A/N: This is the first in a series of one shots that has to do with Ajay and Chris' relationship history. I hate some of what I came up with in Express Yourself so this me revamping it.

First Kiss

Chris looked over at the blonde, who was sitting next to him, her eyes on the icy river an almost peaceful look on her face. He had taken her to Petey's favorite place on the river after a dangerous blow up between her and Bobby. The older mane looked murderous while Ajay looked scared and proud of herself at the same time.

Now here they were sitting on the cold ground, her cuddled up in his puffy coat in effort to stay warm, he was sitting next to her blowing puffs of air out of his mouth watching the puffs of air hang and dissolve, his emergency blanket covering their legs their hands turning red from the cold

"Thank you for getting me out of there."

"No problem, it was going to get toxic pretty quick I didn't want to see you getting hurt" He said looking over at her

Tears filled her eyes as she shook her head.

"What's wrong'

"I just forgot what it's was like to have a nice guy around is all" she answered a sad look in her eyes.

"Is he that mean to you" he questioned his blue eyes doing a quick sweep of the parts of her body that he could see.

"He gives the name bully a whole new meaning' she answered trembling slightly, "You think I would be use to the cold from being Canada"

Chris reached his arm out and put it around her causing her first to tense then to relax. "Is he mean to you maybe I can help" he said rubbing her shoulder.

"No one can help a least not yet' She answered her eyes going back to the river.

Chris fell quiet deciding to let her talk when she was ready to, his eyes watching the ships working itself though the icy river.

"You know ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be just like my big brothers. I wanted to be cool, collected, charming and strong like Adam, smart, loyal and protective like Jay" she said the whole Bobby issue all but forgotten. 'I use to follow them around dragging this kiss home made blanket that Adam and his mom made for me for my second birthday. I still have that blanket," she let out a quiet giggle making Chris to smile and turn to look at her his arm slipping down from her shoulders to waist.

"I thought it was the coolest thing being able to tag along with my brothers and watch them and their friends wrestle"

This was the most animated he had seen her and honestly she took his breath way, her eyes were dancing with excitement, her cheek were tinged pink with excitement and cold, some of her bangs had escaped her ponytail were brushing against her forehead in almost fashionable fashion.

"Their friends use to make fun of me for being with them, who really wanted a baby with them tagging along" she said shaking her head causing the hood of his coat to slip back on her head, "Adam and Jay though they wanted me around, they always made sure that they spent as much time with me as they could especially with them being 9 and half years older then me. Adam use to put this kiss face paint on my face and then he would get my Aunt Jo who is this fantastic hair stylist to rat my hair and I would be his pint size rocker chick"

"I can almost picture that" Chris smiled.

"Jay use to sit on the couch with me and read me stories or make me read them to him. He wanted me to be smart and to be something better then what he was going to be"

"And are you smart"

"Yes I am he says I am kind of a dummy for following in their footsteps and wrestling when I could be safe, warm and fed in a nice corporate office building in Calgary"

"Nah, I can't see you doing that you have the spirit of a fighter in you

" An award winning smile formed on her face as she leaned back on her elbows, "Thanks Josh, I needed to hear that"

her pink tongue darted out to wet her lips to keep them from chapping. Like the rest of her body that he had seen he couldn't keep his eyes off of her lips, they looked so kissable; at this point to stop himself from kissing her he was going to keep her talking so he could see them move.

"What made you want to become a wrestler, its unusual for a girl to be a wrestler" he questioned leaning back on his elbows as well.

"Well some of it's because of my brothers I want to do what they do but the rest is something that Bubba Ray Dudley said the first time he met me" She shifted her position to look at him, "I had done something or sassed someone and I shouldn't have and he looked right at me and told me they needed more tough little broads like me then the models they had now and since that day I have been on this mission to do it"

He nodded his head opening and closing his hands to keep them warm and not reach out and touch her.

"How did you and Pat met you two seem pretty tight" "We went to the same wrestling school before we ended up at Scott's" "Scott told me that you were almost done how does that feel"

"Pretty good" he answered, "pretty damn good"

Ajay nodded her head before breaking eye contact she needed to change the subject so she didn't give that need to lean over to kiss him. She wondered if what it would be like to kiss him, would there be a thousand fireworks, would there be a pull to make them want more.

"What was it like for you growing up in Detroit" she questioning after shaking most of the thoughts out of her head.

Instead of getting an answer he pressed his lips against hers softly. Before she could react they were gone.

"I am sorry, I shouldn't have done that, and I know you were with Bobby" he said.

Ajay laughed and leaned over putting her finger on his lips to stop his apology that was starting again.

"I am not mad. I think I will be a little more mad if you didn't do it again" she said butterflies growing in her stomach. He gently grasp her wrist in his hand moving her finger out of the way, his heart beating rapidly against his chest as he leaned back in and pressed his lips against hers.

As soon as their lips touched Ajay felt that spark she had felt two month ago when they meet and was joined with a shiver up and down her spine. Feeling bold Chris pulled her closer to him take the kiss as deep as he dared too. He was thrilled feeling her body pressing against his and her hand going to the back of his head to tangle in his long hair. She pulled back first gasping for air, Bobby had never kissed her like that before.

And if Chris kissed her like that every time they could kiss, she would die a happy woman, "Whoa"

"I agree with that' he agreed brushing his lips against her again, "What do you say we go somewhere and warm up. I don't know about you but my butt is numb" "I lost feeling in mine about 10 minutes' she laughed. He stood up and folding the blanket up and then pulled her to her feet. She rose up on her toes and kissed him again, "Thank you again"