England rolled over into consciousness, and glanced at the clock. The time displayed was slightly earlier than he would normally wake up. This made him groan in disappointment.

Across the bed, France smirked. "You're up early."

"Not so loud," the Englishman whispered, "you might wake the children."

When they got home, the children woke up. And they wrapped the young American's arm, and then carried him to his bed, to have him share it with the young Canadian. The little American refused to go to bed without the Englishman with him. And somehow that resulted in everybody sharing the Englishman's bed. And yes, this everybody included the little Canadian's teddy bear, and the Frenchman.

"Don't worry," the Frenchman stated smiling, "they're sleeping like little angels."

England sighed. "Well don't push it."

France smiled and got up from his side of the bed. He was careful not to disrupt Canada's, the underling sleeping next to him, sleep.

The Englishman raised an eyebrow. "Where are you going?"

"Mommy's awake and daddy doesn't have breakfast ready," the Frenchman answered. "Sorry, about that. I'll be right back with breakfast in bed."

England smiled. "That would be nice." He slouched his head back down on his pillow to wait for breakfast. "Don't forget to make some for the children," he said dreamily letting his eyes close to reenter sleep.

France left the room slightly surprised by England's behavior. Did England finally truly accept his theory? Or was it just the morning that made him seem a little odd?

Whatever the reason, mommy and daddy had a pleasant day with their children ahead of them.


The End!

So, I wrote the chapter before this and thought, "You know, it would be really cute if they all shared a bed together." And then the epilogue was born. It would be really cool if somebody could draw it.

So, what you guys think? Should I do another FACE story?

Oh, and if there all any grammar mistakes, even ones in previous chapters, please point them out.