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~Natalie P.O.V~

We followed , the woman who claims that she was, my mother, led us to a carriage. "here, you can ride here to our kingdom." She said smiling at us, especially me. "Woah~, it's great to have you as a friend Natalie~!" Matt said sitting on the other side of the carriage while grinning, seriously, if he doesn't stop the grinning, I'm gonna cast lucky star on him. " I'm not sure about this," I said looking down. "I can't even remember being an heir of an royal family…." I added. Anna looked at me worriedly, then smiled, "maybe it's just blurry because of how long you were separated with your mother" then she whispered in my ear, "this must have something to do with your dream….." when I heard that, I nodded slowly.

"are you guys alright there?" my mother asked. "Y-yes, nothing to worry, mother." I said, I was uncomfortable saying mother, maybe it's because I wasn't used to see her now. She gave me a warm smile, I smiled back a fake one, inside my head were so much thoughts, like was she really my mother? Or does my sister has anything to do with this?. I'm really troubled. "…. Is everything alright, Natalie?" I looked at Matt and he had a serious face "o-oh, don't worry, I'm fine." I said giving a fake smile again, but Matt knows me well.

"…..o-okay then….." he still has a trace of worry in his voice. The whole trip was quiet, which was new for me, I've never seen Matt this worried, and Lance was just polishing his guns, awkward silence was in the air, and I want it to go away. I kept glancing at Matt, what was wrong with him today?. Then the carriage stopped, Matt snapped out of his daydream and shouted, "YAY~! WERE HERE AT LAST!" I was shocked at his regain of energy, well, he is Matt after all.

I looked up to see the kingdom which my mother brought us to. I saw a really large community, I was amazed. When all of the people saw the queen, they quickly made a way for her. "wow , she's really respected….." I whisper to myself, "your right…." Anna whispers back.

We arrive at a large mansion, it was full of servants, they were all busy, walking and running. "My servants, we must welcome the arrival of the heir, Natalie." Mother said. "wh-what?" I stuttered, "welcome back, Natalie-sama" the servants chorused while bowing at me, "I-I….." "hey Natalie~, you're really popular!" Matt said smiling, thank fully he wasn't grinning. "i- I guess so?" I said really nervous.

I hope I get to survive in this mansion for a few more days…..


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