Cake Party

Nothing is better than having some strawberry cheesecake at Mami's house.

Mami picked up her porcelain cup, poking her pinky finger in the air as she sipped the warm tea and sighed heavenly. "Nothing is better than having some tea-"

"Wrong." Madoka poked the fork into the strawberry cheesecake that she had been wishing to eat for a very long time and stuffed it into her mouth. "Nothing is better than having some strawberry cheesecake at Mami's house."

"Wrong." Sayaka wagged her finger. "If Madoka didn't come, I would have just gone to my kayaking class."

Kyoko looked down and cried mentally while Homura swore she would drown her when she goes to her kayaking class.

"Capsizing is fun!" Mami smiled as the curly part of her hair bounced like a spring, along with her huge boobs.

Everyone just looked at her and inwardly deemed that she's just retarded.

The black-haired girl silently picked up the fork and jabbed into her cake roughly, ripping the two parts of the cakeand gently stuffed them into her mouth.

"If Madoka hasn't come, I wouldn't have come too…"

"What Madoka said is true. If it wasn't for the cake, I wouldn't have come." Kyoko yawned and gave a huge stretch. "Sitting on this hard floor is annoying."

It was a second before Madoka wanted to reply so she could have some bonded moments with the redhead until Sayaka interrupted her.

"Whoa, who farted?" Sayaka pinched her nose and glared at everyone.

Kyoko raised her hands in the air, "I admit that I have farted more that 87 times here, but this times it's not me."

Homura gave a look over at Mami. "How long has it been since you throw your trash?"

Mami gave a polite smile. "It's just halfway filled ever since I was born. I throw my trash once in a lifetime."

"Why did you ask her?" Sayaka gave a dumb rude look to Homura. "She's alone, how much trash could she throw anyway."

"Sayaka!" Madoka nudged her elbow into Sayaka's abdomen, showing an apologetic smile.

Before Mami could say anything, Homura grabbed onto Madoka's hand and shook her head, closing her eyes as she reopened them with some tears filling up her eyes.

"I will forgive you, no matter what. Even if I have to time travel to repeat everything again."

"What?" Madoka blinked.

"What." Homura said.

Kyoko continued raising her arms that caused the foul smell, Madoka palm is sweating, Homura's tears making her dehydrated and Sayaka received a message saying her violinist boyfriend got an arm surgery and died. No one noticed that Mami had eaten all of their cheese cake.