The young Canadian was lying in his bed trying to enter the world of sleep. But before pleasant dreams could accompany him, he heard something hit his window.

Startled from the something hitting his window, Canada sat up, and looked out the window next to his bed. He groaned when he saw where the rock came from. What could his brother possibly want at this hour?

"Bro!" young America called from outside the window. "Remember what we planned for tonight?"

"Not so loud," Canada hissed down at his brother. "France could hear you!"

The little American laughed. "France can't hear us, if we were both outside!"

"Give me a few minutes," the young Canadian said sighing, "and I'll be out there with you."

"I'll shorten that amount of time." After America said this he ran off.

Canada sighed and went to his bedroom door. As soon as he heard whatever signal his identical brother was giving him, he'll make a mad dash out of the house. The question was, what was the signal this time?

From upstairs the little Canadian heard his French caretaker get up and mumble to himself. "Who would be visiting at this ungodly hour?"

Was that the signal the young American was trying to give him? When you hear France get up and go to the front door, run out the backdoor?

"Great, I'm hearing things," France said from the downstairs surprised to not find anybody outside.

Canada shook his head, and darted out of his room, and then down the staircase to the backdoor. So, America's plan was to knock on the front door, and have Canada sneak out the backdoor while France was distracted by the front door.

"Took you long enough," the little American said when the little Canadian accompanied him outside.

"You didn't explain your plan," Canada stated closing the backdoor. "Where are we going?"

America laughed. "Don't you remember?"

"No," the young Canadian answered as they walked away from the house.

"Tonight, we're going to do have our super secret camping trip!"

"You should have told me this before we left the house," Canada exclaimed. "I would have brought a sleeping bag."

The young American grinned. "No sweat dude, we still have our sleeping bags in the fort. We can just use those."

"I thought the fort got destroyed."

"No, I just told you that the fort got destroyed."

Canada's eyes went wide. "Why would you tell me that?"

"I didn't want to go back and get your teddy bear," America confessed. "Don't look at me like that! It was freezing at that time!"

The young Canadian stopped giving his brother the evil eye. "So, my teddy bear is still in there?"

"Unless somebody found and destroyed our super secret fort," the little American answered laughing. "But, since our fort is ultimately super secret, I doubt anybody would have the brains to find it."

Canada smiled. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get my teddy bear!"

And with that the two young brothers were racing to get to their super secret fort.

France sighed as he sat in the kitchen. He couldn't help but wonder why he heard a knock at his door, but found nobody there when he answered it. That just wasn't normal. He didn't imagine the knock, did he?

Whatever, he shouldn't let this thought bother him. It was probably just some random teenagers trying to mess with him. He wasn't losing his mind or anything.

Was he? No, that's just another stupid thought. That knock was just some stupid juvenile delinquents up to no good. The Frenchman wasn't going insane he didn't have anything to worry about.

Well, with nothing to really worry about, now would be good time to check on his underling. France got up, pushed in his chair, and left the kitchen. Checking on Canada was one of his favorite things to do at night.

Why? Well, the young nation was just so adorable when he was sleeping. The little Canada would lie in his bed perfectly without moving. He won't even snore while he's asleep. Nobody else in the world could sleep as peacefully as his little underling.

The Frenchman smiled to himself as he walked up the stairs to Canada's room. He was remembering all the complaints England had told him about America. Apparently, America wasn't a peaceful sleeper like Canada.

According to the Englishman, the little American liked to talk, snore, and move around in his sleep. England would also exclaim that America was the worst person to share a bed with, and he terribly loathed it when his little underling was having nightmares. Nightmares meant that the Englishman had to let his little underling accompany him in his bed.

That's another great thing about little Canada. He never had nightmares. He always slept in peace. Unlike England, France was never bothered during the night by his little underling.

Finally, making it to his little underling's room France opened the door just a peek. Unable to see anything, the Frenchman opened the door a little wider, and then a little wider after that.

The bedroom was completely silent. This was understandable, because Canada was a silent sleeper. But, this was too silent. As in nobody was there silent.

France frowned and opened the door all the way. Startled by what he saw, he ran to Canada's bed. It was empty.

Okay, there's no reason to panic. Maybe the little Canadian just went to the bathroom or something. Its not like he just lost his little underling.

What if he did? That would just be terrible! Canada was too young to do anything by himself. And everybody would make fun of France, for being the first nation to lose an underling in the middle of the night.

"Canada!" the Frenchman called unable to contain his worry. "Canada! I just walked into your room, and you weren't in it!"

No response. This made France even more worried. So he did lose his little underling. This was bad. This was very bad.

"Canada you should really be in bed!" the Frenchman yelled leaving his underlings room. "It's really late! And not getting enough beauty sleep will make you really ugly looking in the future!"

Still no response. This was really bad. Where was his little underling? Canada would respond to something he would ask out loud. The little Canadian was a very good kid. He wouldn't be playing some hide and seek game with France at a time like this.

"Canada!" he called again walking around the house. "I hope you know its way past your bedtime!"

Still no response. Maybe Canada really was missing, and France really was the only person in this house.

"Merde," France mumbled to himself. This was really bad. If England found out that he lost Canada then-

Wait, England. Maybe the Englishman could help him. England was always playing some sort of hide and go seek game with America, so his finding skills were probably top notch.

No, that's a stupid idea. The Frenchman doesn't need help from a silly Englishman. He can find Canada all on his own. Can't he?

France sighed. He had searched his whole house, and didn't find any trace of his underling in it. He hated to admit it, but he needed help from England.


Well, this story is dedicated to my online friend, Nutty Nerd. She asked me to write her a FACE oneshot, and I procrastinated. So, since I felt bad I decided to write her a FACE story. Let's hope I don't procrastinate and get this done.

Reviews help me not procrastinate. Oh, and I wouldn't be offended if my grammar mistakes are pointed out. I'm dyslexic. And if you don't tell what I did wrong, then I'll never learn to correct it.