A/N: I just recently finished the series after dragging it out for as long as I could, and was quite traumatised by the ending. So my brain whipped this up as consolation (literally less than a minute ago) and I thought I would share it with you. Sorry if it's a little rough around the edges, I haven't really edited. Please review. It actually makes my day.

Shallow, uneven breathing.



Don't need to breathe.

Made that mistake last time.

Inhaled the dirt.

Dirt tastes bad.

A girl is wandering the ruins of a place that used to be her home. She is alone, for now, her attention fixed on the ground before her, searching for a sign of movement.

Can't move.

Hang on.

Yes I can.

Aching fingers flex and clench.

Hands were murder for ages afterwards, last time.

Then again...

So was I.

Her clothes are rumpled and dirty, like she just fought her way through an apocalypse. She isn't entirely sure why she's here. She knows, really, that there isn't a chance. She knows there isn't a chance that he... She would not cry. After everything that she'd been through, she would not cry now.

Eyelids flutter open.


That was stupid.

Dust in my eyes.

At least I know which way is up.

Heavy limbs move like a robot.

Arms struggle upwards.

Fingers claw at the dirt.

She sinks down to sit on a piece of the rubble, and the world blurs over. This place, this disaster zone is like one great big metaphor for the way she feels. A scared little girl, alone in the vast expanses of the horrors of the world. Hoping for him to come back and look after her again. God, why had she let him-? No. Don't cry.

Moving upwards now.

Dragging a body made of lead through the hunks of stone and dirt.


Have to get up.

To the surface.

To her.

Have to find her.

It's not quite as scary as last time.

At least I know which way is up.

She buries her face in her hands, trying to concentrate on steady breathing. Maybe she should just go home. It was stupid to be here, now, with night creeping over the edges of a crater in the previously flat landscape. She wasn't afraid of the monsters, but finding her way up the cliff face in the dark was going to be tough.

Need to rest.

Rest in peace.

That was never my style.

Cracked lips twitch a little.

That would have made her smile.

Can't rest.

Otherwise she might be too far gone.

God knows how long it's been already.

Why do people say that?

God doesn't know shit.


Taking swings at deities.

Energy must be coming back.

Probably shouldn't make the big guy mad.

Not if I want to reach the surface.

She wipes her face. Composes herself. There is nothing left for her here; she knows that. But she had wanted to come anyway. Just to check. Miracles do happen, after all. If a girl who died twice is still wandering the face of the Earth, then miracles must happen. But not today. Not this time.

She gets up, moves away from the piece of rubble she was perched on, preparing to leave. That's when she sees it, a few metres away. Something breaking the surface, pushing through the small stones.

A hand in the dirt.

She runs to him, tripping a few times, but when she finally grabs his hand, cool fingers close tightly around her warm ones.

"Oh, thank God," she gasps.

She pulls hard.

The surface.

Cool air on cool skin.

Then suddenly, a hand.

Small and warm.

I'd know the feel of that hand in mine anywhere.

I'd know it if I lived for a thousand more years before I felt it again.

She's here.

She didn't go.

Oh, thank God.