I, Peeta Mellark am hopelessly in love with Katniss Everdeen.


Your Voice

I have felt this way since my father had pointed out this little girl in the red plaid dress when school first started. You sang the Valley song in front of the entire class that day, and I couldn't take my eyes of this brilliant girl with the voice that could silence the birds enough to listen to you.

You have a lovely voice, but you hate to perform. I think your father's death made you bury your talent. Singing reminded you of happier times with him and you wanted to avoid lingering over the pain of losing him. I wish I could comfort you in those moments.


Your Heart

You love your family more than anything. Your younger sister, Prim is your world. You take care of your family by hunting every day for fresh meat. Even though across Panem, it is illegal to go outside our tall gates, you venture out in the forest and kill. You do it to survive and I admire, no, respect the hell out of that.


Your Fire

Katniss, you have this fire burning brightly within you. This strength and independence that speaks volumes and it is one of the many characteristics I adore about you. You're always fighting and moving forward. I only want to be there with you every step of the way.


Your Vulnerability

There's this vulnerability that I see lurking behind that impassive, tough exterior; that I want to carefully tear down and hold close around my arms. How my protective tendencies just flare up whenever I think you're in danger can't be helped. I have to be there soothing your fears and for the nightmares to go down. I need to make your life better and every time I see a smile peek from your lips, I rejoice.



You're you. I can't define everything that you are, and I don't ever want to. Knowing that you're mine and having the knowledge that you chose me is more than enough. It's always been enough.


Things I Am Able to Feel

You're beautiful. I love loosening your braid when we turn in for the night, how the strands passes through my fingers inch by inch, and the way your skin feels soft, flushed under my influence. I won't tire of your gray eyes becoming unfocused and your body falling apart by my kisses and touches alone.

While there are so many other qualities and reasons left unsaid, I like them best when I look at you and you just know how much you mean to me with one shared glance. Because it's true: you're everything.