As I looked at my cousin leaving once again as usual, I turned my attention to Betty. When I looked at her, I once see her as a monster. Why? She's the Red She-Hulk, the monster I fought against months ago when I confronted Intelligencia with Lyra, who is a She-Hulk from another world. Even though she's on our side after we found her again, it's difficult for me to see her as a friend again due to her insanity and not to mention that when she's in Red She-Hulk form, she's acting like a different person as if she has multiple personality disorder.

Now that Bruce made the wish that me, Betty, and Rick could control our transformations and retain our minds while in our Hulk forms, I guess now I see Betty as a friend again. I want for us to do a moment together, just the two of us. I want for her to change to be a better person. I told everyone to leave me and Betty alone so that we can do a thing together. This is the chance for me to find redemption for Betty. When the others left, we stand to the wishing machine and I turned to face her directly. I guess she knows what that is about.

"Jen, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything," she said looking remorseful.

"I forgive you, Betty," I touched her hand. "I forgive you for everything. The truth is, I was never your enemy."

"That's what I'm going to say to you as well."

I'm just glad of seeing her again after all those years ever since she died by the hands of Abomination also known as Emil Blonsky. We then face the machine.

"We don't need this to find happiness," I said.

"Let's end this once and for all. The two of us can do it," Betty said, offering herself the chance. I agree. We turned into our Hulk forms and starting to smash and destroy the wishing machine. I guess it's over.

I wrap up my arms around her for a hug, and she did the same. She's really touched by this moment I did.

"When you came back to life, Betty, you made so many mistakes," I said. "Because of that, you must make amends for the rest of your life. But for now, let's go home together. I got an apartment back in New York. If you need a place to stay, you can stay with me and Lyra."

We let go of each other. I guess that's a nice hug. As I put out my hand, Betty did the same. I put a touch to her hand in her new form. When she looked at this, she's happy for this.

"Yes, Jen," she said happily then turns to face me. "My new life begins now."

We walked to the sunrise, ready to go home together. Betty knows that I'll be supporting her to find redemption. I just hoped that when the world found out she's alive as well as being Red She-Hulk, they would love her.