on her way to her meeting with Collins.

The dewy grass swept around her ankles as she raced across Longbourn land and came to the meadow. Under the full moon she scanned the landscape. "Where are you Collins." She whispered into the wind.

A/N sorry for the long long wait. Anyway so Mary has snuck out and Lizzie and Darcy have set up a secret meeting. Where's Collins? Well you'll just have to wait and see. Thanks times a million to everyone that reviewed.