When Life gives you lemons….

Percy Jackson – Ask Life for blue food colouring, ice cubes, and losts of sugar…and make BLUE LEMONADE!

Annabeth Chase – Make invisible ink

Clarisse La Rue - *snarls* *cracks knuckles* Whaddya say, punk?

Me - *gulp* Uh…. nevermind…sorry…..

Clarrisse – You better be.

Chris Rodriguez– Make lemonade

Me – For Clarisse?

Chris – Sure

Me – You're insane

Chris – You said it, not me.

Thalia Grace– Write on them and throw them in Life's face.

Me – What would you write?

Thalia – Screw you Life. I'm immortal.

*Thunder rumbles*

Nico Di Angelo – You need to ask?

Hazel Levesque– Make lemonade…New Orleans style!

Frank Zhang – Do lemons have lactose in them?

Jason Grace– Use them to help get Thalia out of the mess she's in with Father.

Piper McLean – Start juggling!

Leo Valdez – Stare at him as if he was crazy. Are you kidding? I hate lemons!

Octavian – Offer it to the gods.

Me – But it's a lemon…

Octavian – Your point, mortal?

Rachel Dare – Sell the lemons and give the money to the unfortunate.

Travis and Connor Stoll – Use it for a prank!